Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Israel Attempts to Tell Russia What to Do.

After having the usual D.O.S. attacks on my site and personal L.A.N., we are back again as the U.S. led aggression in Syria continues to get ever more grim, and Americans stay ever more ignorant.

I suppose most people don't realize that the Russian Republic maintains a warm-water naval base in Syria. Russia also was the primary oil contractor in pre-"revolutionary" Libya, and is the primary foreign oil partner along with China, in Iran.

So perhaps the United States should rein-in its' regional proxy before Washington winds up facing the Russians and Chinese in a hot, non-proxy war.

Russia has apparently supplied Syria with advanced anti-aircraft and anti-shipping missile systems, this is not because the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists the United States is arming and equipping have obtained fighter aircraft or attack boats.

Like the post-war United States, Israeli governments seem to believe that they have authority to do whatever they like outside their own borders, all for "preemptive security" of course.

Is that why Israel launched a nuclear strike outside Damascus this month? Strange that the use of a nuclear weapon should barely make the news here in America.

Oh wait, it was OUR ALLY that did that, and not some Islamic state or Communist dictatorship.

Israel might want to stop aiding Muslim extremists, but since they've already helped the Muslim Brotherhood and several Al Qaeda factions take over neighboring Egypt, it's interesting to speculate why.

Has a deal been struck with the United States-led world triumvirate to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to replace secular Arab, Egyptian, and Iranian governments in exchange for peace with Israel?

Or have the "great powers" simply returned to plying the "great game" of the 19th century?

We all know how well that worked out, correct?

After the failed revolutionary movements of 1848, the pseudo-aristocracy of the emerging industrial classes and the remaining REAL aristocracy of the landed, governing classes, met in a series of conclaves not unlike our latter-day Bilderbergers that the historians call the Congresses of Vienna ("Bing" it, since I know your public school history course never mentioned them).

At these congresses the ruling classes threw a few bones to nationalist movements to tamp down regional unrest that was destabilizing Italy and the Germanic states while making moves to ensure the continuing domination of existing financial, trading, and resource markets by the ruling interests.

The newly unified nations of Italy and Germany, with strong, centralized governments epitomized, by Garibaldi and Bismark, were supposed to keep the threatening masses of their regions at bay while providing  military bulwarks against encroachments from the Ottoman Empire and Russia.

What actually occurred were a series of wars that bled the continent for the next half-century, culminating in the disaster of the First World War, which destroyed the Ottomans and Czarist Russia, but left chaos and a Marxist revolutionary state in its wake. Russia would spend the next twenty-five years locked in a three-way civil war, while in the West, all the border-drawing and deal-making of the old guards of Europe couldn't contain the violence and emergent nationalism of peoples long abused by just such rulers.

The peoples "betters" failed, repeatedly and miserably. Their control of financial and resource markets led to  a series of "panics" and then the Great Depression. Their monopoly of force and authoritarian governments led to Statism and genocide. Religion, press and media, social and hard sciences, along with the newly emerging phenomena of celebrity, were all pressed into service of the states, with various theorists of the human condition telling their fellows how smart the new rulers were.

The new centralized states were scientific marvels, not the thuggery of medieval cretins who slashed and burned their recalcitrant populations, the lower classes would be freed from their ignorance and suffering by submission to the scientifically designed state.

And the whole thing collapsed into the worst degradation of the human species in the history of the world, called World War Two.

But then, just as now, the ruling minorities did very well for themselves, profiteering and consolidating power and resources with abandon.

Then as now, the ruling minorities armed thugs and sent them into the streets with state authority to beat unwilling populations into submission.

Then as now, statist governments passed laws that gave them unlimited powers over the lives, labor and property of their peoples; not that this made anything they did anymore lawful than the gun that a mugger holds to your head while robbing you does.

The people that languished in the prisons and died in the gulags were all robbed, abused, and murdered with lawful propriety.

Then as now, two sets of laws and two sets of outcomes were practiced: one for the slaves and one for the few.

The next conflagration is going to make the failures of the old order seem like paradise by comparison.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Blissful Ignorance and War Crimes in the M.E.

Reports are showing up around the world of a tactical nuclear strike in Syria by the nation of Israel. Reports are now coming out of losses suffered by Israeli forces, including downing of fighter aircraft and the sinking of a nuclear-armed Dolphin-class submarine by Syrian defense forces as the State of Israel continues to meddle in the region's civil war.

Turkey has also reportedly lost a wing of F-15 fighter jets and has suffered casualties from troops it has infiltrated into the combat zone of its regional neighbor.

Israeli forces are now said to fear a massive retaliation,  by both the Syrians and by Hezbollah from Lebanon. The Russian Republic moved a large naval contingent into the area and Putin's government has issued plain warning about any further Israeli interference in the war.

If Israel has used nuclear weapons against Syria, what will be the outcome? What should be the consequences for such an act of war?

As the United States backed Muslim Brotherhood forces lose the conflict in Syria and international powers like Russia block more NATO-led intervention in the region, it looks like the current American regime of butchering anyone you don't like in the third world may well have led to the criminal use of an atomic weapon of mass destruction by a supposed non-combatant nation, one openly allied with the United States.

If Iran, North Korea, or any other state had illegally used a nuclear weapon, the U.S.A. would be invading within hours "to punish the guilty."

If our closest ally in the Middle East has committed this act of nuclear terrorism, the future of U.S. leadership in the world is now at risk, as is the ability of American and Western States to ensure the safety of Israel.

I doubt the Israeli government would use such a weapon without at least notifying the White House that they intended to do so...

Time for someone to be asking the right questions.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Else Aren't the American People Being Told?

We've certainly seen enough accidents and natural disasters lately.

But, what about so many of these events that were in the media cycle for a day or two, and then disappeared from the radar?

There were several man-made events these past few months that leave one wondering just what is going on?

