Sunday, June 23, 2013

Obama Can Do No Right and Other Comments On The American Way

The Daily Kos has run an article for the last couple of days in which former Obama campaign worker calls Obama "a fraud."  The peeved former financial supporter and campaign volunteer also mentions such administration crimes as drone wars, spying, and a string of overseas adventuring by the Neo-Liberal Left.
Strange how a few years can change things. The crowd at the DK couldn't defend Obama from those exact same kinds of charges violently enough in 2010, when I brought them up.

Poor babies.

A doctor from a respected specialized medical hospital contacted me by email today, she asked that I send along my most recent medical test results so that she could recommend treatment that should allow me to manage the organ damage that was discovered this past winter. The result of someone poisoning me with a heavy metal type substance--probably mercury.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to my own medical test results--here in America, I don't even get the answers I need from my PCP about my symptoms or how to maintain my health--they were too busy turning me down when I requested a referral to see a specialist that might actually be able to help me. I'm supposed to sit around and wait until I suffer actual organ failure and have to live with medical support or a transplant rather than prevent the problems to begin with.

According to the doctor who contacted me, treatments at my stage of organ damage can ensure a normal life. Too bad the doctor is in the People's Republic of China, where I could actually get medical care that mattered, and where I would have access and copies of my own medical records to make health care decisions based on what would be the best outcome for MY NEEDS.

Only in America of 2013, would a doctor from the PRC be volunteering to aid someone free of charge with a condition that is not only easily treatable, but wouldn't be life threatening if I had access to real medical care to begin with.

I recall that all those wonderful politicians in D.C. get red-carpet healthcare without any limitations; all at taxpayer's expense, for life.

Jonathan Snowden is currently transiting through Russia, or not, perhaps on his way to Venezuela or Cuba (Hey! I suggested Cuba previously as a better asylum nation than Iceland), not to denigrate the folks in Iceland, a wonderful and sensible nation if recent events show anything, but the United States would probably have little trouble murdering Mr. Snowden in Iceland--not that the people or government there would permit it, but since when does the United States obey laws, respect other nation's sovereignty, or restrain its' murdering thugs?

Only a nation openly hostile and separate from the FUKUS Axis of Empire and their banker-run blackshirts is any kind of safe haven for a critic of the murderers known as the government of the United States.

The WSJ reported that Mr. Snowden has several laptops in his possession containing the files detailing America's most recent slew of crimes around the nation and the globe, (something I had learned in my earlier discussions with a few of Snowden's co-workers here on Oahu), and he is said to be traveling with the number two member of Wikileaks.

Go get them, tiger.

Speaking of American crimes around the globe, a group of lawyers are suing the government of South Africa for failing to enforce international war crimes law by not arresting and transporting President Barack Obama to the Hague to face charges for the murders of hundreds of innocents in his push button war campaigns.
Seems once again, that the laws are only meant for the "little people." FUKUS members are somehow exempt, I guess some animals really are more equal than others.

In other "more equal than others" news, reports in the media are discussing how the FISA Court and agencies like the NSA operate under a second set of laws that "aren't on the books."

Last time I checked ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS are subject to ONE SET OF LAWS, and accountable for their actions when they commit criminal acts that violate those laws, PERIOD.

If there are two sets of laws, then there is NO law.

Let's see how that works out for ya.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Fourth Amendment is Dead and Other Comments.

The SCOTUS has declared a defendant's remaining silent can be used against them in a court of "law." They have further ruled in a way that makes the famous Miranda Warning irrelevant. Evidently, they also don't care that agencies of the government fail to follow any laws regarding search and seizure, even the milquetoast scraps of the current FISA fraud.

It is time to impeach this court and remove it.

Talking with folks, I hear alot about the various threats to our lives and safety caused by our current governmental and economic cabals, some of which are pretty gruesome to contemplate. From the failure of the petro-dollar to threats of a military police state, to food and crop failures, to environmental and destruction of public health.

This nation's "leadership" is seen as inept, corrupt, and arrogant. They are criminals with armies of gun-toting thugs protecting them and their seemingly unending litany of criminal acts. The fawning media have no stomach for news reporting, let along condemnation, the so-named alternative media
(at least a good part of it), has been astroturfed into the same kinds of prepaid, propaganda machinery as their MSM competitors.

Think not? Well, tell me why the largest, "pro-conservative" media outlet on the Internet is funded by a slew of quasi-governmental thinktanks with United States Senators and Congressmen on their payrolls, along with overseas money supplied from the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Israel?

Want to tell me why the recent I.R.S. scandal showed African-American and Jewish groups were targeted along with the T.E.A. Party?

The Israeli state sees the rise of Muslim antisemitism in Europe and the favored treatment of Islamic interests in America, and they are quite capable of realizing who the real threats to their security are.

Yet Israel finds itself again caught in the unenviable position of aiding Al Qaeda fighters in Syria for the Anglo-American, NATO imperialists, (called FUKUS by the rest of the world) France, U.K., U.S. just as they did in Afghanistan, when Israelis shipped arms to Osama Bin Laden for the CIA.

Tell me, How did that work out for you?

