Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hiatus and Thanks To Everyone!

Well it's come to pass, and I must lay down my blogging tools and return to the ivory towers of academia.

It has been a blast, with folks from over 15 nations and as many as 1K to 2K readers stopping by a month.

I wish to thank of all you, but I don't get paid to do this, and I can't spend the average of over 24 hours analyzing the news cycle and web it takes for me to produce a single column, along with the four or more hours it takes to write and edit same.

I have to work and make a living like everyone else.

So in deference to my students and employers for the upcoming fall semesters (I work at multiple institutions), I will be saying adieu to "Offshored" for the next several months.

Here then is my final column, and updates. Mahalo Nui.

The powers that be amongst the Rockefeller globalists are experiencing problems--big problems. You see, several of their old-line guard are coming out in opposition to the New American Century plan that was originally conceived by the CATO Institute back in the 1980s.

This split in the upper echelons of the inner party bodes nothing good for the wannabee world elites of tomorrow.

In fact, having failed or barely succeeded in all their recent rapes and pillaging about the globe, the FUKUS-Axis-backed fascists are beginning to see that humanity has quite a differing opinion of who should be permitted governance than they do, and these views are not compatible with each other.

They will not be removed without difficulty, the struggle ahead will continue to be quite vicious. It is a struggle for the survival of free men and women, and the continuation of democracy on the earth.

But to paraphrase HST: at one point, you could look to the mountains of the western Rockies and see the point where the wave broke; the high water mark of a movement that died that day.

Bankrupt, corrupt, and publicly exposed worldwide as the murdering, criminal, thugs they are; there is no social capital left for these guys to exploit, no phony wars nor cartoon-character villains to scare us with, no manufactured threats and false-flag attacks they can scam the populace over any more.

John Kerry, one of the repeating Washington administrators and war criminals who should be swinging from a wire kicking his way into hell, was quoted this week as saying that the Internet made governing much more difficult.

What he was saying is that truth makes it hard to lie and get away with it.

By the way, Mr. War Criminal Kerry, you represent, the People of the United States govern, fuck. Don't like it? Too bad, that's how the charter that permits you to exist was written.

We will overcome.

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