Saturday, March 9, 2013

Are You Being Manipulated?

Wow, the media on both sides of the fence is continuing to push their favorites, with no signs of abating anytime soon. So today I thought I'd write some observations on just what they do from the perspective of someone whose watched them for the last half century now.

Let's start with the status quo boys on the "progressive" side. They represent the current in-fashion, and in-power, grouping of greed and murder that's running the organs of state in America; or in other words, the socially acceptable criminals. What they wish to do, supposedly, is to force through some very badly needed reformation in our current social contract. What they are doing, however, is merely reinforcing the crimes of their pet interests in open violation of law and custom. Thinking themselves superior to the rest of the masses,  and needing what you have to stay alive since they produce almost nothing of actual value, they consider a slave state to be just fine and dandy, as long as their the ruling class and not the slaves. To accomplish this they'll rig any institution, lie, steal, murder, and block legal redress--all for the team, you know.

The problems with attempting to change the American social contract are twofold: one, the mechanisms that are lawfully available are prejudiced against making changes to the most basic rights and freedoms of Americans, and two, to do so lawfully requires a majority of citizens to agree to do so. These obstacles make these kinds of changes almost impossible to achieve, though we have done so, even if it took a civil war and a major civil rights movement to accomplish most of them. Where these folks have gone off the rails is, they now have attempted to create a monopoly of force under the control of a tiny portion of the national state which would allow them to make any such desired changes literally at gunpoint to the head of Americans, and if it takes armed, criminal, state thugs breaking into private homes, using murder and threats to grow their monopoly on power, well that's just fine by them ( gotta break those eggs to make that New Deal omelet, eh Stalinistas?).

The courts, law enforcement, and legislatures have done little to protect the country, preferring to sell out for power and toys. I guess Santayana was right, since the final result of any nation which goes down this road is well known, and the retaliation is catastrophic; think Mussolini hanging by his heels, or former Party leaders being burned while hanging from lamp posts. To counter this, these historical optimists, have devised a new, technologically advanced "control grid," that they seem to think will empower their new Gestapo while the people fill the prison camps, chain any dissenters, and dig the mass graves for their own children. Of course the elites will live as any good ruling class should, and their Brownshirts will too.

Do you see the narrative yet? From discussing the intentions and abuses of the Left, we have suddenly arrived at the reactionary narrative used by the so-called Right; one that's replayed a hundred times a day in the mass media and the new media, by folks who are getting quite rich from it. Meanwhile, several of these self-defined upholders of the American way, are in reality paid outlets for propaganda financed by private corporate interests, or in some cases, governments both those allied and those opposed to the United States and our current Constitutional freedoms and limitations.

Both counter to, and existing with that narrative is one of resistance and violent revolution. Civil War is coming, from anytime now to within the next one-hundred years, according to this narrative.  This storyline is very compelling for firing up opposition and selling lots of stuff (and after all, that's a big part of all these narratives), and making folks on this side of the aisle, also very rich.

So let us turn off the cacophony of the useless media (it's for profit too, in case you've somehow forgotten, and in no way actually interested in truth or discourse), and discuss the impetus for most of this rancor in a few, short lines of prose.

The so-named Left, wants some things that are probably very necessary for American society to advance and become more free, more tolerant, and more honest. They fail in that you cannot attempt to do so in a free society by gaming, cheating, or robbing the country to accomplish those changes. These are crimes, and criminals deserve punishment, not accommodation. While we're on it, we cannot be a nation of two-sets of laws: either we have law or we do not, and ALL CITIZENS, despite their position or status, must be subject to the same laws and enforcement thereof. When we see this taking place, the legitimacy of the left's ideas will be greatly improved and find much more public acceptance for change.

The so-named Right, has beat the dead horse of armed resistance for the last half-century, the war's not coming--Americans fought an entire series of wars to get to the point we wouldn't have to fight our neighbors to resolve our differences, so despite all the private arms, and revolutionary rhetoric, I can say quite honestly, give it up, it ain't happening, because we're Americans and we don't kill each other so some idiot in public office can get richer or get their way. If the Right wants to see its badly damaged credentials restored in the eyes of the American public and the world, the answer's the same as for their opponents: ONE LAW, AND EQUALITY OF THAT LAW. There's been an entire slew of crimes committed against Americans by other Americans who hold positions of state authority. These criminals must be chased down, caught, and punished with the same fervor we use to pursue other types of criminals. The idea that holding an office or a badge gives you some level of immunity is disgusting, you commit the crime, you swing for it. NO EXCEPTIONS, every perp's got an excuse, tell yours to the jury before we sentence to life swinging a hammer at some rocks, thug.

So, President Obama came out this week saying he wants to end gridlock in national government and move America forward. Really Mr. President? When will the criminals who worked in the former administration ever see prosecution? How about the ones in YOUR ADMINISTRATION?

America has long ago lost the rule of law. What's most likely to occur now is neither an overwhelming fascist state, nor armed revolt. What's most likely to occur is the complete degradation and eventual piecemeal destruction of the nation, and eventually, even the vultures currently fattening themselves so efficiently will have to move on somewhere else--Europe perhaps, or maybe Africa, as "they" have already begun the next round of colonial expansion there--but for all involved here in America, left or right, none of you will be ones who get their way at the others' expense.

Everyone I've ever heard promoting some kind of stratified, authoritarian, state, always thinks their kids will be the ones at the top of said state. I'll tell you right now, lefty, righty, NONE OF YOUR KIDS are in line for the top of the coming state.

I would suggest you wake up and once again install the rule of law in America, before your children reap the consequences of your violence, hubris, and greed.

As the old saying goes, "No one here get's out alive."

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