Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It"s A Strange, Little, World; Ain't It?

Perpetual Arizona Senate Paperweight, John McCain publicly stated that he'd have a hard time choosing to vote for Rand Paul for United States President in 2016 if Mrs. Hillary (My Husband's a War Criminal), ran as the Democratic opponent.

Someone should adjust the Maverick's Alzheimer's medication and remind him he is supposedly a member of the GOP. 

Of course, those of us with a memory longer than six minutes remember Senator McCain is actually a member of Bank of America. A statist criminal who should be spending his golden years in a government-run, retirement facility known as Leavenworth Prison. 

Hopefully, one day, we'll see McCain and company in the dock at the Hague, staring at the short end of a noose with the rest of the Nazis. 

Further enlightening us on the state of the American Police State, reports are out confirming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has falsified physical evidence in hundreds of criminal cases, linking accused to crimes even though the physical evidence was unable to do so. To quote "The Week" : "such matches could not be used as positive identification, but FBI [expert] witnesses on the stand continued to testify that hair analysis amounted to nearly conclusive proof." 

21,700 criminal cases must now be examined, with 27 death penalty cases and an additional 93 criminal cases suspected of being rigged convictions so far.

And they've just started. 

The United States Military Justice System has been called out for manufacturing false documentation and faked reporting of events in courts martial. Evidently an unknown number of American service personnel have been found guilty by convenience. In that it was convenient to manufacture false evidence and create a record of events that would fit the narrative of their guilt by their chains of commands. 

In other court-related events, Mr. Adam Kokesh, a veteran and avowed pro-liberty activist, has made his first appearance in Federal Court, charged with carrying and loading a shotgun while in Liberty Plaza in Washington D.C. 

Mr. Kokesh's defense is that the Constitution, being the supreme law of the land, cannot be invalidated by government ordinance which would violate the charter by which the state exists. 

Mr. Kokesh also faces additional charges on possession of psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana charges. 

While Mr. Kokesh has certainly been an outspoken advocate for constitutional rights, I don't think that one should attempt to uphold the rights of gun ownership and self-defense, while simultaneously using and possessing drugs which can make such ownership and exercise dangerous to both his self and others. 

Still we hope for the best for Mr. Kokesh, understanding that his attempts to limit government intrusion into our lives and homes is beneficial for all Americans, and that governmental power must remain limited by the barriers placed upon its exercise by law. 

The once-great city of Detroit, Michigan is proceeding with bankruptcy under the guidance of a city management team, while opposing social and political camps each point fingers of blame at the other. 
Some have even tried to blame the former residents of the Motor City for not "sticking it out." Detroit's population has shrunk to approximately 700K residents, a loss of over 1.1 million persons, to blame these folks for leaving an area that cannot provide work, safety, nor services is laughable, were it not so disgusting. 

Americans are free people. They have the right to vote with their feet when a government becomes so outrageous, corrupt, and useless as to destroy entire communities. 

Evidently these politicians and other "civic leaders" needed reminding that slavery is illegal in the modern world. The people are not here to feed you.

And your crimes have real consequences.

And speaking of the right of free people to vote with their feet. "Stateless" Update: I am approaching the first 1,000 dollars of my goal! At this rate I hope to leave the country by the first of the year. 

My immediate goal is $6,000.00 (USD). Ideally I hope to raise the entire 15K dollars I would need to live for a year while going through the legal process of being a stateless person overseas. 

I have never accepted any of the donations given to me in the past. I never wanted to ask anyone for cash, but I am unable to earn the money to leave, and so I am forced to request your help. 

I wish to thank all those who are supporting my goal of leaving the United States and applying for political asylum.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

For the rest of you. Won't you join in and donate a few bucks? I'm doing this the old-fashioned way, non-electronic, all paper--helps keep the government out of it--especially after what happened with electronic donations to Wikileaks and others. 

You can get a money order and a stamped envelope right at the counter of the post office. Please address all mail and/or donations regarding the Stateless Project to:

Timothy Adams
c/o Offshored American Dissident
850 19th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

(note: any unused funds will be returned to donors)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Big and Little Booms

In Florida, there was another series of explosions at a gas and chemical facility.

How many in a row does it take before someone actually starts reporting the facts?

Either we have active sabotage, or we have the worst industrial competency since the Soviet's foreign adventuring in the 1950s.

The War They Won't Tell You About continues apace...

Speaking of the War That Shall Not Be Named, Bradley Manning has been found guilty of some 19 or 20 counts, with the most serious charges of aiding the enemies of the United States being dropped against him.

Mr. Manning faces 136 years in penitentiary.

The message is clear, if you "out" illegal activities by the government, you will be punished for it.

Meanwhile, those who committed said crimes are still wandering about free and easy.

I recall that while some of the lowest-ranking enlisted personnel were jailed from Abu Gharib, those in charge of the illegal murders, tortures, and abuses, wound up promoted.

As I've mentioned before, asking those who commit crimes against you to police themselves is a fool's errand.

Manning has sacrificed his own life for the greater good, but it appears unlikely any of the guilty parties will ever be held to account for their criminal actions.

I suggest that for everyday Manning spends in jail, one of these thugs has to be prosecuted.

It will never happen.

The war in Syria continues to improve--for the Syrians--for the American alliance not so much.

While President Obama and his FUKUS collaborators might yet pull this one out (they did in Libya, after all), it's looking yet again like another failure for the New World Fascists.

If the overthrow of Syria fails, we might see America and European criminals forced into dropping their incessant saber-rattling and demands for war with Iran.

Until the next round of neo-colonization takes place in Africa next year.

Russia has moved a flotilla of 16 warships, along with continuing to provide advanced weapons systems, into Syria, reaffirming the Putin governments' role in stabilizing the region and driving out foreign and radical Islamic threats.

