Sunday, February 24, 2013

Watching them twist, WND continues the lies.

I suppose we need to mention WND's  fake-former Iranian, Reza Kahlili more often. Immediately after my last comments about him, WND published a column of his on Iran that wasn't even finished, and has continued to publish ever-more histrionic rantings about the massive threats of the Iranian regime to America. No, wait, to, wait, to both nations, if you include American sites in the Middle East. Or, perhaps something else, or all of the above; at any rate, be very, VERY, AFRAID!!!!

I just love the way these supposed advocates for freedom support the criminal imposition of the Anglo-American Empire by bloody conquest and terror throughout the world, far beyond any borders these nations have any legitimate authority over. Quite frankly, these governing, corporate shills, have no legitimacy beyond threat of brute, criminal force in America anymore, let alone IN OTHER SOVEREIGN NATIONS.

WND and the like constantly use terms like "illicit" or "criminal" or "secret" to describe military or government actions by nations like Iran and Syria, when in fact, as sovereign national entities, these states have all the same rights to both defensive and offensive military capability, the right to defend their borders, territorial waters, and resources, and their peoples, as any other nation state. But you see, the problem is, that your not a "legitimate" nation, unless the banker-run trash of the Anglo-Empire says you are. I'd like to pose the question, "just who gave any of the "western" nations the right to dictate anything beyond their own borders? Anywhere?"

For decades, the rah, rah, wave the flags crowd has demanded other nations and peoples get in line with the rest of the serfs, or be bombed, starved, and murdered into submission. Well now that we're in the final stages of that political evolution in the former British imperial countries, the common folks are finding out that they are now the new Pakis and ragheads; the ones to be beaten into submission, poverty, and forced labor to continue the wealthy lives of their elite, corporate masters and their government lackeys. This has led to a great deal of self-righteous hand-wringing by the reactionary crowd, which will change exactly nothing.

So WND and the rest of the co-opted media play their parts upon the public stage, while tyranny, murder, theft, and avarice run amok and unpunished, this schizophrenic, incomprehensible mess of contradictions is never, ever challenged; but when someone points out that the pseudo-aristocracy and their various congresses of Vienna have committed these crimes against law and humanity and under rule of law are deserving of no less punishment than their Nazi predecessors, these faithfully paid-for organs of state propaganda not only refuse to publish these criminal acts, but actively attack and silence anyone who does.

Meanwhile, a steady diet of false flag propaganda and alarmist bullshit is produced by various self-promoting entities, and the public is kept both shockingly ignorant and politically cowed.

The frauds who run this 3-Card Monty table of media crap, however, get very rich.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Reza Kahlili vanishes from WND, media silent

Reza Kahlili, the exposed fraud of Neocon chicken-hawking has apparently flown his perch at WND. Yet no one in the MSM seems to think that a story about manufactured warmongering, fraud, or a Neocon member of advisory boards the United States Congress being a fake agent provocateur, is story-worthy? Hmmm. 

How to Get Fired as the Editor of a Right-Wing Website

About a year ago now I was at first a bi-monthly columnist, and then the Senior Editor of a group of websites under the banner "WashingtonAmerica.Com." Things had gone well for several months, and I had recently taken on two, young writers: one a christian-conservative, and the other a very talented, liberal-minded fellow, both of whom I knew from graduate programs at our university. The site owners were pleased that readership and exposure was on its way up, and so, I decided to spend some of my own cash, and do an investigative piece that would benefit the audience we were targeting, the folks that listen to talk radio and similar media on the GOP, TEA, and Libertarian sides of the big tent.

There was at that time, a ubiquitous campaign on all the major GOP/Conservative media outlets, "Income at Home.Com," an outfit that promised the ability to earn a reasonable living while working from home. Looking into the company, I discovered many things:

1. Income at Home.Com (IHC from here on out), was a shell-company, a dummy front for supplement giant Herbalife.

2. IHC, despite media pitches to the contrary, was a direct-sales outfit.

3. IHC, would allow you to "enter" business with them for a small investment, but denied the necessary access to advertising, sales materials, or bulk rate purchases.

4. IHC was clearly a MLM scheme. Those who bought in at substantially higher cash amounts were allowed to advertise and recruit new sales reps--and this--and not the actual sales of products, was the real moneymaker. In fact, over half of all the bottom-rung distributors lost money each year, and the majority of the rest made under 1500 dollars.

So, having dropped 400 bucks of my own money to gain a look inside this bunch, I wrote up an article pointing out the problems with Herbalife's shady business practices, (such as not revealing the actual company or products involved prior to receiving 400 dollars from some potential investor). A presented the column for, and was editing the first submissions of our new talent for our next release date.

I was immediately locked out of all websites, and the's owner disappeared, refusing to answer any inquiries.

So, I now had two new writers the owner had requested, and a very nice consumer piece targeting our intended audience that I had invested several hundred dollars and a month's time in, and was completely dead in the water. My credibility with my new writers and the ton of work I'd done was gone, overnight.