We had several oil pipeline failures around the time the debate over pipeline construction was in the media, some of those dumped quite a bit of crude in places like Arkansas, were these incidents coincidences, or acts of sabotage by anti-development extremists?

The explosion of the fertilizer plant in Texas has been knocked off the news by recent events, who or what caused that massive explosion?

Other chemical facilities have experienced incidents, are these industrial accidents, or attacks on infrastructure?

While the recent spate of road and bridge failures appear to be nothing more than government dereliction of duty and criminal negligence, if our bridges are so weakened that a minor incident can bring them down, how susceptible to a terror attack would our roads and highways be?

With the long-running problems at a couple of nuclear plants back in the news, we need to know if the atomic energy industry is in as bad a shape as the rest of the country's infrastructure.

Like our outdated and failing power networks, or our water, sewage, and garbage systems.

Strange that these government types can find all the money they need to put a rifle to the heads of the people, but can't fix the damn roads.

You know, the job you steal extra money from us for deliberately every paycheck and never accomplish, while paying yourselves millionaire wages at our expense.

The Government can afford the Dept. of Homeland Security's purchases of millions of rounds of ammo, advanced armored vehicles and population terror weapons (oh, and thousands of drones), but can't pay the bills, keep the lights on, regulate industry, fix the roadways, or secure the borders.

Washington D.C. is a national disgrace.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The GOP, Still Trying to Ride the TEA Party's Coattails.

I am sick and tired of seeing MSM zombies lumping the TEA Party and Libertarians with the GOP. The GOP does not represent TEA Party and Libertarian interests. The TEA Party and Libertarian Movement are not part of the Republican Party.

During the elections of 2010 the Republican Party attempted a huge, multi-year, multi-regional, push to co-opt the TEA Party and other Patriot movements into the RINOs' big tent. These efforts included huge, corporate funding for pseudo-patriot groups that would divert money and voters from the actual, independent political groups that had sprung up as a direct challenge to RINO, Corporate-fed, fascism. The astro-turfers had quite a bit of success in forcing out the original, grassroots activists and where they didn't succeed, they went even farther.

Paid Republican Party Members, like the now infamous "Libertarian" Wayne Allen Root, used GOPer money and a cadre of GOPer members who "joined" his regional Libertarian Party, eventually taking control of the groups' administration, as means to prevent the emergence of a real, independent, political party that would sweep the criminal sewage known as the Republican Party from national relevance. His efforts became completely clear in September of 2012, when Wayne Root publicly "rejoined" the Republican Party and attempted to drag as many Libertarian voters over to the ILLEGAL Mitt Romney campaign as possible. Crime and treason need not be worried about.

In the years prior to 2012, many regional Republican Party hacks took to local airwaves via talk radio, telling the public quite brazenly that the GOP's set purpose was to co-opt or destroy the TEA Party movement and the other independent political parties, of which the Libertarians were the greatest threat to the status quo, one-party rule of Washington D.C.

The Democratic Party's claims of astro-turfing, and of the TEA Party being a corporate-based shill were at least partially true, except that the targets of their ire had been created and funded directly by GOP interests and money, not by independent groups of local voters, as the actual TEA Party groups and Libs were.

Now we have a slew of scandals in the Capitol, where agency after agency, and politician after politician, have been found actively subverting and suppressing the political activity of Americans. These Americans were targeted by race (African-Americans, Jews, and Whites), class and incomes, and other factors, but the intentions of the guilty were the same in all cases, that of a ruling class preventing the criminal punishment of its own members for the crimes they have committed.

You're bought and paid for Americans, don't you notice there's a collar round your necks?

I will never support the GOP for any reason. I'd rather see the nation die than allow the status quo to continue. The extermination of Washington D.C. from American society must occur.

The Day After: New Book on JFK brings his admiration of Nazism to light.

God has an impeccable sense of timing.

Just a day ago, I published a blog entry about the illegal nomination of Mittens Romney, the criminals behind his campaign, and the GOPer calls of anti-semitism against Ron Paul.
BTW FoxNews Viewers, if Ron Paul was antisemitic, why didn't the Democrats ever say so?

Today, news outlets are reporting that a new biographical study of JFK's personal papers has revealed his admiration for Hitler's Germany. This is in keeping with his father, who had business and personal ties to the Nazi regime prior to the war as well.

So to state yet again, a United States President's personal feelings, antisemitic or not, have had little to do with national policies towards our ally Israel or support for the Jewish people.

Until now. The current, Democratic administration is the most openly, antisemitic American government since the end of WWII.

Why? Because not only is it apparent that our current leader and his cronies care little for Israeli concerns, but they are openly pro-Islamic, actively supporting Muslim extremism and violence around the world and facilitating and supporting Muslim emigration into the West.

More riots today in Sweden, another copy cat butchery in Britain.

Keep thinking that GOP is somehow different from the rest of government.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The State, Incompetent, Violent, Criminal, and FAILED.

What do British Prime Minister Cameron, French President Sarkozy, and Germany's Merkel all have in common? Since 2010, all have publicly admitted that the policies of a multicultural state in Europe have been abject failures.

The most recent items to make news are the now annually occurring Islamic riots in Europe, this year destroying Sweden, a nation known for its' progressive, rational, and inclusive policies. High unemployment, racial and societal tensions, and failure of migrant populations to assimilate are among the causes blamed for an as of now five/six days of repeated racial and ethnic rioting.

In Jolly-Ole England, an off-duty soldier was run over with a car and then beheaded with a meat cleaver by two Muslims. Who then aired the entire crime on the Internet and gave a bloody rant about their attack.
Both men were shot when armed police arrived and are now in custody.

A disarmed populace is now at the mercy of these random extremists. How's those Marxist-based ideals about state monopoly of violence working for you lately?

You see, in the E.U. and Britain, you don't have the right to defend your life or property, so the criminals always get the first strike.

