Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hiatus and Thanks To Everyone!

Well it's come to pass, and I must lay down my blogging tools and return to the ivory towers of academia.

It has been a blast, with folks from over 15 nations and as many as 1K to 2K readers stopping by a month.

I wish to thank of all you, but I don't get paid to do this, and I can't spend the average of over 24 hours analyzing the news cycle and web it takes for me to produce a single column, along with the four or more hours it takes to write and edit same.

I have to work and make a living like everyone else.

So in deference to my students and employers for the upcoming fall semesters (I work at multiple institutions), I will be saying adieu to "Offshored" for the next several months.

Here then is my final column, and updates. Mahalo Nui.

The powers that be amongst the Rockefeller globalists are experiencing problems--big problems. You see, several of their old-line guard are coming out in opposition to the New American Century plan that was originally conceived by the CATO Institute back in the 1980s.

This split in the upper echelons of the inner party bodes nothing good for the wannabee world elites of tomorrow.

In fact, having failed or barely succeeded in all their recent rapes and pillaging about the globe, the FUKUS-Axis-backed fascists are beginning to see that humanity has quite a differing opinion of who should be permitted governance than they do, and these views are not compatible with each other.

They will not be removed without difficulty, the struggle ahead will continue to be quite vicious. It is a struggle for the survival of free men and women, and the continuation of democracy on the earth.

But to paraphrase HST: at one point, you could look to the mountains of the western Rockies and see the point where the wave broke; the high water mark of a movement that died that day.

Bankrupt, corrupt, and publicly exposed worldwide as the murdering, criminal, thugs they are; there is no social capital left for these guys to exploit, no phony wars nor cartoon-character villains to scare us with, no manufactured threats and false-flag attacks they can scam the populace over any more.

John Kerry, one of the repeating Washington administrators and war criminals who should be swinging from a wire kicking his way into hell, was quoted this week as saying that the Internet made governing much more difficult.

What he was saying is that truth makes it hard to lie and get away with it.

By the way, Mr. War Criminal Kerry, you represent, the People of the United States govern, fuck. Don't like it? Too bad, that's how the charter that permits you to exist was written.

We will overcome.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Recovery and Restoration IS Coming: But Not For The Globalists

The flurry of activity of the last weeks in the power centers of the FUKUS empire has led to report after report, none of which are encouraging for liberty or justice loving folks.

Police murdering Americans is now so commonplace it happens every few days. Police assaults and abuses of citizens in routine, daily encounters are now daily fodder for national news.

The political spin and lies surrounding the Obama White House, the extra-constitutional crimes of government, and the breakdown of the rule of law in the very fabric of how our legal system operates is no longer a secret, nor do they attempt to even conceal the naked criminality and violence of their thug system.

The proxy wars in the Middle East and North Africa are abject failures; even when the FUKUS pulls a  "win" out of the jaws of brutal failure, like in Libya, they soon find that the benefits of their "success" are as ephemeral as the mirage of the unstoppable police state these criminals have constructed.

There is quite strangely, very good news to be had from all this mess.

First, it looks like there will be a recovery in the U.S. and other economies.

Next, there is also going to be a collapse in the U.S. and other economies.

But it's not who you think, or whom the naysayers have been predicting.

The pseudo-aristocracy tried so hard to seize control of America--they really did--and with money and media at their disposal, they've also militarized and set up the DHS, TSA, Federalized Police forces as their army of blackshirts to brutalize and attack American citizens, literally beating them in the streets and killing them in their homes.

They thought they were going to pull it off.

For those of you who doubt where this analysis of events comes from, let me ask you a question.

If the wannabee aristocracy possesses all this power and control, why haven't they made their move?

They were planning to, and they really wanted to.

What happened?

Well, it was a variety of threats and events, and to sum it up in a quick descriptor, it goes like this:

Once the army is in the streets, whomever controls the army, owns the banks.

A counterrevolutionary push has begun within the very ranks of what wanted to be the ruling elites, and the leadership of the much of their military and police forces, along with rank and file cops and soldiers, are with them.

For you see, that blackshirted, federalized, police officer faced the reality of attempting to force 200 million armed Americans to obey the illegal mandates that strip them of their rights and property. No standing army in the world would attempt such an occupation.

While the wannabees try out various tactics to incrementally coerce us into their slaughter pens like the dumb cattle they believe you and your children to be, the boots on the grounds' assessments don't look so good.

So there is going to be a recovery in America and perhaps other significant portions of the West as well.

And there is also going to be a collapse in America and perhaps other significant portions of the West as well.

But the recovery is going to be in the mass of America and other nation states, where real goods like food, energy, and resources are created.

Likewise, the collapse isn't going to be the much hyped, mass events of recent doomsday scenarios.

