Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can Any Neo-Liberal Answer This Question?

"Nothing these so-called liberals support today, is anything a liberal should ever stand for."

So Liberal/Progressive/Modernist/New American/Universalist/ Global Citizen, as a traditional Humanist/Liberal, you know, the kind of guys you call names now--perhaps you can answer me this question:

Why do you support the spread of Islam in the West? And how do you defend that against your stated beliefs about tolerance, acceptance, diversity, and the rights of minority populations of all kinds and the rights of women and children?

Recently, a well-known group of talking media heads admitted that the reason they never criticize Islam is that they are cowards. They fear getting killed for raising objections to the often discriminatory and violent (and in the Western nations, often ILLEGAL), practices of extremist groups who do these things in the guise of following their group's  particular brand of Islam.

Yet these folks have no fear of attacking Christians, Jews, or any other groups who fail to meet their arbitrary standards of what constitutes the "politically correct" doctrine of this wannabee ruling subculture.

These Neo-Liberals claim to stand for the rights and freedoms of women, but they ignore unacceptable and even illegal cultural practices by fringe groups of Muslims instead of demanding they obey the same laws as all other people in our nations.

These Neo-Liberals claim to stand for the rights of Gays and the entire LGBT community, but do nothing while gays are beaten, persecuted, and jailed by extremists Muslim communities both here and abroad. Go on the Internet and look up "gay men executed with lawn mowers," and if you can find the footage, you'll see a group of men accused of homosexuality being buried up to their necks and having a lawnmower run over them as public execution in Saudi Arabia. That's right, not some Al Qaeda run backwater, our own, regional ally and major trading partner.

Come on so-named "Liberals" can't even raise enough spleen to criticize that?

What's become very apparent in recent months is that the Neo-Liberal stands for very little at all, other than an intrusive, coercive, armed, and bullying centralized government. The fact that this is illegal in America also bothers not the Neo-Liberal one little bit, because the Neo-Liberal believes all this accrued power will give their side the dictatorial abilities they desire to benefit themselves and screw anyone they don't like.

Stupid, little, Neo-Liberal; have you forgotten that no one group remains dominant in a nation's political discourse forever? The illegal powers you grant to an ever-more criminal central government now will not remain forever in your favor. I never thought I would see liberals giving some un-elected and unaccountable civil servant the blanket authority to enter homes with armed military squads of goons carrying automatic weapons, without warrant or probable cause, or see a so-named Liberal advocating the destruction of the Bill of Rights, to the point that free speech was a joke, something you "committed" in a cage set aside and surrounded by armed thugs, lest the politicians be offended. I never thought I'd see so-named liberals turning Wall Street criminals into the nation's largest group of welfare recipients, giving away trillions of dollars of the people's money while workers go broke and students are economically crushed.

I never thought I'd see so-named liberals adopt lying and smears as acceptable means to the ends of political one-upmanship, or their media lapdogging its' way for the scraps of propaganda doled out by the criminals in our public offices.

I never thought I'd see so-named liberals advocate for murder, torture, death squads, invasions and illegal wars, along with food as weapon and starvation as tactics that have literally killed hundreds of thousands. These are the hallmarks of the Stalinists and the Maoists and the Fascists of two generations ago, or some backwater, banana-republic dictator, not the advocates of human rights and dignity.

Lastly, I'd never thought I'd see so-named liberals advocating for two sets of laws in America, and a justice system that protects the criminals and punishes the poorest and least of our society, especially targeting African Americans, impoverished Whites, and immigrant communities with policing tactics taken from the war on terror, and implemented on foreign battlefields.

Todays "liberals" resemble nothing more than petty fascists. These Neo-Liberals, are almost indistinguishable from the Neo-Conservatives making up the so-called "right," in that they both support the same crimes against our people, our property, our freedoms, and human dignity, and BOTH support the same sets of double standards we began this column with.

Neo-Liberals are racist in practice, cowards in speaking out or taking action against some of the worst crimes against human dignity, and the bought and paid-for lackeys of big business masquerading as government.

Do you really think you'll get what you want that way? Your children, should they live, will curse your memory.

ABC News Attempts Apologetic for President Obama's Fraud, Admits Claim of Foreign Birth


Well, well, well...
ABC news is running a story from 2012 about the 1991 autobiographical blurb Barack Hussein Obama published in which the President claimed birth in the country of Kenya. Once again attempting to blame a literary agent for the "false report."

It's time for some truth on the matter...

One. These autobiographical blurbs are self-authored. No "literary agent" wrote this. I've had to write them for publishers myself--the AUTHOR PROVIDES THESE CLIPS for book jackets and promotional media.

Two. These claims were repeated by then candidate and later Senator Obama on a myriad of media sites and outlets; including public interviews on NPR and other major networks. Obama his self promoted his birth in Kenya so long as it was in his political interest to do so. NPR even had the audacity to attempt to redact the multiple reports on Obama they had aired since his run for the Senate, not just to "correct erroneous reporting," but to attempt to claim NPR had never published the story in the first place. In plain English, they attempted to erase the fact that they had reported his birthplace as Kenya by physically destroying the public record of their broadcasts.

If they hadn't been caught at it, they'd probably have gotten away with it, and then continued to claim that the allegations they had actually done such reports as lies promulgated by Obama's opposition.


The original "birther" was none other than candidate Barack Obama. The President spread the fanciful tales of his manufactured, personal history in order to win public office.

President Barack Obama is a liar, period; an impeachable offense among the many he has committed.

The spin-control media circus, bought and paid for by the White House, with one of the propaganda boiler rooms located ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL MANSION in Washington D.C. no less, used hundreds of paid, media commentators, and false-front, websites financed BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WITH TAXPAYER'S MONEY, to smear, attack, discredit, and lie through their teeth for four straight years.