As for failures of the grand state authority here at home, another bridge collapsed on a major, American interstate yesterday, with no word on death toll or injured as of last night (wouldn't want to disturb the indentured servants going into the weekend, now would we?). Strange, I remember billions of dollars going specifically for "shovel ready" jobs that focused particularly on infrastructure, particularly on public works, particularly on bridges and similar structures on our roads and highways.

And I particularly remember, nothing ever actually got done other than union leadership and the usual political classes in D.C. and elsewhere getting well-paid at the taxpayer's eternal trough of free money.

Because having roads that don't fall down and kill you are so overrated.

Someone please remind us why we pay these failures in public office anything at all? Why, if they are incapable of the most basic functions of government, we continue to allow these folks to exist in our societies?

A government that can't keep the roads built, nor the lights on, nor the borders secured, nor the people safe, is nothing more than parasites gorging on the public largess.

Of course, the Swedes, British, and American peoples will continue to be obediently herded like cattle by these political scum in charge, because the armed criminals that work for them will ensure that with threats of violent death, prison, and confiscation of property.

The fact that these government thugs can never seem to use any of that violence to actually punish or threaten the criminals notwithstanding.

Speaking of threatening evil or punishing the criminal, President Barack Obama gave a speechifying apologetic in which he revealed that three other American citizens had been murdered by drone strikes besides suspected Islamic militant Anwar al-Awlaki.

According to fearless leader, these acts are legal, and he's very upset over all the non-combatants that have been killed "by accident".

Gee, isn't killing masses of uninvolved, innocent, bystanders what a couple of terrorist bombers were just hunted down for in Boston a while back?

The United States continues to devolve into something resembling a Peronist' state, while the E.U. looks not unlike some sub-Saharan war zone.

The pseudo-aristocracy and their "we know better" technocrats have utterly failed. Now they're simply amassing power and monopolizing armed force to prevent being held accountable for their own criminal acts. Murder in the streets, murder in the halls of government, failure to provide the most basic public requirements for the people...

How long O'Lord before we get rid of these criminals once and for all?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once more on Antisemitism and the Obama Administration for the FoxNews Viewers

Okay Tim, the overwhelming response has said, "Why, if the President's peccadilloes on Israel and Jews aren't important, has the Obama administration been so antisemitic compared with past administrations?"

Simple. Because while other Presidents have often been antisemitic in belief, they were not pro-Islamic in practice.

President Barack Obama is not just an antisemite, he's a cheerleader for the Islamic caliphate.

President Obama doesn't just not care much for Jews or Israel, he hates them and actively supports their enemies, as does the Democratic Party.

I have often wondered why so-named "liberals" (there's nothing liberal about them), support genital mutilation, the execution of homosexuals, the abuse of women and adolescents: physically, emotionally, sexually, by violence and by law, and yet complain about the so-called "intolerance" of American society at the drop of a hat.

Islam murders girls for going to school. Islam murders gays for being homosexual. Islam believes there is no age of consent for marriage or sexual relations with girls/women. Islam believes a woman is one-half of a man. Islam demands morality laws in all aspects of private lives, and demands submission by all members of society, consent is not needed.

Islam believes in the divine right of a ruling, religious class to literally hold guns to the heads of your children and demand whatever they see fit.

Yet there are no more cautious, forgiving, or silent enablers of these criminals than the American Democrat.

Recently, a few braver souls from the Democratic Party and media came forward and ashamedly admitted why this was the case; that they were afraid of Muslim violence if they dared criticise the crimes of these folks.

I have no use for cowards--these guys' beliefs are nothing more than convenience.

And the GOPers have purposely elected these guys because they couldn't get their Wall-Street poster boy elected by lawful or unlawful means.

The GOP is just as crooked, spoiled, and arrogant as the rest of this trash.

Death to the lot of them.

We wouldn't support Ron Paul because he's an anti-semite?

I was reminded of this caveat this past weekend. The GOPer media was quite effective in using this lie during their illegal nomination of Nelson Rockefeller's pal, Mitt Romney.

Evidently, many otherwise erudite and intelligent folks still buy into the lie of the two-party system.

If there's two parties, how come the agenda never changes?

Pro-Israeli folks disliked Ron Paul because he wanted to cut foreign aid to the Jewish State, along with every other state, since America is literally borrowing money at interest, and giving it away.

We're broke, but it's probably hard to remember that with taxpayer-funded millionaires partying along the Potomac. On credit they sign your names to.

As for the Ron Paul Anti-Semitic smear campaign, let me ask you this:

Is Mitt Romney more pro-Israel?  You really think so? Why?

More importantly, Mitt Romney, an ILLEGAL candidate, put in place with massive ELECTION FRAUD, was unable to win his own party's nomination, let alone beat Barack Obama.

Ron Paul was admittedly the only GOP candidate who could have beaten Obama, the useless FOX media idiots publicly said so, after the fact.

So you allowed Barack Obama to win because forcing your banker-owned trash onto the GOP voters was more important than winning the election.

So, tell me, whose the bigger Anti-Semite? Barack Obama or Ron Paul?

Let's go down a list of recent American Presidents:

John F. Kennedy, not a particular fan of all things Jewish.
Lyndon Johnson, (no comment needed)
Richard Nixon, his famous recording discussing the "Jewish problem" of America tells us his position.
Gerald Ford, (this caretaker president, given his position in an illegal deal for Nixon's pardon) Mr. Ford's feelings about Israel and Jews are not defined in the public record. He held to the traditional position of U.S./Israeli alliances.
Jimmy Carter, brokered the Camp David Accords, pushed for Middle East peace, instigated a wide variety of covert operations around the globe in a multiplicity of nations--did not seem very Pro-Israel, and  was quite critical of Israeli actions in the region.
Ronald Reagan, staunchly pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish, and this trend has continued in a faction of the conservative movement in the GOP until this day.
George H.W. Bush, interesting case, very much involved in using Israeli and Jewish interests to pursue American hegemony over the Middle East, not a supporter of the Jewish people.
Bill Clinton: Bill was a globalist, that means Jews are not his favorite people.
Bush Jr., continued the "we use them because they're useful to us" policies of his daddy. Not a fan of the Jews.
President Barack H. Obama, "I stand with the Muslims," has supported the "Arab Spring" uprisings, illegally waged wars around the African, Levant, Middle Eastern parts of the world, supports the Muslim Brotherhood, supports the immigration of Muslims into Europe, supports Sharia law, supports the Palestinian State, has overthrown secular governments in Egypt and Libya, and is supporting Muslim terrorists in Syria. Has demanded Israeli concessions including the return to 1967 borders and a two-state solution in Israel, with the city of Jerusalem divided into two capitols. A member of Jeremiah Wright's church, where Jews are blamed for a host of the world's ills via finance, education, government, and banking, and much, much more.