The collapse is coming to the manipulators and speculators of the fiat currency system and their "little Eichmanns" in public office.

It's far better for one man to die for the sake of the people, than for the nation to perish....

The "haircut" coming for these crooks looks a lot more like Marie Antoinette's than Richard Nixon's.

Chop, chop.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Only in Hawaii

There's a ton of stuff in the news, from police abuses to sectarian violence, to good old government malfeasance.

Screw it, here's a story about what happened when I went to the bookstore.

The bookstore near my home is a survivor, and a treasure to the community. It does a brisk business and is both convenient, and far enough off the tourist' path, to make going there enjoyable. It reminds me of the once plentiful book retailers I used to spend hours in during my college years of the 1990s, before the economics of Amazon bulldozed the retail industry.

I even spent one semester working for a book distribution center that packaged and moved book orders between retailers and distributors while attending college in Alabama, where one could not go to class and spend the day drinking chocolate and playing chess at the bookstore instead.

Now, thanks to Starbucks, I can still get a decent chocolate at my local bookstore, but the comfortable ambiance and the chessboards are long gone. Still, it's a nice place to spend an hour, and run into folks like our former Governor, or my ex-history professor from UH who now chairs a political talk show on PBS.

But sometimes things happen that remind you that still you live Hawaii.

I walked into the men's room. The men's room at the store is well kept and upscale, with a large print by a famous local photographer of a Hula dancer on the wall.

I opened the stall door and found the following:

SAND: the entire five foot by eight foot area, toilet included, was completed covered by a fine layer of beach sand. How it got there is uncertain, swimsuit shakeout? Homeless guy's backpack? Someone's souvenir bag of Waikiki sand (made in China), busted?  In one corner, a well-worn black zori--rubba slippahs or "flip flop" to mainlanders--was tossed aside on the now gritty, white tiled floor. In front of the toilet, next to the wall, lay a copy of the Kama Sutra (1001 positions!), illustrated with clear, color photographs of a young couple who had rather enthusiastically thrown themselves into their work.


Oh well, with the store only a quick half-hour bus ride from the beach and a large street population of mainly young guys drifting around town, sometimes things are bound to occur.

Still lucky you live Hawaii.

The store, despite making great sales, is slated to be removed by the owners of the mall so a discount retail clothing store can move in. That would mean no more bookstores anywhere on our side of the island. The remaining franchise bookstore is located in the middle of the largest shopping mall in Honolulu, down the tourist strip on Nimitz Highway; a huge, high-end retailer maze of fifty buck a meal restaurants and thousand-dollar designer outlets.

The bookstore there is dirtier, louder, overrun with a constant stream of visitors and their families, and the location is in far worse condition.

There's little there that would attract local buyers to the store.

As an aside, their bathrooms look like something out of a fight scene in the eighties movie, "The Warriors."


You won't find an state leaders or local pundits browsing that mass consumer hog trough.

Nor do you see many local folks over the age of 18 there either.

But that's living here in paradise, where established local businesses often go out, but not for lack of business. They go out because landlords have all the say in our land-poor, rents high city center.

Night everyone...

Monday, August 5, 2013

1860, 2001 and 1984....

Many scholars of American history have grappled with the rise of the counterrevolutionary, american state. While many point to the adoption of the constitution and the removal of the articles of confederation in 1787 as the first, real push by the counterrevolutionary forces of capital, embodied at the time by Alexander Hamilton and company, the constitutional convention placed such a system of checks on government that little could actually be accomplished to force the idea of a central government forward.

Until the middle of the 19th century, that is.

By 1850, the disagreement and rancor between the agrarian, slave-labor based states of the South, and the rapidly industrializing (and yet many slave-owning), Northern states had reached the point of apartheid. Once the moderate statesman of his day, Henry Clay, died, his 1850 compromise was doomed, as both abolitionist and pro-slavery forces battled for control of every new territory added in the American west. On the eve of the presidential elections of 1860, following the massacres of "bloody Kansas," most people had openly declared that either war or the disintegration of the union was a forgone conclusion.

When highly unpopular Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected president, both sides raised an uproar.

Lincoln was so unpopular a choice, that he was smuggled into Washington D.C. disguised as a woman, due to threats on his life from both sides of the bitterly divided body politic.

You might have heard this story before, but if not, let's explain why it's so important to our discussion.

You see, there actually was very little likelihood of an organized plot to assassinate Lincoln at all.

And this rumor that became a "threat" the government had to deal with, became the incubator for the modern, extra-constitutional police state.

The Feds of the day had no such police organs that were "up to the task" of preventing a conspiracy against the new president (as history would show four years later), nor did the small, national government of 1860 possess the intelligence network to gather such information. Intelligence work in the mid 19th century fell to the War Office, and dealt with the rather mundane affairs of military work, while other forms of traditional espionage were the realm of the Embassy, where Ambassadors had informants and "agents" who collected information on our neighbors overseas.