Meanwhile, in the U.S.A., workers at a variety of fast-food restaurants went on a one-day strike for higher wages and better working conditions.

No one noticed...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

What "They" Does, and Doesn't, Do...

We've discussed several incidents of abuse, violence, lying, and omission over the past months, so just what is the point to all this?

Well, let's review:

The Four Statements
1. I am a free person, my body is not property of the state.
2. I am a free person, my labor is not the property of the state.
3. I am a free person, my personal possessions are not the property of the state.
4. I am a free person, government without my consent is illegal, and my consent is not a mere given; it may be withheld at any time, for any reason I see fit.

This is the law of the land in America. Other nations have their own systems and laws to which they conform. This is not an indictment of others, I haven't seen our own system doing much worth emulating of late.

It seems those who have managed to achieve positions of authority in America are emulating a far different political model than the one our law requires.

So, having seen the bloodshed and abuses so freely exercised by this wannabee aristocracy, perhaps it's time to ask what our leaders should be doing.

The first job of political authority is to protect the people from itself.
The next is to protect the people from predation by each other.
The third is to protect the people from threats outside the community, state, or nation.

The problem with our current government is that they have taken the strawman of threats from outside the nation and used this to exploit and make a prey out of the people. The government has no problem killing innocent Americans in their own homes and beds, they do it every week.

Just read the news, what little real news you manage to get filtered down to you, and it's all right there in black and white, and plenty of red all over.

We have no checks and balances: unless you count the checks cut to politicians and law enforcement to "balance" the playing field so that the criminals never get punished, nor do the people ever see justice.

We have no accountability: everytime I hear some official berating someone about their misbehavior (usually in a court room for some personal offense), I have to laugh because this pompous blowhard is either too afraid or too corrupt to indict and prosecute the filth that has infested our government's administrations.

There are no laws preventing the prosecution of government officials for serious crimes, so why aren't they?

The government, having failed to protect the people from itself, now also works hand in hand to allow certain people free reign, giving wealthy, private, interests and corporations direct access to public wealth and private property, while freeing them from any of the responsibility or liability they should be accountable for.

Meanwhile, checks are cut to ensure this privileged arrangement continues, to our private representatives, these entities never pay taxes back to the societies they exploit and damage. The taxpayers pick up the tabs for all the costs these companies illegally transfer off onto the people, and the politicians sign the legislation to make it so.

They sign it, the companies themselves write the stuff in advance, or sometimes not, if they need retroactive legislation to prevent their prosecution after the crimes have already been discovered, the government trash go right along for the ride.

It's in their best interests after all, never mind what the nation's best interests are.

Lastly, at least all this corruption, murder, and vice, gets us a heaping-load of the final responsibility, right? We must be the safest, militarily strongest nation on earth by now, surely?

Well, as I've pointed out in past columns, numerous acts of guerrilla violence continues to plague not only our overseas battlefields, but the homeland itself.

This is the WAR THEY WON'T TELL YOU ABOUT, not because it doesn't exist, but because, like so many bloody, murderous, thieving, crimes they commit, they can't allow you to ever know about them. You see, the truth is not for you, little citizen. You are too stupid, frightened, and incapable of governing yourselves to ever be allowed the truth.

My colleague from the PRC told me of a saying they have in communist political indoctrination, "Truth is the Property of the Strong."

To place it in more easily understood, Orwellian-speak: "Sometimes they are four fingers, sometimes five, and sometimes none at all."

Does anyone still remember the GOP mantra of the Bush II administration? "We create our own reality."

The government is still quite busily building its' own reality, and they own it.

Because they have enough firepower to force you to agree with it. That's the unstated part of the paradigm.

Sarah Palin Admits to GOP Cover-Up of President Obama's False Biography

Your weren't "forbidden" Mrs. Palin, you chose to lie instead of speaking out, and you reaped great benefit and wealth from your lies. I, on the other hand, suffered attack after attack, including discrimination, physical assaults, loss of home, loss of wealth, police abuse and harassment, two assassination attempts, smear campaigns by administration paid media and MSM outlets, loss of property, severe damage to my career and livelihood to the point of penury. I suffer organ damage that might well kill me from an attempt to poison me while I was at WKU in 2011, my car was bombed, not to mention electronically and physically monitored by federal agents, I paid out of my pocket for property damage caused by federal police who took a crowbar to my car on night to retrieve an electronic transmitter from my vehicle, leaving my car ripped open and sitting in my friend's family driveway. I paid for the damage to my vehicle's electronic control systems caused by the feds installing such device on my car's electrical system that led to us finding it in the first place. I've lost thousands of dollars in property and cash directly because of abuse, intimidation, and crime from this administration and President Obama's supporters, no one paid me a dime or gave me a freebie media gig. I am broke, in debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, and homeless and permanently injured for telling the facts behind President Obama's manufactured hagiography: what did YOU GET FOR COMMITTING TREASON?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lincoln Memorial Gets a Ramadan Makeover, Eric Holder Commits More Crimes

The Lincoln Memorial has been splattered in green paint...during Ramadan...

A few years back, I had a tenant who was a paid member of the C.A.I.R.

He paid his rent annually when he received his stipend check from the organization for the year.

He had an almost compulsive habit of cleanliness (I used to feel badly for him, living in our building and district), as the 75 unit-building was a real slum.

Then, it started...

The hallway around this guy's door began to covered in a thick, green, paint.

As weeks went by, the painted areas extended the entire length of the eighty-foot hallway.

At first I thought the owners had some maintenance work going on, but then one night, as I made my rounds of the property, I found our tenant in the hall, vigorously painting away with can and brush.