Yeah, you guys were so worried about the claims of Antisemitism you voted into office the biggest anti-Semite in modern times.

We don't need to worry about how pro-Israel the AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS, because as we have seen, the president's personal feelings don't equate to national policy by congress. We need to worry about how PRO-AMERICA the AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS, because from the Patriot Act to the NDAA to the recently passed Martial Law legislation, the current president has shown his self not only to be a criminal threat to the people of the United States, but to Israel and the rest of the world as well.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Thoughts from the Weekend

I saw them as I was passing by late Sunday afternoon. A young couple, maybe eighteen, nineteen years old, sitting on the sidewalk, side-by-side, their skateboards and similarly mod style of dress and grooming: he, with a goatee and long, brown hair tied with a bandanna, and she with pigtails and black t-shirt and jeans, identifying them as members of their chosen affiliations.

I smiled, momentarily remembering our generations' own early summer days, and thought how quickly those times passed.

I thought about the hopes we had at that age for our own lives: homes and families and schools and work, the future as we'd hoped it would be for us. The future some of my younger, twenty-something acquaintances are creating right now, with first children on the way, and new businesses and ventures being built.

I remember what it was like to be that age, and be hopeful and anxious, and a little overwhelmed by it all.

I have a hope now too. A hope that this young couple and others like them will still have the opportunity to live those wonderful and completely ordinary lives.

Will they?

I was talking with a member of the faculty at campus one evening, when a young man and women, students, went walking across the quad, hand in hand, heading off towards town.

My friend remarked, "there goes two kids who don't have any idea what's going on in the world."

To which I replied, "it was our job to ensure they didn't have to."

Have you done your part of that job?

Using the I.R.S. as Thought Police?

Lately a slew of minor personalities, from media performers to clergy, have come forward with tales of being targeted by the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of Justice under the current administration. While some of these claims appear spurious (it's not your politics that got you audited, mister slimy businessman, it's your failure to pay taxes), an entire army of ordinary citizens appear to have been placed under the government lash for failure to adhere to the cult of the supreme leaders.

These stories, told by everyday Americans across the country, and folks of every race and creed, show that thousands of people were subjected to abuse by government for the crime of being "too uppity" for the house servants in Washington.

Ya know, the owners of the plantation don't like no uppity folk, and their privileged servants in D.C. don't like nothin' that massa don't like.

Bet you still thought those idiots in public office actually run the country. My question is, "who runs them?"

In 2010, I was subjected to several of these types of abuses by agents of the federal government. My personal records, my student records, my finances, my work history, my background, my religious affiliations, my email records, my blog postings, and my voting registration were all rifled through and reviewed, and "redone" and "looked over" by a hosts of state and federal employees from various places, including universities I had attended or worked for, civil service offices I had been in the employ of, and more.

Where did these non-governmental, private groups get my personal information? Was it some "rogue employees" working for the state government's computer network who made my emails public? Of course not, as the administrators of my university put it: "of course we investigated all your personal information."
The fact that deliberate fraud and other criminal acts were involved didn't bother them one bit. When their crimes were reported, no action was ever taken against the criminals.

"You should sue them for damages!" Sure, you can sue, and win...

And never work again.

Or suffer a host of other harassment by folks well-paid with taxpayer dollars to carry them out.

The abuses of government are not a partisan issue. It's not just the current occupant of the White House that's guilty of using the police powers of the state for their personal agenda, both sides have and continue to do so with equal culpability and glee.

They seem to think that they have the right to keep a gun to the heads of the American people.

And they will, as long as the American people don't crush them for it.

America the free indeed.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Washington Crime and Slime in Prime Time

President Obama, sorry, I almost feel bad picking on such an easy target right off the bat, "fired" the temporary head of the Internal Revenue Service over the abuse scandal this week.

Except....that the man was scheduled to leave next month anyway, and evidently no criminal or civil penalties, nor loss of income or benefits or golden parachute will be forthcoming for the man in charge while these crimes were committed.

You say this is unacceptable President Obama, now PUNISH THE GUILTY and give recompense to those harmed.

That's what's defined as ENFORCING THE LAW.

Not some platitudes by some six or seven figure salary government hacks.

Hey community organizer, remember this one? NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE.

Not that the GOP is any better. The Mitt Romney nomination scandal of last election remains uninvestigated, unprosecuted, and ignored.

Every time some GOPer mouths off about election fraud on the Democratic side, I want to rip his head off with the back side of a claw hammer.

The GOP was wailing about the abuse of the TEA Party by the administration, ignoring the reality that the GOP's stated intentions during the previous election was the co-opting and/or destruction of the TEA Party by whatever means, legal or not, it took to continue to ensure the status-quo, two-party (yeah, right) system, dominance of government.

The GOP needs to be closed, its leadership arrested and prosecuted, its assets seized.

The TEA Party is not an arm of the GOP, and never has been, despite all their attempts to the contrary.

The Libertarian/Ron Paul movement were not members of the GOP, never have been, and would just as soon skin these GOPers alive as look at them.

Run either Marco Rubio or Ron Paul, GOPers, we will vote for neither, and we will not forget.