But following the election of 1860, the War Office received a letter warning of the conspiracy to kill Lincoln from a source they could not easily dismiss.

The Pinkerton Detective Agency.

The Pinkertons were a group of professional security and espionage agents who made their living off industrial security and spying. Pinkerton had grown wealthy and powerful protecting the interests of the robber barons in the railroads, shipping, and extraction industries that were booming across the American  continent. The Pinkertons were not above murder or extortion to get their way, and it's not known how many were murdered by the agency in the decades prior to and after the Civil War.

Conservative estimates vary, most claim a few hundred to a few thousand.

Pinkerton and his thugs were also not above blackmail or kidnapping, and used both to extort what they wanted from the wealthy and powerful, sometimes "hiring" law enforcement officers or federal marshals when it suited their cause.

In 1860 though, Pinkerton was in danger of being ousted from his rather cozy relationships and also desperately needed some friends who could provide legal protection for his outfit, as word of his crew's murderous tendencies had begun to fill headlines in the news reports.

Much like Blackwater in our own day, Pinkerton did what any cutthroat does when he feels the noose slipping around his own neck, he goes legit.

Whereas Blackwater, or XM, or whatever they're calling themselves today hooked up with elements of the CIA to provide much needed legitimacy and legal protections, the mercenary hoodlums of the gaslight era also wanted to join the government fold.

But in 1860, the Secret Service was little more than a military bodyguard, and there was no CIA.

Pinkerton figured that no good crisis should go to waste.

But first, he had to create the crisis.

And so he did, by creating the threat of a conspiracy to assassinate the president-elect and using his connections and status to get his "report" of this threat to the head of the War Department in D.C.

The Generals bought the sales job, hook, line, and sinker.

Pinkerton was hired as a government contractor to assess and report on the threat to the new president, and charged with the task of  using his army of security specialists to bring the new president safely to the White House.

A better scam could not have been created, nor more successful.

Pinkerton used its growing government powers to shield itself and increase both the agencies reach and influence. Eventually Pinkerton employed thousands of employees and received revenues equivalent to tens of millions in modern-day dollars.

Pinkerton couldn't prevent the real conspiracy that assassinated President Lincoln in 1865, but by that time, no one remembered why Pinkerton had been hired in the first place.

This week, as our embassies worldwide are shutdown under threat of "attack" by Al Qaeda, we should note that a fake threat is often a better excuse than a real one.

There's been a string of "accidental" destruction across the United States for months now. Factories, Chemical Plants, Pipelines, and Heavy Industries have been destroyed by explosions and fires, yet the public is expected to believe that all these events are just unfortunate circumstances and nothing more. Despite the facts that more of these events have occurred in the last year than have occurred in the previous seven decades combined.

We are also supposed to forget we have been at war continually now for over a dozen years--yet our "enemy" is not only supposedly still poised to rain havoc on our bases and embassies in a dozen nations--but we, with our advanced, military and intelligence assets literally strangling the world, cannot prevent them nor secure the safety of our people.

Prepare yourselves for what Washington will attempt to justify next.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

When They Came for Ward Churchill: Eight Years Later

I don't know how you feel about Professor Ward Churchill. Most of you will probably only dimly recall some of the more notorious claims made against him back in 2005, claims made in the wake of an essay he wrote in 2001 titled, "Chickens Coming Home to Roost."

In the now probably forgotten furor over this essay, Mr. Churchill was vilified and removed from his tenured position at the University of Colorado for calling some of the people who were killed in the September 11 attacks "little Eichmanns."

I would suggest anyone interested in what Mr. Churchill actually said, and what happened to him afterwards, click on over to YouTube and see the documentary whose name I borrowed for the the title of this article, [When They Came for Ward Churchill].

I was watching the documentary again recently, as Mr. Churchill's legal fight just ended this summer. A strange legal bout it was too.

Mr. Churchill was found not to have committed any of the alleged academic or other suspected "violations" he had been accused of.

The University of Colorado was found to have fired Mr. Churchill illegally, in violation of contract.

Mr. Churchill had not asked for a monetary settlement, in fact hadn't wanted one; he received an award from the courts of one dollar (1.00).

The State of Colorado refused to reinstate Mr. Churchill, despite the finding of unlawful firing and despite the finding that he had never committed an academic "violation" of any kind.

Representatives of the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) stated that the attacks on Mr. Churchill was just the beginning of a nation-wide push against academia who dared oppose the then Bush administrations' policies in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Almost a decade later, it appears all their predictions have come true with the current administration--in spades.