You see, he informed me, green is the color of Islam; and since we shared a communal bath and toilet area on each hall, he felt compelled to both connect and ritually cleanse his living area in order to be religiously correct in his practice of Islam.

Since any maintenance I could get done on the property was a blessing, I let him paint the hallway. Also, it wasn't harming anyone and it did allow him to feel a bit better about living in the building.

So why would I suspect Islamic protesters are the culprits in D.C. this time?

Well, for one thing; the government has banned the media from showing the vandalism, you can't even see the paintjob--so what are they hiding?

If it were environmentalists or TEA Partiers, I'm sure we'd be seeing every slur and epithet the evil ones had scrawled.

If it were racists, remarking on Lincoln, the Confederacy, or the Government, I'm sure the media would have been shown every swastika, every anti-Semitic insult, every bigoted remark about African-Americans.

I doubt any protesting African-Americans, or even the most radical racial groups that represent people of  color, would commit this kind of act against a memorial to Abe Lincoln.

But I don't doubt for a minute that if it had been a white group responsible for the vandalism, that we wouldn't have seen it live and in color on media screens from coast to coast.

No, my dear readers, this was done by someone the government doesn't want you to see is responsible. Hence it appears most likely, given the time and type of incident, that this is yet another episode of the WAR THEY DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT.

Speaking of said nameless war that's being carried out right now on U.S. soil, a couple of large and dangerous wildfires are burning in the western United States right now: one of these is threatening a large, chemical manufacturing facility (where have we heard that kind of story repeatedly in the past year?), the other threatens a large residential community.

The targeting of chemical plants, oil pipelines, and heavy transports such as trains, over a period of months upon months, destroying factory after factory, disrupting or destroying energy and commerce infrastructure, cannot simply be chalked up to coincidence. The statistical probabilities are not only unlikely, but almost impossible.

There is a retaliatory guerrilla war going on in the United States. The fascists in Washington, who have committed crime atop crime against your families, can't even admit to it, lest you see how powerless their supposedly unstoppable police state really is.

Totalitarian states are inherently unstable and never survive in the long run. They usually devolve into cycles of unrest, violence, and war, and the the population suffers the consequences.

Keep placing your faith in the new, statist, wonderland.

Speaking of the new statism. AG Eric "gunrunner" Holder has proclaimed his self arbiter of elections in the state of Texas. This is despite the fact that the SCOTUS ruled recently that the feds are most definitely NOT the arbiters of such things.

Holder needs prosecuted and removed, period. This murderer, war criminal, and international terrorist, who attempted to create false crimes to subvert the constitution of the United States (that's conspiracy to commit treason, in a time of war by the way), needs to spend the rest of his life in a 8x10 in Leavenworth.

Or better yet, we could simply turn him over to Mexico, who was investigating charging and prosecuting him already as of last year.

I'm sure they know how to treat such guys....realllllyyy well.

After all, Holder's used extraordinary rendition, hasn't he?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feds Commit More Crimes, States Can't Or Won't Enforce Laws

The Feds "War on Drugs" continues with a series of armed police raids on pot dealers.

Let me correct that: On LEGAL Marijuana Dispensaries.

Guess the 10th amendment no longer exists.

Guess the state legislatures and governors want their federal handouts more than they want to uphold the law.

States where federal agencies commit these crimes should issue warrants, arrest, and prosecute these criminals with the same vigor they go after their own citizenry when the break the law.

And if these wannabee Nazis resist, do what you do to anyone else, shoot em.

Any Governor possessing a pair would have ordered the federal government's trash out of his or her state by now.

But our state governments seem as inept and corrupt as Washington, and equally unable to either obey the rule of law or protect the people.

For example, there's a big bru-ha-ha going on over the release of a convicted sexual predator this friday in one of our east coast states.

The guy evidently handcuffed and raped an autistic, 13 years-old boy, but the state in question lacks legislation that would allow them to confine the offender after his release from prison.

The man is stated to still be a real threat to the community.

Here's an've got 24 hours, pass the damn law.

Or perhaps simply involuntarily commit this man, who is indeed seriously mentally disordered, to an appropriate treatment facility, where he cannot threaten innocent people anymore.

There are times when the forcible use of government authority is warranted for the public good. The first example we discussed today is a criminal misuse of that power; the second would be both appropriate and well considered.

The latter would be completely and reasonably defended, the former cannot be.

Time for the governors of these two states to stand up for the rule of law and act accordingly.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Stateless" The Project Continues...

People have asked me why?

It's simple really, there's no reason any sane person should stay in America if they have no reason to stay.

I really don't care if the economy gets better, or if work picks up again. America has morphed into a nation I cannot support, nor defend.

The ugliest truth is, that folks in other nations now live with far less fear of government and have far better life outcomes than we do--and this is despite the lousy, banker-led economics of austerity punishing the workers for the crimes of the parasites as is currently going on in the E.U.

So why the old fashioned, snail-mail and money orders/checks for donations rather than setting up a quick, pay-pay online donation site?

Simple. Anonymity and security. I know it's a hassle to get an envelope and a stamp (you can get the postal money order and the stamped envelope, at the post office at the same time), so that's not a big deal. You see, I don't want the government having electronic access to your donations or your information at anytime. If I used an online site, I could wind up the same way Wikileaks did, with their funds blocked and their accounts stolen. Paper also leaves a trail for accounting purposes, but not the open highway of the Internet.

I'm sorry, but, no; you're donation to my cause is not tax deductible.

I never accepted donations before, not even when folks sent them to me, I simply never wanted to take money from you guys.

I, unlike a bunch of these guys, was never into this cause for money or personal aggrandizement. You'll notice which of us are living marginally, while those with nothing to risk make a very nice profit.

