Saturday, February 16, 2013

WND "Gone White Supremacist?"

While some MSM outlets like HP and others tout stories of WorldNetDaily's apparent slide into "white nationalism," WND continues to place columns like todays' "Can You Handle The Truth About Israel?" or The New Anti-Semitism, "U.S. [collegiate] Campuses: Breeding Grounds for Judeophobia." In which political or societal criticism of the nation state of Israel, is somehow cause for divine retribution upon America, and/or wrong, because God has given Israel the lands of the Levant, and so murder, theft, mass incarceration, and denial of all human rights to both the original inhabitants and their descendants, born in mass camps in places like Gaza, are merely trash to be thrown out, less God be offended.

One wonders if the MSM are really opposed to WND, or just doing their part in the media sideshow. As I spend way too many hours researching the financial backing of World Net Daily, and that backings' concomitant political ties, I've found a labyrinth consisting of well-endowed commercial and business interests who are big-time players in the lobbyist games that make Washington D.C., the cesspit of the world, that it is today.  So to accuse WND of being anti-semitic is a difficult leap to make at best, unless you define anti-Semites to include Palestinians, Arabs, and Persians; because WND has absolutely no problems with murdering or denying the sovereignty or human rights of any of THESE SEMITIC PEOPLES at all.

As I have said many times before. This is politics as usual, and you are being manipulated. WND is no more a grassroots, opposition, "pro-conservative," media outlet, than they are anti-Semites. WND is a well-funded, internationally-backed, propaganda machine whose controllers are pushing the Neocon bait-and-switch with middle America. From manufactured news stories, to false reporting, WND has become an openly Neocon, anti-American propagandist site. Makes you wonder why Joe Farah complains so loudly about Karl Rove and company, after all, he's paid by them.

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