The only decent use for the Democratic Party is the destruction of the GOP.

After proving that various agencies of the Federal Government have been harassing and abusing citizens for political ends, why haven't at least some States thrown the Feds OUT?

Forget 10th Amendment powers, just criminalize their operations and shoot them down in the streets if they don't comply.

Remind Washington where sovereign authority actually exists in America.

Why haven't the indicted and convicted in multiple courts war criminals, residing in the United States, been turned over for prosecution and justice?

Could it be that their names are Cheney and Bush?

Why should the IRS and Federal Reserve be allowed to continue to exist? Not only did they target Democratic Party opponents, but government critics and JEWS.

Whose the Nazi now Keith Olbermann?

It shouldn't surprise you that Jews were targeted by the administration. I wrote recently about World Net Daily, or WND, being a media site that received funding from the Israeli Government. The same media outlet that pushes incessantly for war with Iran to the point of creating fake media stories and even fake media personalities to do so.

We went through that with the War in Iraq, remember guys? Not falling for it again.

One might question why the Israeli government is actively attempting to criticize and defame President Obama's administration, but I think the answer might bother some folks.

Meanwhile, Eric Holder still hasn't been prosecuted for illegally smuggling guns into Mexico.

We at least prosecuted Oliver North for illegally smuggling arms into Iran.

Slavery, Alive and Well in America and the Western World, 2013

Are you free? How free are you?

As part of an end-of-the-year writing assignment, a final essay if you will, a teacher gave the class an assignment description that required the students to comment on whether they were, in fact, free men and women or no.

The answers might surprise you.

The majority of the students, who ranged between the ages of 18-25 and females over males by a two-to-one ratio, replied that they were quite aware of the very real facts that they were not free people by any true measure of the phrase. Most cited government coercion by threat and force of arms in almost every aspect of their lives as the single most obvious indicator that neither they, nor the rest of us, were anything more than  "slaves with collars around our necks," (as one African-American student so aptly put it).

Which puts to the question: "By what authority does the Federal Government of the United States compel you to support it?"

Please remember, slavery is illegal in America and the West, without exception.

Most defenders of the status quo will quickly jump to the strawman of anarchy or social obligation. We have fifty, sovereign, state governments that provide governance and regulation for us, refusing to support the Federal Government, which is a VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION, is not the same thing.

Please remember, slavery is illegal in America and the West, without exception.

People like to bring out the old saw that: we are not a democracy, we're a democratic republic. Well, they seem to forget another very real fact: that we have a FEDERAL government, not a CENTRAL one.

One might raise the question of how a criminal, outlaw government that violates the very charter under which it exists can demand a free people continue to support or obey it? Especially when "law enforcement" and the "justice system" (PUKE), fail to protect the citizenry, enforce the laws, or punish the criminals.

This creates a  caste system in which one group of citizens are exempt from criminal punishment and the rest are not only subject to a state system of violence, but have no legal remedy for crimes committed against them, their property, labor, or rights.

As for rights, well, 1. They're not privileges, and 2. The Federal Government never issued them, and cannot revoke them.

I could argue this with you, dear reader, but it would take far more space and time than we have here, besides, the history and precedent is easily pointed out in law and practice, and I doubt anyone but a shill for the current, criminal, regime would ever attempt to argue otherwise. If they do, it's easy enough to tear their excuses to shreds with the facts, whether they like them or not.

Another fact, that really can't be refuted, is that since the end of the Second World War, the Federal Government and it's agents have set out to systematically rewrite our rights, system of governance, and national organization to fit the desired model of a wannabee, ruling minority. A group I named the pseudo-Aristocracy many years ago.

If you are of the camp that believes a handful of men and women should be able to dictate to the remaining 350 million, then I suppose the existence of this cabal of crap makes you quite happy. If however, you are not a wannabee national socialist, and actually want to continue to be a free, American citizen, with the same rights and freedoms as your ancestors exercised under what remains to be the sovereign, social contract of this nation, you probably understand why a third of the nation in a recent poll stated that they believe a civil war is likely in the next decade to prevent the continuing consolidation of wealth, property, and power in the hands of an illegal government junta in Washington.

A government that prints money out of air, gives it to private companies, allows them first-use of said money to purchase real goods and property, and then passes the bills on to you as debt; enriching both their cronies and themselves while monopolizing production of real goods and commodities that threatens the welfare, safety, and stability of your communities and the nation.

They figure people who can't eat or pay their bills are unable to resist a criminal government's armed takeover. All that debt they tack onto your back and the backs of your children, goes to pay for the weapons these criminal thugs need to slaughter your family into submission.

What else do you think they're for?

Feel free yet?

In the Central African Republic, a civil war raged that pitted a dictator against the inevitable resistance groups, an old story for a post-colonial world. The ruling party outlawed farming in the nation. Once this was  done, a corporate monopoly was created whereby all food, fuel, and medicine coming into the nation was tightly controlled by the central authority. The results of all this was the organized extermination of half the country, with families being criminalized for growing the food they needed to live.

Sound like any current policies being pursued in the United States and the E.U.?

Any "Corporate Partners" with the current, illegal, Washingtonian maneuvers come to mind?

So what? You argue: "I'm not a slave, we have lots of freedoms here others don't have."


You're free to work and pursue success in America, IF you pay for the privilege and abide by whatever conditions somebody sets up--from some local ordinance forbidding you to work from your home to the 25 feet of federal regulations that currently define what you're PERMITTED to do by some hacks in government.

Meanwhile, if you starve or lose your possessions and become a broke, homeless person, it's your fault.

You're free to travel and associate with folks and work together to get ahead; except, when the government says otherwise, or illegally blocks, circumnavigates, or harasses your attempts by threat or actual force.

Like the recent I.R.S. and Justice Department scandals have shown to the world.

Question: "Why should anyone pay taxes to the I.R.S. since it stands proven that the I.R.S. is an outlaw organization?" Having committed crimes against the people of the United States, how can anyone be forced to support them?