I could have been a part of that also, but I refused to lie, or change my speech to fit their agenda.

It's funny, because now, three-four years later, my "radical" speech isn't so "radical" anymore.

So, as it now stands, I am attempting to leave America by the end of the year or sooner. My goal is to raise approximately 15K dollars in order to cover my expenses applying for asylum and petitioning for stateless person's documents.

I will go if I reach 6,500.00 USD, though that would barely cover travel and visa expenditures, and could complicate my application for lack of funds.

I wouldn't even ask, but since I've been told to my face that I'm pretty much blacklisted from working, I don't have a means to earn the cash myself.

I'm currently hired and on faculty at three different colleges here in Honolulu, yet I haven't had a paycheck in over a year.

Other employers won't pick me up either. I was hired by a local retailer here in Honolulu but the personnel manager simply refused to schedule me to work, so I could pursue a lawsuit against the company, or I can simply admit that discrimination and criminal prejudice are the way it is in America and leave.

So I will be looking forward to your letters and hoping that those of you out there who can donate, will. The very act of shaming this administration by more and more of us leaving due to their criminality and violence, is well worth the small financial sacrifices and the far greater personal sacrifices that are being made.

Timothy Adams
c/o Offshored Dissident.Com
850 19th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Monday, July 22, 2013

Court Proceedings Reveal the Name of One of These "Nameless" Gov't. Thugs

Mr. Clark Chadwell,

A Government Agent who filed a complaint against a U.S. citizen by the name of Mr. Harry G. Butler III on January 23, 2009, right after President Barack H. Obama was inaugurated.

Agent Chadwell decided to go after Mr. Butler, because Mr. Butler was pursuing a complaint against President Obama's eligibility to hold office.

Having no criminal act to charge Mr. Butler with; Mr. Chadwell claimed he had threatened the President's safety and got a judge to allow him to arrest Mr. Butler and send him for "psychiatric evaluation."

Mr. Butler did not even know he'd been accused of a crime until 2011. He had no idea who had charged him with this crime until he finally obtained a copy of this agent's statement this year.

Mr. Butler was held for "psychiatric evaluation" for a year, not in  a psychiatric facility, but in a series of Federal prisons.

That's right dear reader, he was sent to a series of FEDERAL PRISONS where he was kept in population with convicted criminals WITHOUT EVER BEING CONVICTED OF A CRIME, for OVER A YEAR.

According to Mr. Butler's testimony, every 3-4 months, the "government" would ship him to another prison facility, holding him for yet another "evaluation." He was moved to at least three different states during this time, WHY? Could it be "they" were shopping for a doctor or judge that would give "them" the results they wanted? Or by moving him across several states, could they prevent his legal defense from getting him released for as long as possible?

Placing an unconvicted person into prison with felons is a crime itself, one these "agents" should be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for.

We were all told the horror stories of how dissidents, artists, and others were rounded up for "psychiatric detention" in the gulags of the Nazi and Soviet systems. Recently, the world media has reminded us again and again how Mr. Nelson Mandela of South Africa spent years incarcerated for his efforts to end Apartheid.

Yet Mr. Mandela was at least openly charged, tried, and convicted of his violent acts. He wasn't simply spirited away never to be found again.

Plenty of others have been--an often at the behest of, or by agents of, the United States--from El Salvador to Iraq.

One man was subjected to "extraordinary rendition" from the unsavory, terrorist training grounds of Canada. The U.S.A. sent him to some "black holes" in the Middle East, where he spent a year being tortured and mutilated in places where "laws" don't apply.

Mr. Butler might simply have been yet another railroaded victim of the state except...


His clientele include royal family members from various nations, ambassadors and other statesmen, as well as the heads of some of the most important commercial interests in the world today.

So in the end, the government's attacks on Mr. Butler FAILED.

Today, Mr. Butler is spreading his story of illegal imprisonment and government coercion so that ALL AMERICANS CAN KNOW WHAT THEIR GOVERNMENT IS DOING.

You think you still have rights as a citizen of the United States? Mr. Butler had no due process, no habeas corpus, no right to know the charges against him, nor who made them. No rights to face his accusers, no rights to review the evidence against him, no right to bail, no right to a speedy trial and no right to the identity of the people who committed these crimes against him so that he might pursue relief under the law.

If the government (ie: some guys with civil service jobs and badges), decide they want to go after someone. Why! They just do it. Because after all, whose going to stop them, punish them, or threaten their families?

This is why I've begun the "CAN AN AMERICAN ESCAPE AMERICA?" project.

There are people in this nation today who have suffered torture, persecution, violence, theft, and a host of other attacks by those in power.

Why should these people be unable to seek asylum in other nations? Why should the very government which carried out these crimes be able to illegally block the RIGHT of an American citizen to political asylum? A human right which ALL individuals have by near-unanimous, global agreement?

The only nations I can think of right now, who attempt to interfere with asylum for their own citizens, includes places like Myanmar and North Korea.


I will be continuing to attempt to raise sufficient funds to allow me to leave America and make my own claim for political asylum. I have more than sufficient grounds for such a claim.

Please feel free to send a check by good-old-fashioned mail to the following address:

Tim Adams
c/o Offshored
850 19th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Project: "Stateless" Can an American Escape America?

We've discussed a lot of the new way of things in America over the past several months.

We've discussed manipulation, intimidation, violence, theft, and all sorts of media and governmental attacks on citizens and the law.

We discussed your loss of rights as free men and women. We've shown how private interests run our public institutions for their own benefit.

And we discussed the consequences for our future and children.

There comes a time when enough is enough.