The one theme I continually harp on is an easy one to remember, "You are being manipulated." I know of few media outlets, either traditional or Internet, that are truly independent, and that are truly reliable. Some of them have ties to the kinds of folks I mentioned above--even if their work appears to be honest and pro-liberty--some are independent, but also highly commercial, so they also have a financial stake in keeping you, the public, as worked-up as possible. This kind of rhetoric reveals itself in the very facts that while these particular media guys always have a new threat or fear to sell you, they never seem to have any solutions.

Selling the fear and threat is easy, discussing action and planning doesn't sell the latest "emergency survival" gadgets or books on WROL.

These guys, and some of them do a really good job, have their own survival plan; to get rich enough off you it doesn't matter. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch for some of them, but some of these pseudo-liberty guys have proven to be nothing more than GOPers, bankrolled by the GOP, and used to steer those unwilling, little independent minds firmly in the Corporate-led, Rockefeller One-World direction while selling corporatist slavery as traditional American values.

The question that I continue to get is, "what do we do?"

Well, that depends on several things doesn't it?  My blanket answer is, look around, make as calm and rational an assessment as you can, and plan accordingly. Continue to talk and network with everyone, and don't rely on the Internet alone--you need real contact information from your family and friends--because the "kill switch" is most likely the first move the criminals will use if they attempt something. They won't want public communications to be working, that's not a good military strategy for them.

Other than that, a lot depends on your needs and resources. If you can afford to, then do so, but don't panic purchase, and don't let fear dictate what you do.

Don't be afraid of these guys, and don't let the alarmist media make you afraid.

They can't win, and quite frankly they know it, that's why they haven't tried to openly march on your neighborhoods yet.

The time has come, and is long past, for a frank, national, dialogue on the continuation of this government.
Those who refuse this dialogue should already know, this government is dead on arrival.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Medical Care Breakthrough Lowers Patient Mortality by 80%, You've Never Heard About It

I was talking with a wonderful woman I'd met at a faculty workshop the other day--let's call her "Semi." Semi is an experienced cardio-pulmonary I.C.U. manager from Chicago, the kind of career medical professional that keeps you and your loved ones alive when the bad things happen. Her story shocked me.

Semi had compiled an extensive, multi-year, medical study on mortality and health outcomes of critical cardiac patients. Using the relatively recently available electronic reporting methods that permitted her and her research team, for the first time, to cross reference some eighty-five thousand medical cases in literally dozens of hospital cardiac I.C.U. units across the nation, Semi and team were able to institute organizational changes to the monitoring of I.C.U. patients that resulted in the lowering of mortality (that's death for you and me), by an unheard rate of 80% annually.

You heard me correctly, the changes in monitoring patients in her cardiac care unit at a large hospital in Chicago, dropped mortality for patients by a count of 8 out of every 10 patients. In other words, where as some 600 to 700 patients had died in the unit the previous years, these patients now survived and returned home with far better recovery outcomes.

So the problem? Her hospital didn't want to publish her research. Nor did they wish to continue to institute the changes necessary to implement said research findings, as they modestly increased costs for cardiac care.

Yeah, it's all about the money. You see, if a patient has a cardiac event or stroke, then the hospital gets to bill somebody for it, but if the hospital prevents that from happening and the patient gets better, the hospital basically loses money on the deal.

Not only are the patients "cheaper" dead, but actually far more profitable.

Semi also happens to be an African-American woman, one of those ladies who worked her way up, one of those success stories we're supposed to be celebrating in a society that has far too few such stories. She told me that many of her colleagues were being forced out of their profession.

What? I had to reply.

Evidently, many African-American professionals in the medical practices were being removed from their positions because they have now reached sufficient seniority at middle-management levels to be a threat to senior management positions. Semi thought it was about jobs, specifically protecting jobs and turf from other folks that ain't like the good old boys who currently hold that turf.

As she described the kinds of barriers and tactics being used against her fellow healthcare professionals, I had to agree with her assessment, even if I hated the idea that something like that could still be happening in America in 2013, and even more so, that it was happening in a community like Chicago, where African-Americans are a huge part of the community.

So I eagerly agreed to help Semi get her work published, and now the whole march towards that goal begins. Meanwhile, I have to wonder what it will take to get an open playing field in any of the professions nowadays, seeing my own profession has more than enough problems with race, gender, and culture of its own.

Still, a breakthrough in care practices that gives results as large as when doctors first began washing their hands deserves to be professionally reviewed and known to the public at large.

Because if it were up to the medical industry, they'd just as soon that you die.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Edward Snowden: An Offshored Exclusive, An Insider's View of "The Box" (NSA)

Why does the United States Government want Edward Snowden so badly? Why are freedom advocates from Hong Kong to South America lining up to support him? Does he really have information so damaging to the government's operations?

Speaking with sources at the company Snowden worked for here on Oahu, I've discovered the following: First off, Mr. Snowden most definitely did NOT copy files out onto a thumb drive and smuggle them out of his offices. The Lenovo produced laptops issued to workers there don't have U.S.B ports, so it's not a matter of someone failing to disable or otherwise block his access, they physically can't be downloaded from.

So, how did he get the files? Offshored's source revealed to me that Mr. Snowden still has his secured-network laptop in his possession. These laptops are connected to a government/contractor access-only network and have a National Security license on them that prevents any record from this computer being demanded through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The joke going round as swarms of federal cops have been crawling through the company offices is: "Hey ___, the next time we send you over to Asia on a weapons sale, stop off in HK and pick up our laptop."