Hitler made the Jews work in the factories also. We hung the Nazis for that.

The Federal Government of the United States has no right to compel you to do anything in support of it.  You, as a free citizen of whatever state you live in, have the right to refuse to support any government that has committed criminal acts against your person.

There are legions of Americans, myself included, that have had felony, criminal, acts committed against our persons and property and rights by agents of the Federal Government of the United States.

Apologies without remedies are not only useless, but an outrage. The disgusting mouthing of words by some politician or government functionary that does nothing about the offenses committed.

We're supposed to just live with the harm caused by these acts, and expect nothing in return.

This Federal Government is a criminal organization--its members are criminals--its actions are criminal--and there is no lawful means by which any free citizen may be compelled to support its existence.

It's failure would mean hardship, destruction, and suffering? GOOD. Crime should bring hardship and suffering. Its time the filth of D.C. suffered for their very real, vile, disgusting, criminal actions.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Is That Gasoline I Smell?

Today Dr. Gosnell, the nightmare "abortionist" was found guilty of first-degree murder. Let's hope justice follows. As for the pro-choice bunch, well, you had your chances.

Don't worry, I'm sure the media spin is already well-funded and underway.

President Obama cried when questioned about Benghazi. Guess he's been spending too much time hanging out playing golf with RINO traitor Boehner, that girly virus must be contagious. Not that the GOP is any less slimey than the other side of the aisle. None of this could have occurred without their support.

Let's see: Hilary Clinton lied, but supposedly not under oath, guess she had her fingers crossed. The IRS has attacked Americans for criticizing the government, the Government has illegally wiretapped the Associated Press and who knows who else, four people from Benghazi are still dead, Eric Holder still ran guns illegally into Mexico, and President Barack Obama has murdered both foreigners in nations we are not at war with and at least one American citizen without due process, maintaining he has a right to kill with impunity, and private banks and financial firms debts were paid by the American taxpayers.

Screw the impeachments and move to the firing squads.

Oh, and our president claimed the GOP was causing folks to lose faith in government.

There's only one party, Mr. President, no one but the most ignorant would still buy that two-party crap.

Want to know how people lose faith in government today?

By reporting the truth and stuff like that.

Where's law enforcement? Why are these perps from these government agencies running free? Why are these crimes not being prosecuted? Where's the law?

Oh wait, we have a class of people in this nation that operate outside and above the laws the rest of us are threatened with death over.

Guess class warfare's an idea whose time has come.

Could something good actually come from all this? Could we actually see the implosion and immolation of this sewer they call Capitol Hill?

I know this, God has a sense of humor.

And it's a vicious one.

Following the News

"Nations Fail Today because their extractive economic institutions do not create the incentives needed for people to save, invest, and innovate. Extractive political institutions support these economic institutions by cementing the power of those who benefit from the extraction" (p 372).

WHY NATIONS FAIL by Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

When Crimes are not Crimes: or, You Don't Matter.

The Internal Revenue Service admitted this past week that it deliberately targeted third-party political groups prior to the 2012 campaign in an illegal effort to prevent Americans from running their own government.

The I.R.S. should be defunded and exterminated, NOW.

The Federal Reserve should be audited, closed, and eliminated, NOW.

According to the pablum offered up by the excuse maker for the administration, this was merely a few "low level" functionaries abusing their offices, access, and powers, and we, the people, should not be concerned.

I'll quit being concerned when these sedition-committing traitors are dead for their crimes.

Not prosecuted, not imprisoned, not removed from public service, not fined, DEAD.

This is an act of war against the people of the United States by a government too corrupt to live.

But of course, nothing will happen of any consequence, not to these Democratic and GOP party criminals, nor their bosses.

Because crimes are not crimes when they're the policy of the ruling government enacted against the rule of law and the people.

Where's the prosecutors? Where's the gun-toting, black-suited LEO's taking down these criminals at THEIR homes and places of work, handcuffing them and taking them away?

This government is unfit for the earth.

No mention of punishment, or reparations for the victims, no, we who suffer real financial and personal damages because of the crimes of these "functionaries" are supposed to just live with the results.

How about you trash in Washington start living with the results?

As a citizen who has suffered multiple criminal acts, institutional discrimination, and felony violence by several of these "low level functionaries" and the bosses who PROFIT from their crimes, I'd like to know what makes these D.C. sewage think I should just live with the losses and injuries without retaliation?

Here's a better question. Why should the American People continue to just "live with it?"

We are facing a government controlled by a group of admitted criminals, guilty of crimes of war, crimes against constitutional governance, crimes against humanity, and systemic, intentional, sedition.

If there were justice on earth, Washington D.C. would be burned black and level with ground to the sea, and every, single, scum who holds office or wears its uniform would die with it.

Never forget, never surrender, and hunt them the world over, no matter how many generations it takes, nor where they hide.

The generation that pulled off the Gulf of Tonkin and the murder of over 65K Americans and the slaughter and communist imprisonment of over 3 Million Asians were never punished.

If we have to hunt down their children after this generation dies, these filth WILL BE.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The grandson of Malcolm X was murdered in Mexico. He was 30.
For a family that has endured several deaths by violence, betrayal from among their own, and the unpunished murder of at least one son, and now probably another...words fail to convey the burden.

The press articles all gave routine mention of the young man's juvenile and minor history of run-ins with the law, while simultaneously quoting how "he was getting his life on track."

This kind of reporting is boilerplate now for any young African-American man who is a victim of violence.  Mr. Malcolm Shabazz wasn't some troubled teen, he was an experienced activist. He'd overcome a difficult and troubled youth to become a sought-after public speaker  His death more troubling for its being unremarkable in today's world.

On the subject of ordinary murder, Dr. Kermit Gosnell's jury is still out after a week of deliberation. One can't help but speculate that some members of the jury are trying to protect the abortion industry. Dr. Gosnell's conduct and the manner in which his clinic operated are clear violations of the standards of both the medical profession and the abortion industry, and pressure from the pro-choice bunch has no place here. Gosnell's trial has ripped the mask off of America's, government-funded, Murder-Inc.