This administration is no better than the so-called "right" represented by the G.O.P.

If our Justice System wasn't a criminal joke, Washington D.C. would be on lockdown by the Army like Boston was a couple weeks ago--and these high and mighty government trash would be in shackles, headed for Leavenworth for life.

But defending the Constitution and upholding the law isn't "law enforcement's" business anymore, protecting criminals and the status quo who run the show is.

Dr. Diedrik Stapel's Academic Fraud Indicts the Entire Ideology of the New Left

  • At the end of November, the universities unveiled their final report at a joint news conference: Stapel had committed fraud in at least 55 of his papers, as well as in 10 Ph.D. dissertations written by his students. The students were not culpable, even though their work was now tarnished. The field of psychology was indicted, too, with a finding that Stapel’s fraud went undetected for so long because of “a general culture of careless, selective and uncritical handling of research and data.” If Stapel was solely to blame for making stuff up, the report stated, his peers, journal editors and reviewers of the field’s top journals were to blame for letting him get away with it. The committees identified several practices as “sloppy science” — misuse of statistics, ignoring of data that do not conform to a desired hypothesis and the pursuit of a compelling story no matter how scientifically unsupported it may be.

    Brendan Cullinan Tim, is this real? If true, how is academia so easily duped?
  • Timothy Adams Read the article, the author does an excellent job of breaking down the logic behind Stapel's deceptions. Basically, one: Stapel never made a claim that APPEARED unreasonable, two, Stapel used arguments that fell in line with how anti-traditionalist, anti-nationalist, anti-Western activists, THOUGHT the results should be...In other words, white males would always be bigoted, racist, and backward, while minorities (whether racial or identity groups), were always progressive, multicultural, and modern.
  • Timothy Adams AND, it was ALL FRAUD.
  • Timothy Adams How did he get away with it? Well, since the established political and financial order WANT a unified government under the control of a few, unelected, elites (the supposed technocracy), and since Cultural Marxism, with it's critical theory and identity politics is the current majority opinion in most pseudo-aristocratic circles, the academic and intellectual watchdogs who were supposed to validate this guy's work prior to publication, or who should have critiqued it afterwards, never bothered. After all, they wanted what he said to be true: basic subjective fallacy bias in action. No different from the ideological drivel of the Stalinists of the 1960s in the USSR, or the Nazis of the 1930s.
  • Timothy Adams Meanwhile, anti-racists like Tim Wise, and multiculturalists like these "culture directors" in Europe, who want to forcibly change Western societies to fit their mold, quote this guy's work as validation for their beliefs.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mahalo to Everyone who Wrote, Messaged,E-mailed, or Called

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who contacted me, or I conversed with these past couple weeks. I would also like to thank the donors who placed funds in my paypal account online. I won't be using those, however, as I don't accept contributions.

Just to clarify for some of you, yes, I am living in Hawaii. No, I don't have anyone in the media I work with anymore, and yes, I was diagnosed with organ failure stemming from damage caused by poisoning. I was poisoned sometime in 2011 with a heavy metal of some sort, probably mercury. No the damage won't reverse itself, and no, I don't know what the prognosis long term will be.

Thanks again,

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Trillion-Dollar Man, on Crime and Punishment

Recent articles following the Boston bombing spree has labeled the Department of Homeland Security and the rest of the post-911 criminal, security-state a complete and unmitigated failure. This civil rights busting fiasco--with its' attendant wars for security ( a permanent state of war), has continued to devour both the economic and political resources of the United States for over a decade now, without once preventing any serious act of violence against the people.

That's because it's not about protecting the people.

The whole police-state, centralized threat of murder that every person in America and our offshore battlefield populations now live under, openly disregards the rule of law and instead exists to actively protect and prevent the punishment of a cadre of criminals who operate above the law and with guns pointed to the heads of every American.

The crooks are running the show, folks.

This unending and nation-killing expenditure is not to protect you and yours; it's to protect them and theirs, and always has been. The trillions of dollars it will take to fill the black hole that is our national treasury cannot, and will never be, paid. Having used worthless dollars, printed out of the air, to acquire a hosts of real property, resources, and hardware, the governing pseudo-aristocracy now readies to bankrupt what's left of the nation, and use their goon squads to ensure your compliance with their "law and order."

Of course, LAW has nothing to do with their idea of "order." Those armed thugs standing guard over the Federal Reserve are to ensure that law and order never get anywhere close to either end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Debt is only useful for the big guys when it can be used to disenfranchise, rob, and enslave the little guys. The big guys not only don't pay debts (biggest welfare recipients in history), but they use the rigged system of governance to ensure you are forced, quite literally at gunpoint and under threat of death or gulag, to endure a system of "responsibility" none of them ever face.

Meanwhile on all sides of the political and social spectrum, winning continues to be far more important than truthfulness, and the losers are the continually manipulated and misinformed public at large.

This past week, to paraphrase the article, Pravada called Americans too stupid and misinformed to govern themselves, international laughingstocks, and they're probably far more correct than not.

Comedian Bill Maher took to the mediasphere, saying that he's concerned America was becoming a police state.

Some other media talking heads revealed that they and their Hollywood and NYC media buddies refuse to report of real Islamic violence, racism, and intolerance, all the while attacking Christianity and other faiths for offenses real or imagined, because [quote] we're afraid of getting blown up [quote].

It may well be time for Christians and other Americans to take up active defense of their families, homes, and communities as vigorously as the Muslims do.  Quite frankly, what has dialogue, civility, and compromise ever gotten us from these trash?

Dueling is no longer legal, if it were I doubt these craven, cowardly, insulting, yammerers would ever open their snide mouths again; less someone put a blade or bullet through it.