I've survived multiple attempts to kill and assault me, literally. I've survived being poisoned and suffering organ damage. I've survived being smeared, lied about, blacklisted, and gag-ordered not to speak out. I've been threatened, investigated, harassed, broken-in on, followed, electronically tagged, and electronically recorded and monitored.

I've been slandered by national media personalities.

I've been banned from several major websites for the offense of demanding the laws of the land be applied equally to all citizens--including politicians and their good-ole-boy, buddies.

I was banned by the Huffington Post for suggesting that a court like the Hague should be set up to try American politicians who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

I was banned from WND for asking why an illegally run nomination/electoral process was somehow acceptable for a Republican candidate but not acceptable when the Democratic Party does it?

Daring to support such radical ideas as the constitution and the rule of law will get you fired from your job.

Being a real liberal, someone who believes in liberty and personal choice, and not a neo-fascist, like the current crop of Dems and GOPers, is somehow unAmerican now.

So, what to do? I turned down a job overseas recently, because my friends and supporters asked me to, but now I just don't see the logic in remaining in a nation that has wholly embraced fascism and criminality.

Your murders and thefts, your lies and sleaze, don't have my support or consent.

Unfortunately, as an American, I can't just show up on another nation's doorstep and ask for help, so I'm launching a campaign to raise the 15K dollars needed for me to leave the country and apply for political asylum.

I will put up information about the campaign as I get all the pieces together over the next few days. If I were able to raise the cash on my own, I wouldn't have asked for your help, but being prevented from earning my own living means I've no savings left to pull off the trip myself.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me and our cause over the past years.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The War You Aren't Told About Continues, And More On Blacklisting

A large military drone has crashed, closing a highway near its' base.

An accident, or yet another instance of a drone being brought down by electronic countermeasures?

Remember last year, when Iran got some of our best stealth technology by remotely downing a drone?

They've since back engineered it, and are now producing advanced drones themselves. One was shot down by the Israelis attempting to gather data on Israel's nuclear weapons sites.

I've told you about the "not a coincidence" series of disasters that has leveled chemical plants, refineries, oil and chemical pipelines, trains and heavy shipping all across America.

Does anyone still believe that a continuing string of events like these over many months are simply accidental?

Your fascists can't protect you, despite all their criminality.

America is at war, and your government won't even admit you're being attacked.

Doesn't "fit" the scenario they want to publish at this time.

I've been getting a great response on my stories relating to the blacklisting of anyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with the criminals who rule the nation. Here's a few thoughts:

Who are the folks making these "calls?" Are they part of an official policy being carried out by the administration, or simply some party-run hatchet guys doing their thing on their own?

How can you fight government intimidation of employers? How do you even get them to talk on the record about such actions? Even when they admit to illegal or abusive conduct by government, it's not like they're going to try and help out the "little people," are they?

Land of the free, indeed.

How Blacklisting of Dissent Operates: A Real-Life Example

"I hadn't told anyone that I had been hired."

The lady across from me leaned in and waved her hands over the tabletop. We were at a rather upscale, local place located in the heart of Honolulu's business district. The afterhours crowds hadn't arrived just yet, as 6:00 p.m. only marks the early dinner and post-work drinking crowd in a city where folks tend to eat late.

"Finally, I was given my letter of hiring and cleared to start work, so I emailed a friend and told them the good news, that evening another friend and former co-worker also emailed to congratulate me, saying that he'd heard from her (the first friend), that I'd been hired and was working again."

"The next morning, I went to my new job's online site and found everything shut down."

"I'd been cleared to work, had an active email and forum accounts, and had regular communications with my office. Now my clearance has pulled, my assignments are gone, and my email hasn't updated for over a week."

"I went to my normal staff functions on Saturday at site, and was treated as if nothing was wrong, yet I have no communication or expectation of working now."

"I've been hired multiple times by different employers, (five) but haven't worked a paid day in over a year."

"I suppose someone made a call and that was it."

"I can't live in a country where I can't work."

This twenty-something graduate student's offense? Participating in the Anti-War movement a few years ago. She's been hired and then removed from jobs at five differing employers with no cause or explanation since then. On four of these occasions, she had already been processed by HR and cleared for work by her company. One administrator freely admitted to her that she would never work in any professional capacity again--anywhere in America--if someone like herself had anything to do with it.

Welcome to the Neo McCarthyism of 2013.

Monday, July 15, 2013

How the New Black Listing Works: and An Open Letter To Rush Limbaugh.

I need to keep my word, and so here is a depiction of how the new blacklisting works in America.

You have a right to organize and/or protest for your rights:

As citizens seeking to direct or seeking redress from government.

As workers seeking equal treatment or redress of offense.

As individuals seeking your rights to your body, labor, property, or freedoms.

Here's what happens in contemporary America:

If you organize for your interests against the entrenched interests of government, you will be targeted by government agencies like F.A.S.A., the I.R.S., the Dept. of Homeland Security, or other arms of government, and some clerical worker with a grudge against your opinions, race, or beliefs, can attack you with impunity. Even better, as a matter of stated policy, the bosses of these faceless and unaccountable government drones will use your tax monies to deliberately deny you your rights as citizens, destroy your ability to earn a living, deny you equal treatment under the law, harass you, your family, your peers, or coworkers; deny you the rights of free travel, free enterprise, association, speech, or worship or worse.

This is all deemed well and good by the compliant national media; who believe that their privileged access and fiduciary benefits must remain sacrosanct. After all, some talking teleprompter idiot knows far better than you, what's best for the rest of America.

Workers seeking equal treatment or redress will always be denied out of hand unless they somehow bring legal action against their opponents. Even if you succeed, expect to be fired and/or blacklisted by your employer at some point in the future as retaliation. Some workers have privileged status that seems to allow them immunity against some of these actions, but if you're not one of those, expect to discover that "some" workers have legal rights and others don't.