Going over several of Mr. Churchill's recorded speaking engagements and interviews, one quickly realizes how erudite and well spoken he is. That a man of his intellectual caliber could so easily be smeared and marginalized is chilling.

As for his detractors who attempted to discredit his ties to the Native American Movement and peoples, I have to say, that if race is truly a social construct, then blood quantum of one's ancestry has nothing to do with the identity of an individual who lives and works in a given ethnic community.

In Native American accounts, there have often been adoptions of people from other groups and races. These people, having been accepted into the community, become part of that indigenous group. As for the truth or falsehood of Mr. Churchill having an actual Native American progenitor, many white families, especially those of Appalachian and Mid-Western descent, have familial claims of Indigenous ancestors. Whether these are true or not was often difficult to determine prior to the new genetic testing technologies that have recently become available.

This story was used against Mr. Churchill as though he had used a false claim of Native Ancestry to procure a tenured position at university--which never happened.

Unlike a certain United States Senator, who was found to have no Indigenous ancestry, yet claimed such to gain entrance to the Ivy League.

She, the Senator in question who committed this offense, still has her position and benefits, her university has not recalled her degree.  Mr. Churchill, who committed no such offense, does not.

The Supreme Court of the State of Colorado, while admitting that Mr. Churchill was fired illegally, ruled that the board of regents at the university has a "quasi-governmental" protection from civil or criminal actions.

Excuse me? Meanwhile, the Court also said it would not order Mr. Churchill's reinstatement, despite the finding of fault with the University of Colorado.

This summer, the Supreme Court of the United States turned down Mr. Churchill's case.

Looking back over these events from the distance of a decade away--and long after the post 9-11 world of the Bush Administration--one can only shake one's head.

For while they got rid of Mr. Churchill, none of his detractors were ever able to dispute the truth of what he said.

And be it indigenous, minority, poor, or the marginalized, nothing looks any better for the forgotten and forcibly silenced people of America today, than it did in 2005.

In fact, it's far worse...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Shell Game Gets Old Fellas

The 107th Congress and Senate of the United States consisted of an even 50/50 split of Senators between the Democratic and Republican Parties, and a House division of 212 Dems to 221 GOPers, with two independents who generally voted with the GOP.

We had a GOP Executive Branch and a Conservative Majority Supreme Court.

This is the government that voted for the Patriot Act, wars in the Middle East, and the NSA/Surveillance and police state (federalization of police), that became the continuing, illegal, criminal state as it exists today.

So forgive me, astro-turfed, fake opposition, media, if I don't applaud your "support the GOPers or else," line of crap.

Perhaps we should be asking how supposedly liberal Democrats voted for these things when they were clearly numerically able to stymie any such actions.

From 2001 til today, Republicans were only out of power in Washington for TWO YEARS, during the 111th Congress, from 2009-2010, when GOPers numbered only 41 Senators and 178 Representatives, and of course, the newly-elected administration of President Barack H. Obama was in its' honeymoon phase with the world.

A world that would wake up a couple years later to the horrors, crimes, abuses, bloodshed, of what the Federal Government of America had transformed itself into, while feeding the war profiteers in and out of public office with both fists.

When the screams of the murdered and mutilated from the excrement-smeared walls of Iraqi, Afghan, and other "black site" prisons wasn't enough to derail the criminals in D.C., and lead to their prosecution by our own, duly-sworn, "law enforcement" (snicker), we had whistleblowers and activists rise up from both sides of the political spectrum, from a mother of a slain soldier camping in a ditch outside George Bush's ranch in Texas, to Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden today.

Almost 15 years of scores of Americans risking violence, imprisonment, abuse, and death at the hands of their own countrymen and government, and still not a single, major, offender of any rank or position has been brought to justice to this day.

Along the way, as administrations changed hands, we saw the vast majority of those who claimed to care abut the rule of law and lawful government go home, after all, they couldn't attack "their side," now could they? We've even witnessed the emergence of paid government operations, employing hundreds of individuals, some of which were run out of office buildings across the street from the White House, that spread lies, propaganda and attacks on anyone who dared question the new pseudo-aristocracy.

We've seen frauds perpetuated by government and its new ally, media, ranging from the capture and rescue of an American soldier from the hills of West Virginia, to covering up the death of a national football hero and Army Ranger--along with countless more such "stories"--and yet no one in our congress or senate, and certainly no one in our federal law enforcement, supreme court, or military, has deigned to rise up and prosecute the members of our government and military responsible for these crimes.

They are crimes, plainly defined so by the laws of the very state they violate. Where are the prosecutions?

So the next time you hear some plaintive call to "vote for our guy" less the forces of evil overwhelm the republic, just remember this:

Unless you're a member of an international banking cartel or a defense contractor, there is no "our guy."