Eventually, I simply published my Herbalife/IHC article online with a major search site provider--the IHC company suddenly pulled their national ad campaign (at least in our regional areas), and retooled their programming (this was a very positive response on IHC/Herbalife's part), and for this the company should be commended. My work had had the intended results, consumers would be a little better protected, but the expansion of's websites was over.

Earlier this year, one of Herbalife's corporate heads left the company and went public with the same concerns I'd brought in my work. A nice ending that confirmed by original complaints.

Bottom line, the way to get fired in the business? Criticize anything remotely related to a national sponsor, even if it is wrong, even if it exploits your audience's worst off economically.

You see exploitation, misrepresentation, and theft are not things we wish the audience to be too aware of, lest they turn their gaze onto the very "fair and balanced" media whores they make millionaires everyday.
After all, somebody's welfare check has to buy that trip to the Costa Rican prostitution resort.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

WND "Gone White Supremacist?"

While some MSM outlets like HP and others tout stories of WorldNetDaily's apparent slide into "white nationalism," WND continues to place columns like todays' "Can You Handle The Truth About Israel?" or The New Anti-Semitism, "U.S. [collegiate] Campuses: Breeding Grounds for Judeophobia." In which political or societal criticism of the nation state of Israel, is somehow cause for divine retribution upon America, and/or wrong, because God has given Israel the lands of the Levant, and so murder, theft, mass incarceration, and denial of all human rights to both the original inhabitants and their descendants, born in mass camps in places like Gaza, are merely trash to be thrown out, less God be offended.

One wonders if the MSM are really opposed to WND, or just doing their part in the media sideshow. As I spend way too many hours researching the financial backing of World Net Daily, and that backings' concomitant political ties, I've found a labyrinth consisting of well-endowed commercial and business interests who are big-time players in the lobbyist games that make Washington D.C., the cesspit of the world, that it is today.  So to accuse WND of being anti-semitic is a difficult leap to make at best, unless you define anti-Semites to include Palestinians, Arabs, and Persians; because WND has absolutely no problems with murdering or denying the sovereignty or human rights of any of THESE SEMITIC PEOPLES at all.

As I have said many times before. This is politics as usual, and you are being manipulated. WND is no more a grassroots, opposition, "pro-conservative," media outlet, than they are anti-Semites. WND is a well-funded, internationally-backed, propaganda machine whose controllers are pushing the Neocon bait-and-switch with middle America. From manufactured news stories, to false reporting, WND has become an openly Neocon, anti-American propagandist site. Makes you wonder why Joe Farah complains so loudly about Karl Rove and company, after all, he's paid by them.

Monday, February 11, 2013

WND, Israeli funding, and Surprise! Is Reza Kahlili actually Bruce Hoffman of the Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies?

While researching the many tentacled, monster that is the GOP, WND, and various shadow-government think-tanks and corporate and foreign donors. I came across some particularly nasty coincidences concerning our favorite GOPer "Curve Ball" replacement for drumming up war in Iran, Reza Kahlili.

Bruce Hoffman is the Director of the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service and a specialist in the study of terrorism and counter-insurgency. He previously was Director of the RAND Corporation's Washington Office (1998-2006), Vice President for External Affairs at RAND (2001-2004) and held the RAND Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency (2006-2006). Hoffman's publications include the books Inside Terrorism (1998; 2nd expanded and revised edition 2006); and, The Failure of Britain's Military Strategy in Palestine, 1939-1947 (1983). He is the editor-in-chief of the scholarly journal, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism; and, the series editor of Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare, published by Columbia University Press. He holds a BA from Connecticut College and a B.Phil. and D.Phil. fromUniversity of Oxford.

Meanwhile, our friend Reza is described as...

Reza Kahlili, author of the award-winning book "A Time to Betray", served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, counterterrorism expert; currently serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board to Congress and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI). He regularly appears in national and international media as an expert on Iran and counterterrorism in the Middle East

YOU SEE: the problems begin with the myriad of pseudo-government entities (actually "private" corporate and foreign government policy-steering, legislation-writing, propaganda and espionage groups), that both these men are associated with. This goes to our original question of just who is funding World Net Daily? After going overseas to Israel, and meeting with 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul, Joe Farah and company all met with several members of both these quasi-legal, extra-constitutional star chambers and members of the American and Israeli governments. Several well-known House and Senate leaders are mentioned in the rolls of these groups, along with owners of media resources and commercial financiers. More on those guys later, for now, look at these:

I find it quite interesting that both these men not only have similar expertise and experiences, but are active in exactly the same circles and are of the same size and description. Hmmm. Can you say, NEOCON FRAUD?

Is World Net Daily an Israeli-run, propaganda site?

Is WND a foreign-funded, propaganda outfit? Where does WND get its' funding and who are its backers and associates. This story is BIG, stay tuned!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The 4 Statements

The Four Statements:

1. I am a free person. My body is not the property of the state.

2. I am a free person. My labor is not not the property of the state.

3. I am a free person. My personal property does not belong to the state.

4. I am a free person. Governance without my consent is explicitly illegal, and my consent is not a mere given; it may be withheld at any time for any reason I see fit.

More to come...