It seems Maher and others are finally getting the idea that Washington's big guns ain't gonna let their quisling butts sit back while the rest of the slaves are put on the trains. Well guess what Bill, you and your friends can take comfort in the fact that the only reason your family's not in the camps right now is that over 100 million of us stupid yokels are in fact armed to the teeth.

It must hurt to realize your buddy Obama would march you into a gas chamber just like all those "ignorant hillbillies" you're so much more evolved than.

Like any other quisling, after the revolution is over, you're fate is exactly that. As literature from the old, communist takeover of Poland put it: "You betrayed your own people, why should we trust you?"

There is no US in U.S.A. Bill, and no apologies either.

Citizen Ivan Ivanovich, please step forward....

Penn Teller, of Libertarian, Atheistic, and Performing fame, lashed out at President Obama for continuing to criminalize Americans, particularly young, black, male, Americans, while openly admitting to having committed multiple felony drug violations in his own personal life.

Isn't someone who admits to committing a felony a felon? Oh, I see, it's only a crime if you're CAUGHT.

So crime has nothing to do with character, behavior, or actions; only a legalistic definition issued by the state.

This gets back to the continuing segregation in America, between those whose crimes are punished, and those whose openly committed criminal acts are given free pass.

On this one failure alone, could be argued the dissolution of the American state. A nation which has two sets of laws, one for the wealthy and privileged, and one for the rest of the citizenry, is unfit to survive; It is a criminal state that lacks both credibility and legitimacy.

There is no US in U.S.A.

As the well-known SCOTUS ruling put it; separate but equal is not equal. If the law does not apply to all citizens equally, there is no law.

A rigged justice system, along with similarly manipulative systems of production, finance, and governance, is a system that can demand absolutely no loyalty at all. Those at the top who benefit from its continuation, will eventually find themselves being brought to account at the point of the spear.

No one will cry any tears for them either.

Speaking of unpunished felons and protected criminals, convicted and indicted in two separate courts, former President Bush Jr. and former Vice President Cheney were seen in daylight recently, as the Bush memorial library was opened in Texas.

Why does America, a country that hunts down foreign rulers in conflicts we have no business in for war crimes, and ships them off to the "justice" at the Hague, have these two war criminals, along with many others, like former Nazi collaborator George Soros, a man who murdered Jews in WWII, running free about the country, if we're so all fired up and concerned about "law and order?"

Congress is unlikely to ever take up war crimes against an American politician, as they might be found culpable themselves, (here's a big hint: THEY'RE JUST AS GUILTY).

So the question I'll leave you with this time is: If anyone caught doing what Barack Obama has admitted to doing would be banned from holding public office in America, why hasn't he been impeached and removed for his own, admitted, criminal conduct?

Is it the conduct that makes one unfit to wield public rights and privileges, or is it merely luck of the draw?

And also I think that Carthage should be destroyed.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When Police Action is NOT a Violation of Human Rights

Along with the conspiracy theories about Newtown, CT, and Waco, TX, comes the cries of foul play from the normally much better media outlets of the pro-liberty fraternity over the recent "lock-down" and manhunt in Boston, Mass.

Viral videos of folks being taken out of their homes as squads of armed police move through cordoned-off areas are making the rounds as "proof" of police-state tactics by government.

As anyone who reads me knows, I am no fan of big government, but I must remain honest and call a fraud a fraud. There was nothing abusive about the house to house search in Boston.

Perhaps we are too far removed in time to remember that earlier generation of criminals who first brought "terror" to America, the organized crime gangs and mobile robbery gangs of pre-war America. These criminals ranged from individuals and small groups like Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde, to mobile gangs like the Barkers, to organized syndicates like Capone and company. These criminals brought the use of recent (WWI), technological advances adapted for military firepower, like BARs, tommy-guns, grenades, motor vehicles, and the use of dynamite, into the escalating violence of their criminal enterprises.

These guys were stopped, as we say in the military, by proper application of superior force.

A house to house search by police in a closed-off residential area isn't pretty to see. It is threatening, it is scary, it is coercive...

And under the circumstances, it was a reasonable reaction by the authorities, and it was also, successful.

If not for the house to house search in Boston, the surviving suspect might well have escaped through the police lines and still be at large. He might well have been able to reach help from others involved with or sympathetic to his cause. He might well have been able to keep killing folks for a few more days, adding to the body count.

While none of us liked having the Boston police and other law enforcement on the streets in combat gear, going house to house and pulling citizens from their homes like criminal threats, it was not an unreasonable action. If the suspect had managed to enter a private home, perhaps holding a family hostage at gunpoint, I'm sure they would have appreciated the arrival of the police.

And that very likelihood was why there was such a search in the first place.

Not every act of force is bad. The kneejerk reaction by some folks on the Liberty side of things shows an immaturity I find disappointing.

No one was hurt, no one's property was taken, the bad guys were caught, the innocent were protected.
Good work Boston P.D.

In the Week of Weird Continues...

So, did he or didn't he?

That question goes for all the major stories making rounds across the nation recently, as both our government and our news media sink ever deeper into well-discredited irrelevance.

Boston. Did our bomber have "religious" motives? Was he radicalized by extremists? If one were to judge from his behavior of going off to a party after the bombing and behaving like a typical college kid, not so likely. Sorry anti-Islamic pundits, like Coulter, who called for a ban on all Islamic emigration, but this case doesn't seem to fit your arguments very well.

Boston, uno mas. On the wacko liberal, fascist front, the anti-2nd amendment crowd, still trying to staunch the bleeding from their beating at the Capitol last week, are attempting to equate the Boston terror case with the attack by a lone-gunman in Newtown, Conn.

Why? Well because it gives them yet another attack on guns.

There is almost none of the social contract of America left at this point. Since you don't like the deal that permits America to exist, I suggest you move elsewhere.

