Friday, March 29, 2013

Why they can't fix anything...

Well, Cyprus has officially reopened the banks, and with armed mercenaries looking on, the people are queuing to take out what they can of their money and attempting to live another day in the new, kleptocractic, paradise of the banker-run, European Union. Welcome to slavery, drones!

Meanwhile in America, the usual suspects continue to make public statements and attempts to grab ever-more state power that leave no one confused as to their agenda: a similar fate for the citizens of the United States.

Whether it's the 85B a month in funny money being pumped out by the Federal Reserve, or the gun-grabs and dietary laws of NYC's favorite fascist criminals, there appears to be no one in a position of authority or influence anywhere in the Western world that cares to give even a public milksop of concern for the rule of law, the limits of governance, or the rights of citizenry. The naked, criminal, arrogance of comments such as: "if the people's rights conflict with the desires of government, then the people must accept the removal of their rights," shows the financial class cares not a whit for anyone other than themselves--and it's time for their forcible removal from our society.

The reason government can't or won't fix this crime spree is simple and twofold: first, they're paid off and quite frankly, any power they can grab is beneficial to them, so they care not for the rule of laws that they expect the rest of us to live under. Second, in order for government to affect real, and some could argue necessary, changes in our society, there's a lawful process that any valid government would have to use. In America, this process is deliberately biased against such changes, and so our current batch of would-be aristocracy see it as far easier to abrogate legal restraints and rule by force and crime. These very criminal acts, however, render their desired outcomes almost impossible to obtain.

Why? Because the United States has a long history of doing end runs around the law if it benefits the majority. Beginning with the Whiskey Rebellion, the Erie Canal, and even the Constitution itself--which was nothing more than a counter-revolution by the moneyed interests, fearful of their loss of power--these acts, though openly criminal under standing law, where deliberated and carried out by administrations that were both HONEST and CREDIBLE with their populace at large about both what they were actually doing, and why they were doing it.

So, today we have the corporate-run state, that never wishes to admit that it's exactly that, committing felonies at a rate unprecedented in modern history, all while churning out endless propaganda to the contrary and using bloody murder and threats like drunken pirates pillaging a seaport. They should have learned from Machiavelli, that mercenaries only bring slow, stubborn, and uncertain victories, and quick and disastrous defeats (you think they would know Niccolo's advice). An administration, financial system, or military that has lost credibility with it's people, will not and cannot succeed.

So, desperately flailing around, these monsters build a Nazi-control-State, that Hitler could have never dreamed of. Ignoring the clear lessons of history yet again, that any centralized, dictatorial state is both inherently unstable, and doomed to failure, period.

There are good arguments for some very basic changes in our society, but criminals running around with threats of violence and armed thuggery ain't gonna make it happen. It's been tried, beyond counting, and has ALWAYS FAILED. Such a state neither succeeds in it's aims, nor long survives, because without credibility and the rule of law, the people will never support the survival of the state. As your Nazi predecessors discovered, slaves are the worst types of laborers, and police states are not viable organisms. Protecting one class's property, while robbing another of theirs, running a state with two sets of laws, attempting to require participation and sacrifice from one group of citizens, while giving special privileges and excusing another group's crimes, rots a society from the foundations up. Once credibility is lost, I know of no method by which a government or financial system can regain the voluntary participation of the rest of society, without a resulting, public, bloodletting that purges the oligarchy from the system.

Let us hope that despite the current crimes of Cyprus and the soon-to-be similar acts in other states, including the U.S.A., that those with their hands controlling the levers of power get wise to the facts of the situation, and reform this current, globalist, fiasco, before it's too late.

Do you think Americans would resist restricting firearms or disarming, if their government and financial sectors where trustworthy and transparent? Do you think Monsanto and other GMO companies would face the plethora of barriers being erected against them around the Western world? Do you think social questions like same-sex marriage would be so violently divisive if all sides believed they were both equally respected and actively represented?

If America is to survive; those in positions of influence must clean house with the same rules they expect the rest of the people to live by, nothing else will salvage this nation.

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