The current administration's love of blanket secrecy and end-runs around the public's right to know is in full view here.

I was also informed that nothing in Mr. Snowden's possession is particularly sensitive data, so again, why is the government screaming for this guy's blood?

Well, I imagine that letting the American people know that we're in the business of selling military hardware to pariah governments like Myanmar or that Thailand has a very active insurgency brewing is not really palatable to the secrecy guys. The fact that American intelligence "hacks" the communications of the People's Republic of China and Germany should surprise no one, we were intercepting their phone calls and data back when I was involved with Comsec and the Army Signal Corps back in the early 1980s.

So what is it about Mr. Snowden that has the black-bag gang so upset? Well, as one of my sources put it, it's because Edward Snowden was a 28-29 year-old tech expert, who had made six-figures every year of his life after college working for the State's arms and security apparatus, who had a beautiful girlfriend and a  house in one of the newer developments on the Leeward side of Oahu, Hawaii (not exactly a gated community like Blackpoint but in Hawaii, nowhere near cheap), who has turned his back on that system and is now revealing the embarrassing details of where trillions of your tax dollars go, and who gets them.

In other words, Mr. Snowden was one of the Security State's best and brightest, one of the new State Oppression System's golden boys whose lavishly-funded, American dream lifestyle was supposed to buy his silence and loyalty to the corruption and crime of Washington and the Corporate Kleptocracy. These guys hate being embarrassed as badly as they hate actually having their secret profiteering and illegal operations exposed, maybe more so. Meanwhile, just this week, yet another employee from the same company has been hired and transferred to the NSA's spying program, so the "mission" continues unabated.

According to employees at the company, Mr. Snowden was evidently planning his exodus and exposure of the American Corporate/National Police State status quo long before the ten-months he was employed here on Oahu. I'm not sure what all Edward Snowden has or will reveal in the coming weeks and months, but I can guarantee you this...

The criminal trash in Washington will do whatever it takes to silence him.

Please repost this article.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Too Big To Lose: The U.S./U.K Criminal Axis Moves to Arm Al-Qaeda in Syria

The "Red Line" has been crossed.
The usual suspects: trash, treason-committing, traitors like John McCain and the rest are making the network rounds.
Hey! There's WMDs!

We've already repeatedly discussed the NUCLEAR ATTACK carried out by ISRAEL outside of DAMASCUS last month.

The criminal filth of the Anglo/American Axis Powers really have no limits. Amid scandal after scandal, which is merely a euphemism for COMMITTING CRIMINAL ACTS AGAINST AMERICANS AND OTHERS, these sub-human sewage, these chicken-hawk cowards, continue ever more desperately to MURDER AND LIE AND STEAL their way across the globe.

But make sure you obey the laws little American, ALL OF THEM, TO THE LETTER, not that that matters, because to the letter isn't good enough if some thug with a gun decides otherwise.

A woman was sexually assaulted in a COURTROOM in this past week, BY A COP, who then arrested her for reporting the SEXUAL ASSAULT TO THE COURT.

Why it's not open season on their entire department, as in kill on sight as long as this piece of garbage continues to breath air, is unknown, excepting for the very real fact that evidently Americans' balls have all dropped off because of the Bhp and estrogens.

The lies are back on the newscreens and the talking rodents in gray flannel are letting it happen AGAIN.

There is no punishment suitable for these people, wiping out every child in their homes is too lenient. If God were just, Washington D.C. and London would be nuclear wasteland.

It is time to start teaching your kids who these people are, and who their family members are. Because if they elude justice, just as Westmoreland, Kissinger, and the rest did before them; we need to know who their offspring are--so their crimes can be punished by extermination.

If it takes three generations to wipe this trash from the earth, make sure it happens.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trolling for Prism at the NSA: Reality Check from Cyberspace.

Well, it's over.

Troll NSA, the "crash Prism" of the new decade was a resounding success in that literally tens of thousands participated in flooding the mediasphere of the United States with electronic spam today at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

However, unlike its predecessor, "Crash Echelon," this time there was no lobbing of sabots into the gears of the machinery of oppression, PRISM kept right on going.

Because it's 2013 and after a dozen years of warfare glutted payrolls to build the ultimate control grid, the crooks in charge have a pretty well-nigh unstoppable network going.

As a Federal I.T. guy told me this evening, "they use supercomputers now."

Also, PRISM, unlike the earlier and fallible Echelon, uses algorithms and sampling tables far more advanced than anything previously deployed by any government, it's content analysis capacities far exceed the abilities of a mere mass pile on of keywords to overwhelm the system.

The government boys learned from the Echelon failure, and that won't be happening again.

Still, it was a grand sight to find so many Americans willing to attempt to throw a few eggs on the face of the fascists criminals who hide behind gun-toting thugs and corrupt, paid-for politicians.

Too bad it's far too late for such easy answers. Much, much more is needed to put a hook in this fish.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Joe Bageant Predicted NSA Abuses, Collapse of Housing/Banking Bubbles in 2006

Liberal writer Joe Bageant's work: DEER HUNTING WITH JESUS, Dispatches From America's Class War, is a great read to go back and take a look at now, after the smoke has cleared. Writing after the 2000,  2004 Bush elections, his comments are revealing as to how the Democratic Party managed to regain so much ground lost to the GOPers during the Bush decade.