Continuing in the wannabee, Nazi, despot department of folks who seem to think they have the authority to tell other free men and women what to do that they have no legal possession of: Bloomberg, that NYC mayor who'd been doing so well lately by not shooting off his mouth like a crazed member of the NSF, commented that the Constitution needs "reinterpreted."

We agree Mayor, treason spouting criminals need to be beaten with crowbars in the public square til dismembered. Their families should be declared "associates of known enemies who benefit from crimes against the people," and publicly burned.

Last time I checked, a city mayor has no authority outside of their own municipality, has no authority to engage in national legislation or interstate or international affairs, and doesn't give orders to citizens of other states; free, independent and sovereign, states, you smuck.

NYC, a place that produces almost nothing, requires vast amounts of raw materials, food, water, and energy from other communities to survive, and dumps its filth and waste on its neighbors.

BTW lovely videos this week of riots and gang fights at high schools in Manhattan are viral all over the Web, perhaps a community that has to have armed police inside their own schools for the purpose of crime control needs to shut the f88k up about telling the rest of us what to do.

Last time I checked, slavery was abolished in 1865 in America, that means you don't order me to do a damn thing. Your survival is not my concern and no, there is no "us" in U.S.A.

As these American cesspits known as "metropolitan areas" continue to implode and die around the country, expect to see a lot more demagoguery and "demands" made by these duly-elected scum, who seemed to think the rest of us are somehow obligated to prevent their demise.

I have to wonder why communities outside of NY still send resources and energy to the NYC area at all? Let those "in charge" of America's Cesspit provide for themselves; and let them pay market rates to do so, instead of undercutting our wages and standards of living to keep the lights on in Nazi City.

In Texas, the conspiracy buffs have started on the plant explosion there as well. This is a symptom, not the disease. That a factory producing explosive chemicals had an accident and exploded does not require a government-launched cruise missile to occur.

But again, it illustrates that Government, with the big "G," has no credibility, and like the boy who cried wolf too often, now faces an entire cross-section of the populace who immediately suspect any event and any report at all.

Speaking of the latter. The suspect from the recent ricin-letters attacks was released on bond (or not on bond, the media can't get its story straight), and everyone is asking if law enforcement was mislead or accidently  fingered the wrong suspect. Following this story was a report of yet another ricin-letter sent to a military base.

As I've written recently, homemade ricin is a waste of time for a mailbomb terrorist. It is difficult to produce ricin with the purity required to be lethal when involuntarily inhaled. Even when fed homemade ricin, test animals survived at about a fifty percent rate. Knowing that mail sent to government and military offices are handled off-location and routinely radiated, x-rayed, and chemically tested, any would be killer worth their salt would move on to a more likely method of dispersal. Even if such a letter got through, the attacker would have a less than 1 in 4 chance of actually killing anyone.

Watch and see if the media and government goons still don't try and spin this as yet another excuse to illegally disarm Americans, because gun control is the answer to everything.

At least when the goal is a helpless and cowed public who obeys the government's blackshirted thugs holding automatic rifles to their heads, it is.

Which brings us to our last item. This week Pravada R.U., the official media organ of the Russian government, announced that not only is President Obama a Communist, but that the Communist agenda has won in America. America is now an openly Marxist state, with a public too illiterate and ignorant to self-govern, an out-of-control police state, and a financial system run by criminal private interests for their own benefit. Our schools are a conformist joke, spoon feeding propaganda as instruction and our legal system protects the criminals of the administrative/political/financial class, and attacks private citizens without restraint.

Sounds about right to me.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Is Really Going On?

Hard on the heels of the capture of one of the Boston bombing suspects comes the inevitable flurry of claims and conspiracy theories that have plagued this case since it began.

We'll see what floats to the surface of the swamp this next week. Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

On Poisons and Pressure Cookers

The big wheel o' spin just keeps moving in the purgatorial sewers of MSM and their Public Affairs Specialists.

Now we are to beware middle aged men armed with their mother's pressure cookers.

The "deadly" pressure cookers used to make at least a couple of the devices in the Boston attack were no more effective than any other form of sturdy metal casing, and in fact, unless welded, would be substantially less effective at containing the explosive oxidizers from the chemical charge than the traditional threaded pipes that give "pipe bombs" their name.

What we can tell from the available media records and reports so far, is that the devices appear to be fairly simply constructed from home mixed batches of chemicals and remote denoted with simple triggers like cellphones or delay timers. For example, the clouds of brightly burning, white smoke in the video of the first explosion would indicate a chemical mixture high in oxidizing agents, more like a propellant than a military type explosive, a pretty good indicator of home construction.

Not to say this rendered the device any less effective for the crowds of innocents caught up in the crime, but an advanced military style explosive would have probably given us casualty lists more like those of bombings in the war zones of the Middle East, where second-hand military shells and explosives are readily available to far more deadly results.

As for the Ricin laced letters intercepted by the authorities before they could reach their intended victims, and the rather ancient fellow who is now in custody who apparently sent them, I would like to place your fears at rest. Some have questioned how this elderly would-be assassin managed to get this toxin, and how much of a danger Ricin actually poses? Well, Ricin is the rather mundane leftovers from the production of certain types of plant oils--not unlike the manufacturing of the Wesson oil folks cook with everyday. This substance,  when purified, is highly poisonous, but unless manufactured by a competent chemist with the proper equipment, the resulting product is far less lethal than imagined.

While there is no antidote or cure for Ricin poisoning, experiments carried out with "homemade" Ricin that were published in the late 1970s indicated that animals feed large doses of the substance had about a fifty percent survival rate--these were large doses of impure, crudely produced, Ricin added directly to animal feed and ingested by the test animals directly, not inhaled nor administered by injection (as were the Soviet Ricin Assassinations in Europe in the 1980s). So while injecting pharmaceutical-grade Ricin is almost surely lethal in micro-dosages, accidentally inhaling some bootlegged Ricin dust is not liable to do much of anything.

