Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Recovery and Restoration IS Coming: But Not For The Globalists

The flurry of activity of the last weeks in the power centers of the FUKUS empire has led to report after report, none of which are encouraging for liberty or justice loving folks.

Police murdering Americans is now so commonplace it happens every few days. Police assaults and abuses of citizens in routine, daily encounters are now daily fodder for national news.

The political spin and lies surrounding the Obama White House, the extra-constitutional crimes of government, and the breakdown of the rule of law in the very fabric of how our legal system operates is no longer a secret, nor do they attempt to even conceal the naked criminality and violence of their thug system.

The proxy wars in the Middle East and North Africa are abject failures; even when the FUKUS pulls a  "win" out of the jaws of brutal failure, like in Libya, they soon find that the benefits of their "success" are as ephemeral as the mirage of the unstoppable police state these criminals have constructed.

There is quite strangely, very good news to be had from all this mess.

First, it looks like there will be a recovery in the U.S. and other economies.

Next, there is also going to be a collapse in the U.S. and other economies.

But it's not who you think, or whom the naysayers have been predicting.

The pseudo-aristocracy tried so hard to seize control of America--they really did--and with money and media at their disposal, they've also militarized and set up the DHS, TSA, Federalized Police forces as their army of blackshirts to brutalize and attack American citizens, literally beating them in the streets and killing them in their homes.

They thought they were going to pull it off.

For those of you who doubt where this analysis of events comes from, let me ask you a question.

If the wannabee aristocracy possesses all this power and control, why haven't they made their move?

They were planning to, and they really wanted to.

What happened?

Well, it was a variety of threats and events, and to sum it up in a quick descriptor, it goes like this:

Once the army is in the streets, whomever controls the army, owns the banks.

A counterrevolutionary push has begun within the very ranks of what wanted to be the ruling elites, and the leadership of the much of their military and police forces, along with rank and file cops and soldiers, are with them.

For you see, that blackshirted, federalized, police officer faced the reality of attempting to force 200 million armed Americans to obey the illegal mandates that strip them of their rights and property. No standing army in the world would attempt such an occupation.

While the wannabees try out various tactics to incrementally coerce us into their slaughter pens like the dumb cattle they believe you and your children to be, the boots on the grounds' assessments don't look so good.

So there is going to be a recovery in America and perhaps other significant portions of the West as well.

And there is also going to be a collapse in America and perhaps other significant portions of the West as well.

But the recovery is going to be in the mass of America and other nation states, where real goods like food, energy, and resources are created.

Likewise, the collapse isn't going to be the much hyped, mass events of recent doomsday scenarios.

The collapse is coming to the manipulators and speculators of the fiat currency system and their "little Eichmanns" in public office.

It's far better for one man to die for the sake of the people, than for the nation to perish....

The "haircut" coming for these crooks looks a lot more like Marie Antoinette's than Richard Nixon's.

Chop, chop.

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