Though I have to disagree with some of his stated beliefs about working poor folks, his analysis is right on target when it comes to the combined interests of commerce and state working together to perpetuate the inequities that keep some poor, sick, or dead, while the other side prospers.

My main bone to pick with Joe is his bias towards Democrats and his blanket-blaming of GOPers. There's only one "party" Joe, and that CLASS of people work for the same goals no matter which flag they rally under. That's why neither "side" ever changes that nasty, status-quo for the proles who work themselves to death at the bottom of the pile.

The single, biggest, reason for Democratic Party's successes in recent years have nothing to do with the Democrats and everything to do with the previous eight years of George Bush II.

Instead of upholding liberty and the rule of law, Democrats have continued the crimes of their opponents, for the same reasons, personal aggrandizement, monopolizing of wealth and power, destruction of opposition.

It wasn't just those Rotarian Republicans in Winchester, VA. that were complicit in devaluing labor in American society Joe. And that devaluing of labor and work has continued to destroy the foundation of our national identity ever since.

Mr. Begeant longs for the worker-centered, pro-liberty, party of Roosevelt, but that Democratic Party no more exists today than does the Republican Party of Richard Nixon.

Meanwhile, yes, the working poor seem to vote against their own interests, and have little awareness beyond their daily lives, and both parties exploit this to the full. Neither is interested in having the workers wake up to how badly they are being robbed and abused and killed in this supposedly "best nation on earth."

The Dems have become the first party to kill Americans without trial or due process. The Dems have become the party of Nixonian Surveillance, and obstruction of justice and blanket government secrecy. The Democratic Party now wields the misinformation mediasphere as much or more viciously and falsely than their perpetual strawmen from the other side of the aisle ever have.

It was Democrats, not "big business" Republicans who gave us the income tax, the I.R.S., and the Fed. It was Democrats who gave us the Gulf of Tonkin false-flag and 65K dead Americans in Vietnam. It has been Democrats who, possessing a mandate from the voters to halt the crimes of Washington and punish the guilty, that have failed in every, single, campaign promise made by President Obama to end the ILLEGAL military wars and occupations, bring our military home, close Guantanamo Bay Prison, end the Patriot Act, and now their companions the NDAA, and defund and remove the DHS.

Not a one, Mr. President, six years in on your promises, and not a ONE.

Democrats gave the farm away to Wall Street, K-Street, and the Banks, with trillions of dollars in bailouts, secured by taxpayer debts. FOR WHAT? But bailout the people? You know, the folks that comprise 75% of the U.S. gross domestic product? Nah.

One has to wonder if they really are that criminally inclined, or just too bloody stupid to survive on their own.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bageant is very, very correct about the men and women who live "lives of quiet desperation," not-making-it in a world where corporations have rights, but not people. Where Sp4's are court-martialed, while CIA officers remain unpunished. Where bloggers who reveal crimes get more jail time than the rapists, or the bankers whose commit them. Where whistleblowers are systematically targeted by government hacks and agencies for financial and professional ruin, and even assassination attempts.

All while the actual criminals walk off scot-free and publicly unimpeached by either law enforcement or the complacent, useless media.

We talk about the horrors of Richard Ramirez, the Night-Stalker, who died in prison this past week, or the shooter in a restaurant who kills his family members while ignoring the feted and praised members of government who have helped murder MILLIONS yet walk free, even receiving media attention and public adoration, their crimes ignored.

Miss Ron Paul yet?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NSA! NSA! Or Cheering Our Way to the Boneyard.

It turns out at least one, secure, search-engine company has told the Prism/NSA goons to shove it. Startpage.Com, a company out of the Netherlands, is, so far, immune to the thugs of Washington and the company says it will come out with a secure Email and other network offerings in the near future. Looks like we'll all be leaving Microsoft and Google behind very soon.

In an article on the website, The Daily Caller, which has been up on the net all week, the headline screams: Immigration Bill Will Kill the GOP!

One can only hope. The death of at least one of the two (snicker) major parties is the only hope for a party that represents the interests of the American People ever gets a say again. If we can kill one, we can eventually kill the lot of these rats.

Edward Snowden, speaking of things that so far are out of the government's reach, has found support from thousands of well wishers and industry and government types, around the world. Perhaps most surprisingly, from many bloggers and Internet users in the PRC. He appears to be headed to Iceland to apply for asylum. He probably should've tried Cuba. They might drone him in Reykjavik.

And speaking of the Peoples' Republic of China, the Chinese Premier and the President went off to pal around in the sun this past week. I can't help but wonder how one must bite their tongue when discussing issues with a murdering, lying, authoritarian ruler of a police state, but I'm sure the Chinese Premier was very diplomatic with Mr. Obama. The conversation probably went something like this:

"Look Barack, baby, this is the soft visit. If we don't get the vig on that ten trillion you owe, I've got to cut something off and mail it back to your wife and kids."

"Look." "If I my organization had the authority you have, this wouldn't be such a problem. Like George Junior said awhile back, a dictatorship would be a lot easier, so long as I'm the dictator.  Give me until after the next terrorist attack, I'll close the banks, shut down this damned Internet, and declare martial law, don't worry, we'll get you your money. I'll have much greater flexibility then."

Til next time...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our "Global Police" Conspicuously Absent.

One month ago today, the Israeli government used a nuclear weapon outside of Damascus, Syria. A war crime unprecedented in modern history.