Blood splattered rooms? Live births left in toilets? This is a medical clinic in the United States?

Let's not forget that the vast majority of Dr. Gosnell's patients were women of color.

Guess Mrs. Sanger's policy of genocide of non-whites wasn't so far-fetched after all. This is what your government is supporting--the murder of African-American children, and the abuse of African-American women.

The simple facts are, no medical facility run in this fashion is acceptable, no matter what services they perform. Any doctor committing these acts anywhere except at an abortion clinic would be in jail for life.

There's no defending this one pro-choicers, if you wish to salvage some legitimacy for your cause, you should be howling for this guy's head. Where's the defense of women folks on THIS one?

Or is it like so many other "noble causes," the neo-liberals "support?" A means to a political end to be exploited when needed, and nothing more.

Speaking of fake causes for political ends. Mr. Cody Wilson, head of Defense Distributed, the non-profit behind the 3D printable gun manufacturing buzz in the news, was ordered by the U.S. State Department to remove it's recently developed plans for a single-shot, .22 caliber handgun from the Internet.

Interesting, as it seems the U.S. government actually lacks any authority to do so. Citing the old saw of "National Security" the criminals in Washington again attempt to rule the land by fear and fiat instead of law and order.

The groups' spokesman was reported as saying, "The files have been posted on international servers outside the reach of the U.S. government's authority, and Wilson notes, "(The files) have been downloaded from our website more than 1 million times." (source: CNN). 

Perhaps the Department of State can explain how posting technical drawings on the Internet is the same as exporting manufactured gun parts to foreign countries--for this is the excuse used to give the thugs at State jurisdiction in the matter. 

An out-of-control government needs brought to heel. A group of armed criminals is indeed a threat to our national security and sovereignty: too bad it's the criminals in D.C. where no prosecutor or cop seems to know the address of the capitol building. 

We still need a war crimes tribunal in the United States, we still need the international community to take action and punish these filth for their mass-murders, frauds, and crimes against humanity and the rule of  law. We still need the international community to hold the butchers of the West to the same standards as the "butchers" of the third world. 

Americans and others, worldwide, are being murdered and abused, and members of governments are the perpetrators. 

And also, I think, that Carthage should be destroyed.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's hard being ahead of the curve.

After my last post on the non-existent threat to the current administration's continuance, the past week's media have been filled with pundits opining on the viability of the Obama administration.

Guess playing catch-up is the name of the game.

Not that President Obama, nor his former SoS have much to worry about. Despite the rantings of the GOPer "right," which included the amazing sight of Mike Huckabee telling folks that the Benghazi hearings would bring down the President and Ms. Clinton, I don't think we'll be seeing Mr. Obama boarding Air Force Two, flashing a double, victory-sign, and fading out of sight somewhere over the Potomac anytime soon.

But theater like that makes for GOOD fundraising, eh Mr. H?

Despite my own comments during the last election cycle that the president Mr. Obama most resembles IS the notorious Mr. Richard Milhouse Nixon, I don't ever see President Obama being removed or forced from office, for ANY reason.

Why? It's quite simple. The first "Black" President can't be held accountable for criminal acts. This guy could murder Americans without trial and get away with it. Oh wait, he already has.

So, where does that leave the rest of us? Comfortable being slaves on the federal prison plantation yet?

The economy is doing better, if you're one of the insider, criminal class that get special access, free money, and privileges denied all others. Not so much for the rest of us, though, you know, the ones actually stuck paying the debts of these banker trash.

What? Didn't you realize you, the American taxpayer, were funding the private wealth of the world's most corrupt, useless, and fascists bunch of criminals since Adolph and company ran the original European Union?

Statism: the theft of others' wealth, property, and labor by an extractive, criminal class. While this extraction is not in and of itself necessarily bad for a national economy, the fact that the class that "runs" it most also constantly ensure "THEY" remain the beneficiaries of it, IS. The stagnation and stratification caused by a pseudo-aristocracy's consolidation of controls and illegal manipulation of markets and resources--manipulations that continue to steal more and more other peoples' labor and resources--results in the eventual collapse of the system. No one will continue to work to make someone else rich.

Last time I checked, slavery was abolished in America in 1865, there is no legal means of coercion to prop up the current government or its' corporate trash.

They passed laws in Germany making the Holocaust completely legal too, and we hung everyone of them just the same. Guess the neo-fascists should have learned.

Here's a simple question for you: "Are all current and recent members of the Federal Government's controlling bodies war criminals or not?"

Your answer will tell me everything I need to know about how much you believe in "law" or "order."

I'm still looking for a state, or a group of states, with enough testes amongst them to order out every, single, thug in the employ of the outlaw, federal, state.

We need a Nuremberg Court right here in America, with guns and bayonets to back it up.

And also, I think, that Carthage should be destroyed.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Are the Neo Liberals Failing?

Charles Krauthammer has a new column out opining the current "fall" of the Obama administration into full-bore, lame-duckery, but ends on the cynical note that "the screw will turn again," if, according to Charles, only because the media cycle requires it, and yet another "Obama triumph will be declared."

These past months have seen Neo-Liberalist's positions disintegrate on every front faster than a coalition of our highly principled politicians with corporate payoffs in front of them.  From public opinion to international partners, the D.C. crowd are looking more and more like the gang that couldn't shoot straight than an imposing threat to global evils.

And while that's probably quite beneficial in several ways for us now, in the long run it's probably not, so much.

Already harping about 2016, California's resident war criminal, Pelosi, was caught salivating over the idea of a Hillary Clinton run for the White House. Other commentators have been slinging the idea of an Obama, Clinton ticket (Michelle and Hillary), as a means of crushing any likely GOP or other party opposition in the next big round of national elections--I for one, don't see the mid-terms as trending for much of anything at this time, and I doubt that will change--The Democrats haven't broken the GOP's lock on the House, while the GOPers seem far too corrupt and useless to threaten the Democratic majority in the Senate.