For those of you asking, no, the laws don't matter.

If as an individual, you seek to exercise your rights without illegal government interference ( a right doesn't require the permission of another, it is an exercise of personal sovereignty), you can expect jail, or harassment, or threats, or violence (especially the latter in today's police state), by a bunch of armed thugs who murder, assault, and threaten with state-protected impunity.

Meanwhile, good luck trying to work or travel or speak out; as no potential employer will take you, your right to travel will be limited or suspended by mysterious governmental decree, and your communications will be monitored and disrupted.

Let's not forget that government-paid agents will actively attack you in all forms of media, with lies and slander being par for the course.

And since these folks are protected by their employers (your government's hirelings), normal legal proceedings will rarely be successful.

So, in America, you have the right to free speech, if the government says so. You have the right to work, but only if you mindlessly chant the appropriate slogans and take what scraps your given by the private, ruling class. You have the right to travel, unless some government hack decides it might cause someone "important" a problem. You have the right to own property, unless some international corporation or banker needs it.

This is how one gets hired repeatedly, yet never works.

This is how one protests repeatedly, but the private agenda of capital never ceases.

This is how laws define what is acceptable conduct, but are never enforced on a certain class of persons.

This is how dissent is criminalized, and crimes are considered right conduct.


Mr. Limbaugh, Greetings!

Having followed your career in national media since the early 1990s, I must first congratulate you on your talent and success. Few men have been so innovative in creating a media genre and persona as you have.

That being said, I have a bone to pick with you, one that I've attempted to bring up several times now since 1996, when you committed said offense.

You sir, have lied and welshed on your word.

Back during the heyday (for your public popularity), of the Bush era, you sir, made a challenge to the American public. You sir, said that if anyone truly hated living under the American system and was willing to do so, you would pay their way to leave America and travel to the Republic of Cuba.

When I loudly and vocally took you up on your challenge sir, you simply went silent and refused to acknowledge your obligation.

Over the years, whenever I have brought this failing up to your personnel, you have continued to stonewall and ignore me.

You, Mr. Limbaugh, are a liar.

For almost eighteen years now, you have ignored and avoided your obligation. Now sir, I am placing my complaint publicly, so that your refusal and prevarication can be seen openly by all.

Considering the course of events in recent American history since, I am still quite willing to leave America, go and apply for asylum in the Republic of Cuba, and so I still demand you put up the small, but not inconsiderable costs of my asylum request.

Having researched the matter thoroughly, I will require travel expenses from my home to Mexico City, transiting from there to Havana. I will also require the funds to sustain myself for a calendar year in Havana, this cost is rated by the Cuban government at 1,000 USD a month, for a total of 12, 000 USD.

The entire costs of this venture is no more than 15K dollars, and since this would still be a rather large amount to ask you to part with at no benefit to yourself (business being business and all), I suggest a mutually beneficial work agreement that would permit you to recoup many times your expenditure in the course of the time I would spend in the nation of Cuba applying for asylum.

First, let me assure you that by current standards of international law and treaty, I do indeed qualify to apply for political asylum, whether in Cuba or some other nation.

Second, I propose that I would report regularly for your media outlet, how the people of Cuba live with far less government abuse and coercion under the current system in  Cuba, than they do under the Obama administration of the United States.

This will not be difficult to accomplish. Of particular interest to your audience would be the humbling facts that Cubans now face far fewer obstacles to personal travel, private enterprise, and education or healthcare, than do their American contemporaries. As for rights under the laws of both nations, I believe it would be sobering to most Americans to discover they have no more rights, or even less rights than their Cuban contemporaries do in these matters. This is a direct result of the current and previous American administrations actions, as well as the reformist trends taking place in Cuba.

Since your opposition to the Obama administration's policies are well known, these kinds of comparisons can only aid your message.

So Mr. Limbaugh, I will end my missal, and hope that you will at last honor your word by responding in a timely manner. Good day Sir.

Sincerely Yours,

Timothy Lee Adams

Sunday, July 14, 2013

WND attacks Orthodox Christians--AGAIN--While Still Lying About the 2012 Elections

World Net Daily's slide into radical religious bigotry continues unabated. At the same time, in a schizophrenic split worthy of one of actor Gary Busey's roles, they continue to publish every conceivable lie about the GOPer failures of the 2012 election cycle.

So much for being "Christian," or "Conservative." Joe Farah, WND's editor and "owner" (with funding by a hosts of Washington's political influence peddlers and foreign government interests, one can only wonder who really owns WND? Karl Rove?). Farah has recently continued his spate of attacks on Roman Catholics and the other autoencephalous, christian churches by publishing yet another set of books and videos purporting to tell the public what prognosticated predestined pre-tribulatory portents are planned for the successors of Peter.

WND's own efforts at prophecy have been less than satisfying. WND published loads of stories (and it was a real LOAD), prior to the 2012 presidential contest, claiming, among others, that Mitt Romney was divinely-appointed leader of the United States, identified BY NAME in Holy Scripture. Ever since WND went into the tank for the GOPer, anti-constitutionalists, criminals via a massive infusion of Karl Rove's advertising dollars in 2012, WND's religious publications have become far more Weekly World News than Nelson Publishing, giving much ad space and air time to religious extremism and religious quackery than to mainstream American religious causes or practice.

WND's recent spate of offerings include yet another video series by Mr. Tom Horn, part of the writing team that has brought us such recent tomes as books telling us the ancient mystics of medieval France are saying that the current Pope is the last head of the Roman church prior to the Vatican's being taken over by the anti-christ, (wait, I thought Barack Obama was the Anti-Christ, Mr. Farah) and another volume, in which the Vatican is concealing the secret that the "Christ" the churches of the world are awaiting is actually a demonic being who will appear from outer space, or what I call the "Satan in a UFO" theory.