To date there has been no action by international bodies to call this crime to account. Compounding this villainy, Turkey, a shirt-tailed relation of NATO, has been caught delivering Sarin-nerve-agent to terrorists fighting the recognized government of President Assad, their neighbor.

Multiple chemical agent attacks have occurred in recent months in Syria, which the U.S. and British governments were quick to attempt to blame on the Assad regime, especially calling for military intervention by NATO forces as Syria had supposedly "crossed the line."

Then, as it turns out, it was the murdering liars at NATO that were the culprits.

No one there has been arrested, tried, or punished for these acts of terrorism using weapons of mass destruction either.

So, as we watch governments here and throughout the "free" (puke) West commit horror after outrage, as we watch the supposed enforcers of global law commit crime after crime, one is left to ask only one more question: "What do you think is an appropriate retaliation for such crimes?"

I guarantee you, millions of people throughout the Middle and Far East, are figuring that one, right now.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Government Commits Felony Crimes EVERY DAY AGAINST EVERY AMERICAN

Courtesy of

The Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The Government's Criminal Response:

 Warrantless ''National Security'' Electronic Surveillance .--In Katz v. United States, 151 Justice White sought to preserve for a future case the possibility that in ''national security cases'' electronic surveillance upon the authorization of the President or the Attorney General could be permissible without prior judicial approval. The Executive Branch then asserted the power to wiretap and to ''bug'' in two types of national security situations, against domestic subversion and against foreign intelligence operations, first basing its authority on a theory of ''inherent'' presidential power and then in the Supreme Court withdrawing to the argument that such surveillance was a ''reasonable'' search and seizure and therefore valid under the Fourth Amendment. Unanimously, the Court held that at least in cases of domestic subversive investigations, compliance with the warrant provisions of the Fourth Amendment was required. 152 Whether or not a search was reasonable, wrote Justice Powell for the Court, was a question which derived much of its answer from the warrant clause; except in a few narrowly circumscribed classes of situations, only those searches conducted pursuant to warrants were reasonable. The Government's duty to preserve the national security did not override the gurarantee that before government could invade the privacy of its citizens it must present to a neutral magistrate evidence sufficient to support issuance of a warrant authorizing that invasion of privacy. 153 This protection was even more needed in ''national security cases'' than in cases of ''ordinary'' crime, the Justice continued, inasmuch as the tendency of government so often is to regard opponents of its policies as a threat and hence to tread in areas protected by the First Amendment as well as by the Fourth. 154 Rejected also was the argument that courts could not appreciate the intricacies of investigations in the area of national security nor preserve the secrecy which is required. 155  
The question of the scope of the President's constitutional powers, if any, remains judicially unsettled. 156Congress has acted, however, providing for a special court to hear requests for warrants for electronic surveillance in foreign intelligence situations, and permitting the President to authorize warrantless surveillance to acquire foreign intelligence information provided that the communications to be monitored are exclusively between or among foreign powers and there is no substantial likelihood any ''United States person'' will be overheard. 157 
AS SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL GROWS HERE, we are left with an ever-more-clear picture of a government whose members believe themselves above the law, and rule by fiat. "Don't like it?" they say; we have guns and armies of thugs and prisons to place you in. THIS GOVERNMENT IS IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW UNDER WHICH IT EXISTS. 
These wannabee dictators. These criminal filth. Have now openly admitted they record/monitor / wiretap / surveillance monitor / SPY, on all Americans, ALL THE TIME. 
And now we know why these scum have passed imperial decrees stating America is a battlefield. YOU'RE THE ENEMY OF THEIR ILLEGAL, FASCIST, STATE.
Since governing authority BY LAW AND CHARTER rests SOLELY in the hands of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, NOT THE SITTING MEMBERS OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, these actions are little more than the CRIMINALS attempting to give themselves a rigged system of "justice" to cover their own CRIMES. 
EVERY, SINGLE, NAZI in Washington, along with their QUISLING, CRIMINAL, TRASH, is an enemy of the People of the United States. An armed, arrogant, murdering, lying, subversive piece of dog vomit. Their families should not be allowed to live in safety in any community inside our borders. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our first correction and some follow up.

The other day I started a post on Miss Sarah Murnaghan by stating: "in the U.K." I should've double checked the story, because Miss Sarah is a from here in the United States. (Having seen other stories about her, I didn't bother to check the one I was getting my information from, I must hereby print this correction).
Just goes to show you how dicey things on the Internet can still be.

On the upside, the young lady is now eligible for a life-saving lung transplant that she had been denied because of procedural rules that banned children from the adult donor lists.

Prayers all around for her and her family.

As for the other story, the one about our wannabee Nazi guy from New Jersey--it seems the courts may yet allow him visitation with his children, which goes to show you that sometimes the legal system can be far more considerate than this jackass was.

I can only imagine the judge would allow him visitation because of his children. No doubt it will be supervised.

Our West Virginia Journalism professor whose killer comments about the NRA and TEA Partiers landed him in hot water is reportedly in danger of losing his teaching position.

I kind of doubt it, but we will see how it works out. I always take the classic view that I might disagree with what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it to the death.

However, it would be a good laugh if all these politically correct so-named liberals were forced to axe one of their own because of their own zero-tolerance policies against "hate speech."