Ricin, by the way, has been well-known in popular Western culture since the post-WWII era, when it was popularized in fiction literature by none other than Agatha Christie as a method for offing ones' unruly spouse via the "arsenic and old lace" bit in her novels. Christie even had a stash of Ricin in her "poison garden" a collection of toxic plants and fungi she kept as something of a hobby. Note: no one died accidentally that we know of the entire time she had the blasted stuff.

I suppose the next thing our leaders will call for is to make bombs, dangerous explosives, and producing lethal poisons illegal.

Oh wait, they already are.

BTW, the new round of unconstitutional gun controls just died in the Senate, because making guns illegal will stop their use just about as effectively as the laws prohibiting all of the above prevented the crimes committed this week across America.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More from the World of the Weird that is Our Police State

Yesterday I received a phone call; coming hard on the heels of the news of the bombings in Boston, I was surprised to see a phone number for some folks I don't speak with. To say we're estranged would be putting far too nice a phrasing to the situation, so why the call, I wondered?

Well, as it turned out, it was because some federales had shown up at their door, asking questions about me.

Yes, dear reader. Despite our living 3K miles apart, and not having spoken with this guy for the better part of two years now, some federal agents decided to go poking around him, his wife, their pre-school aged daughter, and their 76 year old grandma who lives with them due to her failing health.

Why? You might ask dear reader, would the forces of Halliburton, oops! I mean the Federal Government (trademarked) Dick Cheney 2004,  be bothering someone I haven't even seen since before I returned to Hawaii last Spring?

A good question; and with the MSM like CNN all aflutter with attempting to blame angry white males for the attacks in Boston, one that should have to be answered publicly.

But it's not racism if white males are involved.

Looks like the MSM better get lucky and hope that the ever diligent law enforcers manage to dig up a Timothy McVey somewhere to blame this mess on, otherwise all that racist slander and anti-gun owner rhetoric might leave someone's network with a big problem.

One might also ask why the United States Government is physically following me around the country, entering mine and my colleagues homes, monitoring our communications, and harassing old people? They've only been doing it for three years now, at your expense.

Guess they should've been more interested in security in Boston instead.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

While we're waiting on Boston...

The multiple bombings at the Boston Marathon have reportedly killed up to a dozen people and wounded between 100 and 150 others. The attack evidently included up to four other devices which were disarmed, and an attack on a public library. Reports have arrests being made in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and talk of Saudi nationals being involved.

All we can say for now is that we don't know who is responsible, and the public may never find out. Be assured, the government will only give you whatever narrative they want you to accept. CNN jumped out and attempted to tie "right wingers" and the current illegal attempts to violate the 2nd amendment to the crimes before the bleeding have even stopped. Guess you can make wild accusations about whites in America, imagine the consequences if they had attempted to blame the NBPP or some other, non-white group.

CNN, apology will not be accepted.

This week, an old column about me, written by Dr. Jerome Corsi, appeared on the internet news portal Daily Kenn, and simultaneously, this caused the column to reappear atop the most popular list at WND.
Just so everyone knows, I am banned from WND and have no affiliation with the site, nor its writers. WND banned me last year, when I refused to support Mitt Romney's GOPer campaign, and called for a criminal investigation into the multiple crimes surrounding the GOP caucuses and nomination race.

Voter fraud, election fraud, vote dumping, illegal procedures, failure to report voting, false media reporting, media bias and rigged debates, false reporting of state wins to non-winning candidates and much more. The GOP nomination of Mitt Romney was treason against the people of the United States. It was a blatantly criminal process, with multiple civil and criminal violations of both state and federal law, and electoral procedure and process.

No one cried when the Karl Rovians and the Rockefeller Nazis lost. These filth should be in the dock today, facing life in prison and confiscation of their property, instead of trying to regain spots on FoxNews.

For whatever reason my name has been brought up by these trash, I couldn't tell you. Just be on notice I am not affiliated with these creeps, I do not endorse these trash, and I am still calling for the criminal prosecution of all of the GOP filth.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where's the Real Sexual Abuse of our Children Occurring?

Not a week goes by without the MSM attempting to get the Roman Catholic Church mentioned anytime there's a report of sexual abuse of a minor by some criminal, church related or no. Recently, in a discussion with my bible study group, I was given a heads up on where to find the currently accepted, statistical breakdown on sexual abuse of minors in the United States. The facts are not quite what the MSM, nor the anti-Catholic media would have you believe:

According to current law enforcement reports, sexual abuse by Roman Catholic Clergy and related parishioners against children occur at a rate of between two and two-and-a-half percent of the population, (2.5%). 

By comparison, non Roman-Catholic/Orthodox clergy/parishioners from Protestant/Evangelical ministries have an occurrence of sexual abuse of minors at a rate of five to eight percent, (5.0-8.0%) depending on definition and category. A rate between more than double and four times higher than that of Roman Catholics and Orthodox clergy.

Now, let's consider what the mainstream public says about Christianity and sexual abuse in America and how those opinions make up an accepted narrative that religious abuse children far more often than secular society does; or do they?

The current rate of sexual abuse for American children in everyday life is one in four for girls, or twenty-five percent before reaching the age of 18. Add in the approximately ten percent of all boys who will be raped or otherwise sexually abused, and the overall rate of child sexual abuse in American Society tops out at around 1 in 5 children between the ages of infancy and majority, or twenty percent of American Children overall.

