Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Shell Game Gets Old Fellas

The 107th Congress and Senate of the United States consisted of an even 50/50 split of Senators between the Democratic and Republican Parties, and a House division of 212 Dems to 221 GOPers, with two independents who generally voted with the GOP.

We had a GOP Executive Branch and a Conservative Majority Supreme Court.

This is the government that voted for the Patriot Act, wars in the Middle East, and the NSA/Surveillance and police state (federalization of police), that became the continuing, illegal, criminal state as it exists today.

So forgive me, astro-turfed, fake opposition, media, if I don't applaud your "support the GOPers or else," line of crap.

Perhaps we should be asking how supposedly liberal Democrats voted for these things when they were clearly numerically able to stymie any such actions.

From 2001 til today, Republicans were only out of power in Washington for TWO YEARS, during the 111th Congress, from 2009-2010, when GOPers numbered only 41 Senators and 178 Representatives, and of course, the newly-elected administration of President Barack H. Obama was in its' honeymoon phase with the world.

A world that would wake up a couple years later to the horrors, crimes, abuses, bloodshed, of what the Federal Government of America had transformed itself into, while feeding the war profiteers in and out of public office with both fists.

When the screams of the murdered and mutilated from the excrement-smeared walls of Iraqi, Afghan, and other "black site" prisons wasn't enough to derail the criminals in D.C., and lead to their prosecution by our own, duly-sworn, "law enforcement" (snicker), we had whistleblowers and activists rise up from both sides of the political spectrum, from a mother of a slain soldier camping in a ditch outside George Bush's ranch in Texas, to Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden today.

Almost 15 years of scores of Americans risking violence, imprisonment, abuse, and death at the hands of their own countrymen and government, and still not a single, major, offender of any rank or position has been brought to justice to this day.

Along the way, as administrations changed hands, we saw the vast majority of those who claimed to care abut the rule of law and lawful government go home, after all, they couldn't attack "their side," now could they? We've even witnessed the emergence of paid government operations, employing hundreds of individuals, some of which were run out of office buildings across the street from the White House, that spread lies, propaganda and attacks on anyone who dared question the new pseudo-aristocracy.

We've seen frauds perpetuated by government and its new ally, media, ranging from the capture and rescue of an American soldier from the hills of West Virginia, to covering up the death of a national football hero and Army Ranger--along with countless more such "stories"--and yet no one in our congress or senate, and certainly no one in our federal law enforcement, supreme court, or military, has deigned to rise up and prosecute the members of our government and military responsible for these crimes.

They are crimes, plainly defined so by the laws of the very state they violate. Where are the prosecutions?

So the next time you hear some plaintive call to "vote for our guy" less the forces of evil overwhelm the republic, just remember this:

Unless you're a member of an international banking cartel or a defense contractor, there is no "our guy."

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