Have to go, more later.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Typical American Foibles in the News: OMG We Must Look Like Idiots Abroad.

Recent items in the national newsfeed:

A Journalism Professor at Marshall University in West Virginia got his self into hot water after posting a rant on the Internet calling for the murder of NRA Members and such things. He made it even more off the wall by commenting on how the Federal Government would use F22's and tanks to quell armed Americans who resist predation by a criminal government.

My guess is he's now learning how great a place for nuanced dialogue and commentary the Internet and American Education can be right now. As for attacking gun owners and NRA folks, he probably should have remembered he lives and works in West Virginia. Oh, he also said WVA folks needed to graduate more college students--calling the state's populace "a disgrace."

In other news, a thirty-something father whose children have been removed from his custody after he named his children after the Nazi leadership of the Third Reich and The Aryan Nations (yes, he did name one of his children Adolf Hitler), was back in court for a hearing to determine his visitation with his kids....

He showed up wearing a German-styled, grey and black Nazi uniform from WWII. In family court....

No matter what you think about his politics and beliefs, let's examine his conduct. One, it's really, really stupid to wear the uniform of a Nazi German officer when you're actually some guy from New Jersey, in America, in 2013. When I first saw the headline I thought the man might be protesting typical anti-father bias in the family court system, but such was definitely NOT the case here.

Just a thought, it makes no sense to wear the uniform of an army you never belonged to. I suppose, his being an American National Socialist makes him feel entitled to such a stunt--well, actually it's not only outrageously offensive to everyone here in America for you sir, to wear the uniform of an American enemy into a courtroom while petitioning said folks for relief, but it's even more offensive to the German people across the pond.

You know sir, those folks whose historical figures from the great war you claim to admire. You are not a German, you have never served in the Wehrmacht (and you would be about 90 years old now if you had). Unless you're doing an historical reenactment or shooting an Indiana Jones movie, wearing a German Nazi uniform is just plain ignorant.

I don't have to tell you the court didn't look too kindly on him. The man said he was a dad, and wanted the court to let him be one to his children.

Well sir, a father would have had the considerations of his children above his own petty temper tantrums. A father might even consider if bringing up his children in a home were hatred and violence were considered virtuous was a good thing or not.

Where's Jerry Springer when you need him?

Why Are Government Members Getting Unlimited Healthcare for Life?

In the U.K., a ten-years-old girl named Sarah Murnaghan is dying of cystic fibrosis and can't get a lung transplant because the government regulations there won't permit it.

That's right, the government in the U.K. decides if you can get medical care or not.

Actually, we have a similar system here, where access to medical care is blocked unless one goes through an endless set of hoops with referrals and permissions and the correct medical insurance coverage.

Of course, our government's legislators and employees have far better insurance and healthcare than the rest of us. Senators, members of Congress and the rest essentially have unlimited health coverage at no cost to themselves, for life.

That's right, YOU pay for these guys pretty much no matter what the costs or problem.

Meanwhile, everyone else dies.

Quite frankly, I don't know of anything more expendable than a member of government. Easily replaced and pretty much not worth the money at any time in their careers.

Unless it's the money paid out by private interests to bribe their way into writing their own legislation.

Time to place the government on the same health system the rest of us DON'T live with.

Dying of Poverty in America: Dying from Completely Preventable Causes.

A man who has been effectively unemployed for almost two years tells his true story. He was not an alcoholic or drug abuser, he lived most of his life doing regular jobs and living on the bottom rung of American economic life. Suddenly  nine months ago, he as he approached fifty years of age, his body began to, for lack of a better word, fail. He attributed the sometimes crippling back pain and other problems to a litany of injuries from hard labor and a very active physical lifestyle.

It turned out his kidneys had been damaged. Finally managing to get some medical attention from a local clinic, he was told he had some health problems but nothing to serious. He changed his habits and diet and his symptoms alleviated, but he was still unemployed and living on a small check month to month.

When his savings ran out, he could no longer buy the vegetables and fruit that had made up his vegetarian diet. With food costs rising monthly, and his savings gone, he went and received food stamps to help him have enough food to get through the month.

He was no longer able to afford a plain diet of vegetables and fruits. To his chagrin, he said it was surprising to realize that processed foods and meat were far cheaper than the simple, healthy food his body required.

He now continues to try and get work and attempts to eat as well as he can, but his symptoms return whenever he's forced to either eat meat and starches, or have no meals at all. His friends help him, but they eat a typical local diet, which leaves him with few options.

As for medical care, despite getting better insurance, simply getting to see a doctor is a maddening chore. He can call his clinic, and maybe someone will answer. Then, they might even forward his call to the offices of his medical professional (not a doctor), then no one will answer and nothing ever gets done. The only time he gets a medical visit is if he travels an hour one way to the clinic and physically makes one, then, as he says, "the last time I made a return visit appointment, but I could never get the tests I needed scheduled, so there was nothing for me to do when my appointment came. The clinic charged me twenty-five bucks for not making the appointment, but never set-up my medical tests as they were supposed to."

Aggravating the situation was the fighting over bills that his insurance was supposed to cover but delayed or refused to pay, leading to him having to attempt to call around and get things worked out with various medical facilities and try to handle the often multiple billings for the same procedure that would come every few weeks. Meanwhile some of the bills went to collections and then they had to be dealt with until the insurance finally paid.