Twenty percent (20%), the rate at which all these religious detractors sexually abuse children is eight to ten times the rate of abuse by Roman Catholic Clergy and Church Members; or, 20 out of every 100 children being victimized in secular society, versus 2 or 3 out of every 100 children being victimized in the Catholic community.

Where are your children safer? With people who carry out the gospel message on earth, or with your "evolved" progressive buddies?

From now on, whenever some wisemouthed, media flapjack starts mentioning Roman Catholics, it's time to start mentioning how well American society outside the church is doing.

WND's religious heresies and Neocon agendas continue unabated.

It's sad.

In an age when religious faith and traditions are so often attacked and ridiculed, you would think that those who advocate for religious communities would attempt to answer their critics in popular media with an apologetics grounded in the best traditions of thought and rhetoric.

Then, there's WND.

WND's Neocon political agenda requires that world events and American militarism be conscripted to fit the message of the day; including their strange, nominally evangelical, religious proclamations. This leads to such all-time winners as "Mitt Romney's Name Discovered in Hebraic Biblical Code," or "A New Jewish Temple to be Built in Jerusalem before Christ's Return." It was heresies like these that helped Barack Obama to his solid victory over the GOP in last years' national contests.

Just for the record, the Bible states that anyone who prophesies in God's name, and that event doesn't come to pass (Romney's Election), is a FALSE PROPHET and a LIAR.

WND's editor Mr. Farah, uses the ole' "it's not ME, it's the guy who wrote the article" defense, ignoring the very real facts that it was WND's desire to push that political agenda that led to said articles being approved and published in the first place. Promoting heresy and false doctrines (like numerology), is still apostasy, Mr. Farah, and demonstrates mightily how much contempt you have for real Christians and the Christian faith.

We could spend  an entire series on the Hal Lindsey styled, apocalyptic, fantasies that pass muster as eschatology at the WND church of the murdering war criminals, but it is sufficient for our purposes to merely point out that the "end-times doctrine" promoted at WND has no basis in any Christian religious texts, has no basis in historical accounts of church leaders, nor their beliefs, and did not exist until the latter half of the 19th century. The contemporary versions of these apocalypse teachings have been massively altered from their originally promulgated forms in the 1870s. In fact, these teachings (Lindsey being a great example), have been rapidly and constantly altered since the 1970s and 80s. When Lindsey wrote an entire series of books, and built a huge ministry in both print and media, only to have to admit in later years that his doctrines [quote]  "Seemed so correct at the time." At least Hal had the decency to remain honest, something WND's leadership has repeatedly and shamelessly proven otherwise.

Continuing this tradition, WND is currently promoting supposed video of gold-plated, Egyptian chariot wheels on the bottom of the Red Sea (proof of the Israelite account in Exodus!), and a series of videos telling us that the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is not the site of Solomon's, or Zerubbabel's, nor Herod's Temples, but that yet another Jewish Temple MUST be built "to the north" of the current Muslim site, before Christ can triumphantly return. A doctrine which flies directly in the face of the teachings of both Jesus, and the Apostles and Christian leaders through the centuries, and one that has no biblical basis.

In keeping with this modernist, heretical doctrine, WND equates the modern, Israeli state with the ancient Jewish tribes descended from Abraham in the levant, a notion that genetic research has easily dispelled, for according to such doctrine, intermarriage or assimilation with non-Jews renders one's descendants ritually unclean and leads to their excommunication. This discrepancy bothers the Neocons at WND not one whit, so instead of dealing with the realities of supporting Israel and the geo-political mess of the Middle East, WND inserts a big-ole-dose of magical thinking, and expects God to honor their desired doctrines.

Wonder why this has never worked out then? Maybe because the Moody Bible Institute's classic dispensationalism is not gospel nor divine writ, no matter how many bibles they printed from the 1920s to the 1950s with inserts describing the then current versions of their doctrines (which, by the way, have again since been altered).

Didn't know God's divine proclamations needed updating to remain plausible. Hal Lindsey claimed the Soviet Union would attack Israel, too bad for him the USSR no longer exists.

Despite all of WND's supposed love for and defense of the faith, they hold, like so many radical evangelicals, a place of open hatred for the actual founding churches of the Christian faith and their peoples. No Orthodox, Coptic, Assyrian, Chaldean, or Roman Catholicism, you know, the autoencephalus churches (founded by Apostolic ministry), have any place in the gimmickry of their marketplace Christianity.

Case in point, WND recently promoted yet again another series of "prophecies" (guess they missed that teaching on witchcraft), claiming that the FINAL POPE has now been installed in Rome, and that the Roman Church is the "whore of Babylon" the apostate church of the anti-Christ. In keeping with their doctrine of orthodoxy as satanic counterfeit, WND now promotes the following:

PETRUS ROMANUS, PROJECT L.U.C.I.F.E.R., AND THE VATICAN'S ASTONISHING PLAN                                                                                           FOR THE ARRIVAL OF AN ALIEN SAVIOR.

By Chris Putnam and Thomas Horn.

According to the promotional information, the Vatican is secretly waiting for the little green men in flying saucers to appear, so they can release the big secret (or satanic deception), upon us that these beings from outer space (or actually demonic entities returning to earth), will be heralded as the returning messiah. Which will either be good, or bad, depending on which take you have on the whole event.

And they wonder why they aren't taken seriously about real-world events?

Just so you know, Mr. Farah, these kinds of publications are both offensive and disgusting. I would place crap like this right alongside "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion."

But then, you never cared about standards did you?

Perhaps you can enlighten us one day on where in scripture you find license for the decade-long murderous rampages we designate the War on Terror? Or how you can rail against civil abuses and crimes of state against Americans at home and ignore them abroad? Or how you can scream for the nuclear destruction of "enemy states" while ignoring the rights of states to their borders, resources, and rights of defense?