At the same time, the purportedly Christian Farah and company publish media from such fringe groups as the New Seventh-Day Adventists and one current article by Greg Laurie asks the question: "Where is the United States in Last Days Scenario?" His conclusions: destroyed by nuclear war, diminished to insignificance by moral and spiritual decline into an apocalyptic collapse, or "raptured" out of the way.

Oh, did I mention that WND's Christianity only accepts the modern, American, reactionary dispensationalism of the early 20th century as "gospel" on the fate of humanity. The fact that none of these "doctrines" were ever taught by Jesus, nor the Apostles, nor the early Church Fathers, means little to them when they have Bigfoot Returning in a U.F.O. stories to sell; or videos of gold-plated chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea, or videos on how Christians who meet on Sunday are worshiping Satan.

You see the pattern here?

Along with the bargain-basement hucksterism passing for religious faith, World Net Daily has continued to attempt to rewrite the history of the failures of the Republican Party, now blaming the religious bigotry of Americans for Mitt Romney's loss of the presidency last year.

Wait, I thought, according to WND, that it was Americans satanically-inspired, worship of secularism that led to Mittens' defeat last fall? Now it's Americans hatred of religious minorities?

According to this week's version of why the divinely appointed Maximus Romnius failed to gain the oval office and save America, it was the GOP base's hatred of the cult of Mormonism that led them to reject Mittens, and not the GOPers own criminality or corruption of the election itself.

According to political hack writer Jerome Corsi--whose new tome is being huckstered onto the WND faithful with "articles" (ads), that touch on its' subject matter every few days--last week it was the Obama campaigns mastery of media and their illicit alliances with the news industry that led to Romney's defeat. This week, it's the religious bigotry and xenophobia of the GOPer base, too bigoted to save their own country.

At least according to the writers at WND. Next week, I'm sure it will be something else, maybe they can link up the anti-christ influences and find a magical Torah scroll that tells of the satanic struggle between the GOPer faithful and the forces of Satanic World Domination that prophecies the thousand-year reich of Karl Rove, that will bring universal peace under the drone-bombing empire of the First Church of the Corporate Bank, or some such lofty, ancient work of druid mushroom eaters pulled from a bog in upper New York state where it was hidden during the Viking incursions into North America.

The faith of WND is hard to discover, unless it's the faith of money and political favoritism.

WND has never told the simple truths about their GOPer backers, nor their funding by and cooperation with Israeli government sources. WND has passed off an Israeli agent as an Iranian dissident, passed off easily proven falsified stories to drum up support for military incursions and wars in the Middle East, and covered-up the treason and crimes of the GOP in the nomination and election campaigns of Mitt Romney, all while boisterously calling out their Democratic opponents for the same failings.

Mitt Romney did not will the nomination of the Republican party by lawful means in 2012. He lost Iowa, he lost several other contests, yet for months the GOP falsely reported winners, withheld votes, changed results or threw out the ones they didn't like. Rigged debates, rigged access to the media, and pulled delegates from the floor whose support they didn't get.

The GOP committed treason and fraud on a massive scale in 2012. That's why they lost, Mr. Farah, and not a damn reason more.

All the lies you publish won't change that, but they do undermine any efforts WND has made in the past to uncover the truth about corruption and vice in American government.

Lying--according the Bible--is the sign of a false prophet.

Nothing more needs be said.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Gay Marriage, HuffPo Doesn't Pay, and JT's Girls Gone Wild Sex Videos on YouTube

There's a lot to talk about lately, so let's get started:

Gay Marriage: The DOMA decision at the SCOTUS recently was hyped by the media everywhere as a redefinition of marriage and a big win for advancing gay rights. In fact it is neither.

The DOMA decision upholds the very real fact that marriage is a state issue. DOMA being partially struck down means that the Federal Government has no business defining or regulating marriage. BTW, my own position on civil marriages in America is this, whether gay or straight; they are not marriage, and yes, the government may regulate them because they are not marriage. The rise of "licensed" marriage and divorce courts came first around the year 1815 in America, in response to the rise of the Shakers and similar religious sects, that were splitting up families and requiring celibacy of married couples. The state legislatures began passing legislation allowing for women to divorce men who joined the Shaker cult. After the Civil War, marriage licensing was created by the states to enforce miscegenation laws that prevented interracial marriages between whites and non-whites.

Groups like the Southern Baptist pushed these laws at the time and effectively removed the governance of marriage from the churches as a sacramental contract, to the government and a legal, civil, one.

Several peers of mine were celebrating last week, remarking that, as gays, they had been excluded for decades from marriage equality and now they were looking forwards to being equals with other Americans.

Nothing wrong with that, just that what is commonly called marriage in America is not marriage, but a contractual agreement with the state. Marriage is a sacramental union within the bounds of the church, synagogue, or mosque, and the state has nothing to do with it. As for the Feds regulation of marriage being struck down, this will continue the debate on a state by state basis, with some states agreeing to allow gays to participate in civil marriage unions, just like other folks do, and some states remaining opposed.

Why all the hoopla then? Because the media propaganda must send the correct message and not the reality.

I'm sure many gay couples quickly became aware of the scam, but didn't want to rock the boat on the advancement of the message in the media that would undermine opposition to gays civil unions in the upcoming statehouse battles. Besides most Americans would only hear the soundbites declaring victory and believe them to be true.

In my thesis this is called the F.B.A.L. ("F"ing Big Ass Lie)--and it's a short read that's well worth your perusal to understand how the propaganda media works.