All of this results in a lot of running around and never getting any actual medical care. Meanwhile, once his kidneys fail, the government's own medical insurance will pay for everything he requires, but he'll receive that care only after it does him little or no medical good whatsoever. He has already told his friends and Medical Care Professional that he won't be considering dialysis or other measures.

So this man is dying, quite literally, even while in possession of medical insurance and in one of the most advanced nations on earth, simply because the only care he will evidently ever actually get, is life or death care after it's too late to save his health.

Like I said, not a drunk or a druggie, this formerly active and athletic man is now watching his own body change into a corpse as the months drag on, without the income or the ability to get the simple, basic, things he requires to live a normal and full life.

Poverty kills.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The American Government: Anti-Semitic?

In all the flustering about, the apologists for the administration in Washington have decided to flippantly disregard the abuses of the DOJ and the Internal Revenue Service as mere partisan rhetoric creating mountains out of the proverbial molehills. After all, they say, it was only a few, white, conservative groups that were the targets of these illegal molestations and de nadie mas.

Except it wasn't just a few TEA Party or Libertarian activists that were targeted. Prominently placed among the others were several African-American and Jewish organizations.

One has to ask why the myriad of African-American and Jewish interests groups and civil rights defenders haven't managed to show up on these outrages?

I can't imagine any of the regular media pundits who crusade against racist offenses elsewhere being absent when a organ of the quasi-federal state (actually a private series of banks and enforcement firms), commit offense after offense, seeking to disenfranchise and intimidate or financially ruin Blacks and Jews.

For you see, that's exactly what occurred here.

I've seen neither A.I.P.A.C. nor the WSJ, nor any prominent African-American spokesperson step up to pummel these cretins for their crimes.

Alas, a few crusading legal eagles from the ACLU have jumped onboard in an attempt to help some of the victims, but why haven't the shiny, well-paid and funded, protectors of these folks interests come forward?

Maybe they're afraid to. The I.R.S. has an unlimited treasury and all the rigged courts it needs. Don't like my aspersions? Maybe you can tell me where the Constitution permits a extra-governmental court system ruled by the edict of "guilty until proven innocent."

Every I.R.S. action is a criminal act in violation of the charter for this government. It's extra-constitutional court system, created because,"we can't have violators getting away," is an organized suspension of your legal rights, run by the Federal Reserve, the private banking interests you pay your taxes to.

That's right little citizens, you don't pay the government taxes, nor the treasury, you pay the privately-owned, unregulated and unsupervised, Federal Reserve Banks your tax monies. Get over it.

And in those privately-run court rooms, you're presumed guilty and the burden of proof of innocence is on you. Meanwhile, these non-legal courts can steal your property, confiscate your earnings, jail you in the Federal penal system, or otherwise do whatever the hell they want.

And folks wonder why someone would get so upset over abuses by this agency?

President Barack Obama has done nothing to those who have openly and viciously committed racially-based hate crimes against whites (the NBPP case with our favorite felon, AG Holder is a prime example), and now has shown his administration's open hatred for Jewish interests as well, but that's not all, because this administration has also engaged in targeting African-Americans who dare to disagree with it. Hey, it looks as if the long promised and never delivered racial equality of government under Obama has almost been achieved.

They'll abuse, threaten, and put a gun to the head of anyone...anyone, and little Federal Government supporter? That includes you and yours.

Just because you're "okay" now because your not on "the wrong side" doesn't mean you won't be next time.

It's time for criminal prosecutions and the dismantling of the current tax and currency system.

You know, obeying the law for a change.

When I discovered Israeli-Government links, promoting and funding World Net Daily and several other think-tanks and media outfits, covering huge swaths of the Internet media industry, I wasn't surprised when the U.S. government quietly admitted that Jewish groups were targets of hostile federal actions. Make no mistake about it, Israeli interests are being targeted as anti-the-current-administration.

Perhaps it's time for A.I.P.A.C., and the Jewish Obama supporters during both elections, to make their presence felt in the oval office about these matters.

Before the next round of abuses becomes a problem.

Follow up Note from Yesterday, or, God Still Has a Great Sense of Humor.

Wading through email today, I found another one of those mass mailings from the White House that I get every week, the title of the fundraising solicitation? FAITH.

If Government is what you place faith in, you're more deluded than some fetish-worshiper who carved the hearts out of living critters to ensure the sun would rise the next day.

Anything that Humans attempt to replace God with is nothing more than the grossest idolatry. If your faith lies with a bunch of murdering, lying, thieving criminals in some wannabee imperial capitol, then you deserve your' fate when the results of that religious practice comes' round.

Why don't you do a quick search on "the faith of the Third Reich" and see your futures.

Some Thoughts

As a literary kind of guy, I find myself reading a good deal of folks like Eric Hoffer, or Studs Terkel, or othersuch cultural observers--and I often find a passage that "nails it," as they say.

I recently commented on one of the coauthors of How Nations Fail speaking at Harvard University. There's a book I'd recommend to anyone whose serious about taking a hard look at what's going on in Western society today.

I've heard that Zinn's History of America is being used in public schools around the country. I don't really agree with that, simply because public school students are unlikely to get a good understanding of the text in a typical course of instruction. Just because a text is simply written does not mean it is suitable for children's study.

Still, I appreciate and admire Zinn's works, and would highly recommend him to adult readers.

