Sunday, March 17, 2013

On the abuse of labour and property

"They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work."

Once the unofficial motto of the laboring classes of the Soviet Union, and now in full effect in the United States.

The degradation of labour was the first step. Now people reply with comments like, "you don't REALLY think a gas station attendant is worth $15 dollars an hour, do you?"

Yes, I do. You see a laborer must earn sufficiently to provide his daily needs from his daily work--the business communities not only continue to set record earnings, but have their costs and losses externalized onto the same community they undercut in myriad ways; from importation of illegal labour to theft of earnings and benefits, to ever-increasing confiscation of profits by administrative classes, who neither own nor founded said companies.

Rush Limbaugh once said, "if you don't allow illegals to work in California, you'll have to pay ten bucks for a head of lettuce." Well guess what? If that's the true cost of lettuce, that's what you should be paying.

We were told that the shrinking populace of the first-world would result in increasing wages and rising productivity as the markets were forced to pay for scarcer labour, instead, business used government to circumvent the system and found that having consumers and taxpayers pay their costs made profiteering that much more profitable.

Screw the system, why should any worker support it? The sooner this mess collapses, the more suffering said collapse creates, the better off we'll be in the long run. Removing the pseudo-aristocracy from power and reestablishing traditional markets and labour roles, removing the colonization of rural America by the metropole (and the resulting destruction and reorganization of said regions), a la Detroit, and the resulting freedom from coerced theft of resources and labour by the masses in the cities on the rest of us.

Quite frankly, the very nature of work has changed. This would not be bad in and of itself, but the ruling powers have decided to milk it for their own enrichment, while screwing the populace. Meanwhile, most of these people neither produce their own goods nor own their own resources--they steal them at gunpoint, externalizing the costs onto rural areas that they exploit. Then, to add insult to injury, they dump their wastes, undercut market prices and wages, and generally use armed force and rigged government to ensure their continuing criminal enterprises.

Death to the lot of them, there is no US in U.S.A. As for those of you who would attempt to disprove my opinion, I turn to the example of ownership currently in vogue in America: to wit, a corporate entity owns its property (physical, intellectual, capital), quite securely and under force of law, while the individuals' property is not only his, only so long as he pays the state to keep it, but can be taken for any reason, under any color of law or necessity the state sees fit, INCLUDING giving your property to one of these private, for-profit interests, at a rate  THE STATE determines, not the market--for THEM to profit from, at gunpoint if necessary.

The U.S.A. can't die fast enough.

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