Sunday, February 24, 2013

Watching them twist, WND continues the lies.

I suppose we need to mention WND's  fake-former Iranian, Reza Kahlili more often. Immediately after my last comments about him, WND published a column of his on Iran that wasn't even finished, and has continued to publish ever-more histrionic rantings about the massive threats of the Iranian regime to America. No, wait, to, wait, to both nations, if you include American sites in the Middle East. Or, perhaps something else, or all of the above; at any rate, be very, VERY, AFRAID!!!!

I just love the way these supposed advocates for freedom support the criminal imposition of the Anglo-American Empire by bloody conquest and terror throughout the world, far beyond any borders these nations have any legitimate authority over. Quite frankly, these governing, corporate shills, have no legitimacy beyond threat of brute, criminal force in America anymore, let alone IN OTHER SOVEREIGN NATIONS.

WND and the like constantly use terms like "illicit" or "criminal" or "secret" to describe military or government actions by nations like Iran and Syria, when in fact, as sovereign national entities, these states have all the same rights to both defensive and offensive military capability, the right to defend their borders, territorial waters, and resources, and their peoples, as any other nation state. But you see, the problem is, that your not a "legitimate" nation, unless the banker-run trash of the Anglo-Empire says you are. I'd like to pose the question, "just who gave any of the "western" nations the right to dictate anything beyond their own borders? Anywhere?"

For decades, the rah, rah, wave the flags crowd has demanded other nations and peoples get in line with the rest of the serfs, or be bombed, starved, and murdered into submission. Well now that we're in the final stages of that political evolution in the former British imperial countries, the common folks are finding out that they are now the new Pakis and ragheads; the ones to be beaten into submission, poverty, and forced labor to continue the wealthy lives of their elite, corporate masters and their government lackeys. This has led to a great deal of self-righteous hand-wringing by the reactionary crowd, which will change exactly nothing.

So WND and the rest of the co-opted media play their parts upon the public stage, while tyranny, murder, theft, and avarice run amok and unpunished, this schizophrenic, incomprehensible mess of contradictions is never, ever challenged; but when someone points out that the pseudo-aristocracy and their various congresses of Vienna have committed these crimes against law and humanity and under rule of law are deserving of no less punishment than their Nazi predecessors, these faithfully paid-for organs of state propaganda not only refuse to publish these criminal acts, but actively attack and silence anyone who does.

Meanwhile, a steady diet of false flag propaganda and alarmist bullshit is produced by various self-promoting entities, and the public is kept both shockingly ignorant and politically cowed.

The frauds who run this 3-Card Monty table of media crap, however, get very rich.

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