Speaking of all things relating to sex and media. Justin Timberlake's recent music videos have certainly pushed the boundaries of music media in the United States to levels of nudity and sexual content not seen before in American entertainment media. Overseas media have always been far more explicit and erotic in content than our fare.

YouTube, which bans nudity and explicit sex (but strangely permits violent content from Islamist and others), has allowed the R-rated videos to play anyhow. Huffington Post, which invented the sideboob media category, has railed about it for a few days garnering sympathy from no one as far as we can tell.

Speaking of HuffPo, how many people have they not paid for their labors over the years to make the owners rich? Didn't know labor laws could simply be ignored as long as you're the right company. Sweatshop media tycoons didn't sell HuffPo for pocketchange, yet the workers got nothing for their labor, art, or product.

How convenient.

Remember the wars? Can you tell me how many we're in yet?

Here's a short list from memory, probably not extant:

Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan not counting the string of covert operations and proxy wars still continuing in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Mexico, and Central and South America.


That's the war taking place right here on American soil, and it's been devastating the nation for a year or more now.

From sabotaged oil pipelines to mysteriously, repeatedly, exploding chemical factories, to "wildfires" claimed by Al Qaeda affiliates, to railroad derailments and other "accidents" and "incidents," the government has kept a tight lid on the most vicious series of sabotage and retaliatory attacks in our history.

In case you've forgotten, dear reader, we have been officially at war for almost a dozen years now, so why the hush-up? Simple, they don't want you realizing all the DHS Nazism not only can't keep you safe, it isn't keeping you safe.

Know why? Because it's not meant to protect you, it's meant to allow the government to run rampant right over you.

We'll talk about the new blacklisting and discrimination against political opponents and public critics and how the new Stalinists work their magic in our next post.

Also, WND, or World Net Daily is at it again, attacking Orthodox Christians and putting out yet another lying, steaming pile disguised as a book about why the GOPers lost last election. The GOP, unable to tell the truth, is truly a dinosaur on its way to extinction.

And it can't come fast enough.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

On Opportunity, Asylum, and Other Rights Americans Don't Have.

Sometimes you just don't have anything pertinent to say, so I've not posted for awhile.

Edward Snowden, though still in legal limbo somewhere in a Russian Transit Zone (Supposedly), has been granted positive responses from at least two or three nations willing to grant the whistleblower asylum, this is a very good thing.

The facts that over twenty other nations refused him asylum out-of-hand, along with the forced downing of one nation's presidential aircraft at the behest of the United States while said head-of-state was traveling in Europe, for fear that Snowden was aboard that aircraft, not such a very good thing.

Russia appears now to be all-too-willing to join the rest of the European fascists as U.S. lapdogs--no doubt some very interesting deals have been struck.

As an American, when I see the criminals who have committed these crimes that Snowden made public removed from their positions, criminally prosecuted and punished, I'll entertain the idea that the federal government has a complaint about Edward Snowden.

While speaking of America and foreign nations, once again I find myself denied medical care in the United States, despite possessing the needed medical insurance to access it. My PMP simply tells me I need to have appointments made with certain doctors for tests or other reasons, then the needed appointments simply never occur. Why? No answer. The new government-run healthcare is already being used to deny healthcare to anyone someone in government doesn't like.

Your family is next.

While on the subject, I've already written about how a doctor from China, who administers a specialized clinic for certain types of care, had offered to help me. This past January, I had my first substantial job offer in many months--from a company in Shanghai.

I should have taken it over my family's and friends'objections. Because being blacklisted in America means you don't work.

Yet again, with the current situation in our own country, pressure can be put to ensure that if someone in the government doesn't like you, you can be discriminated against.

After all, facts and the rule of law have nothing to do with it. Dissent is not allowed. Especially dissent that reveals facts the government would rather not be disclosed.

My thesis, published three years ago now, still garners between 100 and 200 downloads a month from the library at Western Kentucky University. It has been published in the E.U., and used in college classes from the Ivy League to Europe to Beijing and Moscow.

Strange how all those well-funded, government-run, propagandists have fallen silent over the years, as crime and crime and scandal after scandal pile up against the vaunted "leadership," of our national government.

We told you so--morons.

So you see readers, in America your access to opportunity, be it education, wealth, travel, or work, can be blocked or illegally denied on the whim of some political hack government functionary. You don't possess these rights.

Your access to medical care, decent food, or housing is also by the whim of government servants, think not because YOU are hard-working and earn well? I hope you don't ever have to find out that none of what you earn or think you "own" is only "yours" be the grant of the state. Think I.R.S. scandal as the most recently public version.

The government has passed "laws" that allow them to imprison you and your family without cause or trial, indefinitely, and you think you have rights?

Snowden's case brings up asylum...are you aware that none of the nations any American could travel to directly from the United States (without bypassing other nations), allow Americans to claim asylum for ANY REASON?

You have no right to asylum as an American citizen according to the government of the United States. The Feds made deals with all our immediate neighbors--including all British Commonwealth Nations--to block any American who attempts to invoke political asylum in their countries. So unlike during Vietnam, you can't flee to Canada now; nor to Mexico, nor to Japan, nor to Australia, nor to Britain.

Which complicates asylum for Americans, as bypassing other nations to get to another one and claim asylum invalidates the claim for asylum under international laws. You are required as an asylum seeker to claim asylum in the first, safe, nation you arrive in, (as in England if you fly to the E.U.) so you will be expelled for "nation-shopping" if you continue on to say, France, and apply for asylum there.

The United States is the only country on earth that has treaties to prevent its citizens from having the ability to claim asylum in other nations. Not even North Korea can force its neighbors to return fleeing citizens.

But your "FREE" nation can and DOES.