I left my last posting up for a few days and went about my business. Sometimes, you need to reflect awhile on events and gather information, especially after writing a piece that encompasses the breadth and scope of the last one. I was walking down the sidewalk and pondering things when something one of my recently read authors had said gave me a "eureka!" moment.

Often figuring how to say something is far more difficult than knowing what you need to say.

I was thinking about the mass movement that surrounded President Obama's election campaigns and his first four years in office.

If as Hoffer wrote, people join mass movements to be part of something much greater than themselves, then the essence of such movements is spiritual, or psyche-driven. This goes back to our last blog posting, where I described the failure of the new prophets of the scientific-state that came into existence at the end of the 19th C. The "scientific state" isn't about science: it's about FAITH.

Whether tribes or nations, states use mythologies to create narratives and define identities. As an example, Zinn's historical works are an attempt to get past some of the old and long-cherished mythological narratives about America's presence on the world-stage and get to a more nuanced and honest account of historical events as they actually occurred.

As I wrote in The President Barack H. Obama Birth Certificate Controversy and the New Media, there were two types of anger directed at anyone who questioned or was critical of the then newly-minted political candidate's politics, personal history, associations, or character. The first was the anger of a people frustrated by decades of abuse and denigration at the hands of those that held the reins of political and economic power, and the second was an anger of religious fervor.

The scientific-state, isn't scientific, it's religious. There's an Utopian vision for a long-term goal for some future generation as yet unborn, as well as more measurable, short-term and immediate goals to mark the rising power of the new faith's followers.

As Hoffer states, the closer the mass movement comes to success, the more vigorously the movement drives to achieve victory.

In recent months, the once cocky and smugly self-assured movement surrounding Obama has found itself buried in the mire of an unending swamp of corruption, violence, lies, and criminality. Though still threatening to the safety and continuity of a free, lawful, American republic, neither Obama nor his "progressive" movement has much political or social capital left to spend anymore.

They simply haven't delivered the goods.

A corrupt state wishes to replace God, the Eternal Deity, with itself. The naturalistic humanist wishes to replace God with his own self. The corrupt religious-political leader seeks to wield God's authority and fear as their own.

The reason the scientific-states of the early 20th C failed is rooted in this very fault. Humankind, in its depraved, amoral state, indeed is incapable of creating such a mechanistic society--a clock that runs without God--and now it appears that America's apostasy and the arrogance of empire have placed our own selves on histories' chopping block for a quick trim.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Eric Hoffer and the Endgame

Been reading Eric Hoffer of late, his seminal work True Believer was published right at the end of the Second World War, and at the start of the Soviet/NATO blocs cold-war threat. For those of you who've never heard of Mr. Hoffer, I enthusiastically recommend his works.

Eric Hoffer was a hobo. That's right, he tramped the nation from border to border, riding freight trains. He had little or no formal education, preferring to educate himself, and rising to a level of intellectual work that most formal academics never manage to arrive at. He authored several works, TB being perhaps the shortest  in his canon. His book was a favorite of then President Eisenhower--who gave several copies away to members of his cabinet and congress.

Hoffer deals quite a bit with the motivations for mass movements and how the individual's psyche and perceptions of classes and rewards affect the success for failure of these movements. He makes some very blunt and unflattering remarks about why societies succumb to the irresponsibility of the mass movement and its inevitably charismatic leader.

Irresponsibility...a good word to consider when looking at why your average American can don their daily get-up and go to work for some government agency that repeatedly and viciously abuses their fellow American citizens, while disregarding the rule of law and perhaps callously ruining people's lives or even killing innocents, whether here or abroad, lest the "mission" fail.

Hoffer states that ultimately most of the functionaries who ran the concentration camps of the Third Reich, or the Gulags of the Stalinist system felt little or no empathy or guilt over their activities, despite their criminality and brutality. After all, they had joined the Utopian drive for their thousand-year-state or their worker's paradise in order to transcend their own selves and become something greater. Hoffer states that this selflessness is really a narcissistic self-delusion used to defend the self and overcome the members' feelings of failure or inadequacy. Hoffer's other references to the various personalities that become members of the masses that range from the barely supportive to the criminally fanatic are not flattering to read. Humans are not the noble savages of Rousseau in Hoffer's observations, in fact, they're not even good savages.

Among the earliest types of leadership that Hoffer describes in the steps to creating a sustaining, mass-movement are academic types in various vocations. Hoffer seems to feel that creativity is one of the individuals' greatest means to fulfillment, and that stunted or forcibly blocked creatives were gatekeepers to the violence inherent in these revolutionary movements during their early days. He also noted that creative output itself in a society drops precipitously at this stage, as the creatives and academics energies are siphoned off for the manufacturing of movement-centered art and media.

But why talk about Mr. Hoffer's theories? Well, I think that his observations remain quite applicable to what's left of American society today. There are several, competing narratives loose upon the empire, and several attempts to raise just such a mass movement within the national borders to the ends desired by whichever group is doing the work. Some of his more interesting observations concluded that when economic and political situations improve in a nation, then is the time that a reactionary movement is most likely to succeed. The abjectly poor are unlikely to rise up at all, as they are too busy trying to stay alive to cause trouble for the ruling castes, but give them a little bit of what others are perceived as having, and the genie is out of that proverbial bottle.