But as your "Christianity" demonstrates, you have no problem with hypocrisy.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The I.R.S., the Universities, and the Coming Bitch Slap

It's long overdue...

In February, IRS press releases about coming changes due to National Healthcare and the pay structure of many universities and colleges passed by largely unnoticed by most folks, but I'm sure that they immediately caught the eye of many administrations on campuses across the country. Well, it seems that at long last the treatment and pay of adjunct faculty and lecturers is coming under federal scrutiny, and that sound you hear is the tightening of buttocks in those black leather, executive chairs nationwide.

These organisations have robbed workers and violated labor laws with impunity for far too long, and now is the perfect time to let the IRS and Federal Government know about these abuses.

Write the IRS, write your members of Congress, tell them how you've been treated and demand that these state-paid criminals be held accountable.

The litany of abuses by these folks is long and disgusting, and now's the time to demand appropriate legislation to redress these abuses, while those with the prosecutorial authority and resources are interested.

As for the criminals? Well, let's just hope this is the start of these good-ole-boys getting what they so richly deserve. It is time for a new labor movement in America, and the settling up of some long overdue debts.  A few of these administration types being hauled off to federal lockup in handcuffs and the public shaming of these institutions is a good place to start.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obama-White house scraps-Jewish-heritage-month

Well, well, well.

I seem to remember how any and all critics of  President B.H.Obama were most viciously smeared in the year leading up to his election, and in the years following. I remember specifically, that charges of neo-Nazism, fascism, racism and others, were hurled at anyone who dared to question his miserable personal history, his fanciful ghost-written autobiography, or the Democratic Party's official accounts of his life and persona. People were smeared, fired, blackballed, harassed, threatened, assaulted, robbed, and otherwise abused by various Obama supporters. They also suffered various police and state investigations, arson, bombings, and state-funded and organized media campaigns, some of the most ideologically fascist and criminally libelous, coming from organized Jewish and Israeli-sources.

How's that working out for you?

As the left finds out, more and more everyday; President Obama isn't a liberal, nor a progressive. Obama is just another in a long-line of corporate, globalist, fascists, a group that intends to replace democratic governance in the western world with nothing less than a corrupt, money-run, fascist state. In practice, this capital-run, rigged system of finance, government, and production, is virtually indistinguishable from its Nazi predecessor of seventy years ago. Semantics (and Semitics), aside, the end results for groups who thought they were part of this "progressive" movement, are now realizing they were the brownshirt thugs, useful for the moment when the party needed their muscle, and now being discarded as power is being rapidly consolidated into the hands of the few at the top.

From ecologists, to liberal progressives, to former political and religious allies, this sabotage by the man they thought "THEY" put into power has been repeatedly made evident of late, by the slew of comments in the media. Whether its African-American leaders dumbfounded at the sellout of Detroit  Atlanta, or Birmingham, or Conservationists and Farmers, who continue to be handed over to the corporate juggernaut of monopolized food production in the United States, or groups like Jews and Palestinians, all are coming to the very clear realization, that Barack Obama has only one group's interest at heart, and the peoples of the United States, Europe, or the Levant, ain't included.

Meanwhile, the progressive movement in America, both Jewish and Gentile, has spent the last several years doing nothing more than attacking white Americans at every turn. It didn't matter that none of us were ever involved in the many historical offenses against non-whites, nor Blacks, nor Jews. We were white, that meant as a race and culture,despite England and America being the forces that defeated slavery in the west, despite the fact that western countries destroyed Nazism at an unprecedented cost of lives and treasure, despite the fact that western countries created and implemented the modern worlds' standards for equality and redress among all peoples in its borders--surpassing the accomplishments of any other culture on earth, EVER. We were somehow culpable for these crimes and were to be marginalized and punished for them.

If we questioned the current party's  line or intentions, we were racists to be destroyed and nothing more.

And as the current German hate-speech law so aptly phrases it: "Truth is no defense."

So, the only real allies Jews have had for the last century have been reduced to objects of abuse and political impotence.

How's that working out for you?

There is no demographic more supportive of Israel or Jewry than middle-class, white, America. They support two of the largest political action committees in the nation: AIPAC and CUFI. They overwhelmingly support Israel in military intervention and defense. They overwhelmingly defend Jews against slander and violence. They overwhelmingly support the expansion of Jewish territory and security in the Middle-East.

So why did the progressive--and especially the Jewish-progressive, left decide to throw in with Obama? Obama was an unknown, not just in political stature, but in person. His manufactured and well-polished public persona may have looked good on the sixty-second soundbite, but  had nothing of substance. Nevertheless, under the mantra (and mantras are great for hypnosis), of CHANGE!, the American and European Jewish interests threw themselves into supporting him, counting, as most Americans did too, that at least some of his promises would come to fruition.

Six years later, an all but complete bust.

So now with his agenda firmly in place, and his opposition deliberately dismantled; we the people can at last see what Obama looks like behind his many masks, and surprise! It's not the 666 of the anti-christ tattooed over his forehead, by the Monsanto advertisement splashed across his suit jacket in 8" high, green, neon that gives him away.

If Dr. M.L. King said we should judge folks by the content of their character, well, Obama's character, as well as those of his fellows, is now in full public view.

As for those loyalists who expended so much effort and violence to prop up this monstrosity in Washington? Don't worry, the night of the long knives is upon you. It will be quick.

What? You thought you'd be rewarded for your struggles? Too bad you weren't struggling for those causes you felt so dear for, you were merely advancing the corporate takeover all along.

Prepare for your downsizing.

Friday, April 5, 2013

America No More, or Why "Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps" Ain't Happening

We were discussing Arthur Miller the other day. Miller was born into the pre-income tax world of the Manhattan elite, a world where his family lived with servants and summer homes on the coast; a world that vanished overnight in the crash of 1929.

