Monday, March 18, 2013

Cyprus: The Beginning of the End?

Yesterday I wrote about the abuses of the corporate and financial classes and how those abuses were linked to the degradation of labour, and the neo-colonialism of urban centers against the rest of the country. Hard on my heels came the story out of Cyprus, of non-representative, government criminals and IMF style, globalist, banker-trash attempting to steal private property at gunpoint to pay government debts. No better example of the rigged system we now live in, where private-corporate interests openly use government's armed coercion to ensure their profits, so there is no free-market, they keep the profits, and we pay their debts and losses.

It is time for the EU, Britain, and America to wake up. March armed troops into these banks and arrest these Nazis (for nothing so represents nazism as the corporate owned state), break up these banks and take back full control of our respective, national currencies and economies. It is also time for a referendum on globalist, internationalist, non-representative, and non-accountable state organs--these statist, fascist, criminals have spouted their blather for seventy-odd years now--and the only thing globalism has accomplished is massive death, illegal wars and suffering, and the rape and theft of private property and individual freedom across the globe. These folks should be rounded up, tried at the Hague, and exterminated like their National Socialist brethren before them. These criminals must go.

International banking/finance, as its called, is a global criminal enterprise whereby a closed-system of privately-held corporations get to manipulate national economies and currencies for their own best use and personal profit. Since the emergence of these financial institutions, we seen the same thing wherever they set up shop: massive devaluation of national currency, inflationary/deflationary cycles, profiteering, wars for profits and resources, rising outlaw police states and the destruction of effective governance. These banker trash must be removed from human society.

Now is the time.

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