I supported Hillary Clinton and watched as the Democratic Party machine screwed her nomination in much the same fashion as the GOP have thrown away their own best candidates for whatever flavor of the day seemed better to some back-room bosses. And now the Dems must be shaking their heads like the Karl Rove boys were on election night, wondering why they're golden-child candidate is unable to carry off the (according to their controlled media), legislation and social agenda the public most desires?

Maybe it's because they're "in the bubble" as much as those other idiots are.

Still, we have to hope the Democratic Party keeps it together for the next couple years, because we need them for a much higher purpose--the destruction and removal of the Republican Party. The Dems have been a successful foil to the Rockefeller Trash on the heels of the Bush dynastic attempt to create a Republican "Camelot," and continue to be a great sledgehammer to break these guys with, so long as they continue to ignore the American public and the laws of the state.

Back during the elections, everyone was saying: "A third party has no chance in America." and I agree, as such, we must then bring about the destruction of at least one of the current political parties, if not both, and replace them with representatives that will actually obey the law and submit to the authority of the people; something none of our current bunch seems  to know how to do.

It's amusing to see the current headlines about rampant fraud convictions in the Democratic Party's nomination of Barack Obama, meanwhile, GOPers still have not prosecuted anyone from the rigged campaign of Mitt Romney and company, so every time some GOPer pundit brings up the very real fact that the election of 2012 probably should be annulled, if we actually obeyed the law that is, please remind him that we are still waiting for Godot as far as seeing the slime from the Karl Rove crowd prosecuted and jailed.

Our lawmakers, so keen on your obedience to the state, will ignore the very real consequences of these criminal convictions and will not overturn the election of 2012, required by law or no.

Meanwhile, I don't know of anyone who refused to vote for Romney in 12, that won't still refuse to vote GOPer in 16.

Rand Paul makes no difference if he's a GOP candidate when he runs. Marco Rubio even being considered for the ballot is an insult, he is not eligible to hold executive office.

Of course, we've seen how much the GOP cares about obeying or enforcing the law. Law enforcement is only for the little people, the crimes of Washington are above the laws the rest of you must obey under threat of death or enslavement.

So Mr. Krauthammer, I wouldn't worry too much about the Democrats prospects for 2016.

They look a whole lot better than the GOP's anyday.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Junk Science, the Servant of Prevailing Culture

This week we've discussed academic fraud on the left, hypocrisy and corruption in the academies, let's not forget that the "right" in America has just as much to answer for; from it's anti-scientific bigotry (no forgetting that "legitimate rape" thing, is there?), to the folks who claim Ussher's 7K years-old earth, to the ones who claim "radiation can be good for you." (Coulter). To the right's own use of pseudo and biased "science" to support their pet assertions.

Today I read a report that deals with just this type of bias, it involves a university administrator, a political activist, and their desire to produce media that portrays a major political figure in an admittedly artificial, but desired, way.

Wonder if this guy might be biased against students or faculty who don't support his "vision?"

I wonder if this would use his position to discriminate against these students?

After all, having dissenting voices around might undermine this guy's goals or lessen his payday.

Too bad such discrimination is illegal, and the university that allows it, liable for the consequences.

More on this one when I get the research done.

How Boston's "Police State" (NOT) Got It Right, Proven Again Today.

According to media reports three more people have been arrested for taking evidence from the home of the Boston Bombers and other charges.

A few media sites are still screaming about the police cordon Boston authorities implemented, though by and large the subject is a moot point now.

Let's take a quick look at another recent series of attacks, the ex-LAPD officer who went on a killing spree not that long ago and see why Boston acted the way they did.

There was no "lockdown" in L.A.. And that apparently changed the outcome of the manhunt not at all. However, not having a curfew imposed did result in both innocent people being shot by police, as in the case of the two ladies delivering newspapers in a pickup truck of similar make and model to the assailants vehicle, and it allowed the killer to flee to a nearby resort/wilderness area, where he remained at large and an armed threat for several more days.

Lastly, it ended in the death of the perpetrator, who died, gunshot, in a burning cabin. And for you conspiracy guys out there, the authorities did not set the place on fire, ordinary rifle fire passing through wooden, frame-wall, construction, will ignite a home quite effectively by friction alone.

So, in L.A., innocents shot by mistake (gee, even trained cops are human when the fights on), gunman successfully flees area, and perp is killed instead of being apprehended, while manhunt drags on for multiple days, costing untold millions of dollars and resources.

In Boston, the perps are quickly met with police at every location (this led to the shooting of one officer and the murder of another, but in this case, the police were directly confronting the threat, giving them no quarter), and lacking the ability to escape, the criminals were forced into facing authorities head-on, which resulted in one's death and the other's being seriously wounded. Unable to fight, and with a house to house search on, unable to go to ground, the remaining bomber crawled into a boat parked in a guy's backyard, and most likely would have died there if he hadn't been captured, ALIVE. Now, despite his grim future, he receives better healthcare than most of us get, and at least it appears HE WILL HAVE A FUTURE.

Meanwhile, no civilians were accidentally shot by authorities, few citizens were exposed to the dangers of meeting these guys out on the lam somewhere, and the authorities had enough manpower out there to allow them to capture the guy ALIVE.

There's a story goes like this...police have a barricade situation and bring in a huge amount of manpower and equipment, surrounding the home. One of the suspect's neighbors ask an officer: "You guys need all this just to kill one guy?"

"No," the officer replies, "we need all this NOT to kill one guy."

Boston Authorities, well aware  of what had just happened in Los Angeles with innocent folks being shot, and with the consequences of allowing a manhunt to go mobile and drag on for days, made the right call.

It wasn't pretty, it wasn't "nice," but it was a sound decision.