Miller's family became so impoverished, Arthur had to sell bread on the sidewalks while walking to school each day to earn a few pennies, (and they had no school feeding programs in those days, so the 14 years-old Miller could sell food and still go hungry himself the rest of the day).

Three decades ago, when I graduated high school at the age of 16, I worked a typical set of jobs for minimal pay, drove my car the many miles I needed to commute to work in my rural community, and paid for either cheap apartment, sublet, or rooming house on my scrape-by wages until I joined the army on active duty at 17. Often my work consisted of night shifts, small retailing like gas stations, or working construction, millwork, or cutting meat or kitchen work. Most of it was extremely dirty, loud, dangerous, or stoop labor.

Today neither I nor Mr. Miller would be able to make ends meet in America. Anyone attempting to sell items on the street in NYC without the plethora of permits and licenses--and all the necessary paper hats and plastic gloves--would find themselves in the bowels of the criminal justice system, firmly entangled in a never-ending slew of fees, fines, programs, and courts.

No sixteen-year-old today could ever pay for their state-mandated car insurance on the wages of any full-time, minimum wage job, let along pay for rent, gas, or necessities on top of all the other expenses. Strange isn't it? How auto insurance rates increased over 500% in the years since government passed legislation making it a criminal offense not to have it? As I recall, the law was supposed to lower costs due to everyone paying their share of the burden, instead, having the loaded gun of state authority pointed at consumer's heads, insurance companies have no incentive to do anything but profit.

No sixteen-year-old today could work full-time without a state permit, nor could they sign contracts for renting an apartment, purchasing aforementioned insurance, buying said car, or work at jobs like milling, meat cutting, or in a overnight gas station (all illegal now), oh, and I frequently sold cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol, none of which a sixteen-year-old can do now.

Well, so what? You reply. A young person can still wait tables or something right? Wrong. My own friend's seventeen-year-old (high school graduate, attending college), was unable to work more than four hours a day at a local eatery, why? Labor laws forbidding "minors" to work more than a certain number of hours during a "school week". The fact that he wasn't a high school student didn't matter. Also, despite being in college, he was forbidden to do kitchen work, cutting meats or working around cooking equipment being too dangerous BY LAW, so he could only run a cash register, clean up, and serve tables...but only for three hours or so a day.

I hear complaints about a welfare society, but no one complains about the legal barriers placed against people pursuing their own work. Ordinances forbid families from operating home businesses, but cities and towns are watching as housing developments become ghost towns and zombie houses rot on their foundations. Business interests erect barriers to prevent competitors, yet bleed revenue because without income, no ones buying. Employers need workers, but can't pay to have someone work a third of a shift a day, who comes with the baggage of possible state legal action if they break some arcane regulation. Young adults particularly, are barred from meaningful employment, because "they're supposed to be" living some All-American Fantasy School Life that doesn't exist, where stay-at-home mommy and gainfully-employed, single job daddy are waiting at home at five for them to return from baseball practice after school.

The reality of the situation's a little more grim than that.
And freedom? When did you ever think you were supposedly free?

The new debtor's prisons and the "they deserve it" crowd: a reality-based response.

People are not just being jailed for failing to pay court fines or tickets. A private creditor can get a judgement against a debtor in court, when the debtor cannot pay (or, as in many cases, the court is in some distant state where the creditor's company is located, and the debtor is not even aware of the court action), the court then issues a warrant for non-payment of judgement and the debtor finds themselves picked-up without any knowledge of an offense ever being committed.

On the the other hand, here's how the current "court fine" scam works, that you wannabee law and order types are all so up in arms about...a destitute person is sleeping on the sidewalk downtown. The cops, armed with an ordinance passed by the state or city, cites said destitute person (first time). Destitute person has no money, is forced to move on. Cops find said destitute person on roadside in another part of town, cites said person again (2nd time). This time, police confiscate all the homeless person's private property, using cutting it up with box cutters while throwing it into plastic garbage bags, destroying tents, tarps, boxes, backpacks, books, water jugs, blankets, sheets, pillows, or anything else they still happen to own; leaving the person not only on the street, but lacking even the few possessions they had left, and all within the "due process" that just occurred.

So, now lacking even their personal possessions, said destitute is found a few days latter, sitting aimlessly around a tree in a run-down public park next to the worst area of the city. Police cite said person again under some anti-homeless ordinance or another (3rd time), in less than a month. Around that time, the homeless person's first court appearance comes due. When they get to court, they find that they are now liable for all three citations, court costs, and processing fees: $300.00 being the minimum fine rate in the city--because smaller fines don't cover the costs of processing them--for a grand total of 300x3=900+185.00 in court fees=1085+50.00 per citation= a grand total of $1,235.00.

BTW, your highly touted "welfare" they might be getting? 185.00 bucks a month. All of which was lost when the police cut up and trashed our destitute citizen's property, including their toothbrush, comb, shaving cream, and deodorant.

So, unable to pay the fine, the person is now not only jailed for up to six months, they are also placed on probation or some similar program, and must complete that after leaving jail or be returned to jail for up to a full calendar year. Meanwhile jail is not free, and a portion of the costs are passed on to the NOW inmate, at a cost of 40 dollars a day. This is also a state "fine" which cannot be discharged, except by the presiding court.

So, let's summarize: after completing six months in jail (actually only three because there's no room in the jail), the destitute person finds themselves in debt to the criminal justice system for well over 5K dollars. Please tell me, what crime they ever committed? Oh yeah, the created offense that some city or state legislature came up with to "combat homelessness."

I wonder why the self-righteous have no worries about criminalizing being poor while the worst depression in modern American history grinds into its tenth year, showing no signs of anything but getting worse.