Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It"s A Strange, Little, World; Ain't It?

Perpetual Arizona Senate Paperweight, John McCain publicly stated that he'd have a hard time choosing to vote for Rand Paul for United States President in 2016 if Mrs. Hillary (My Husband's a War Criminal), ran as the Democratic opponent.

Someone should adjust the Maverick's Alzheimer's medication and remind him he is supposedly a member of the GOP. 

Of course, those of us with a memory longer than six minutes remember Senator McCain is actually a member of Bank of America. A statist criminal who should be spending his golden years in a government-run, retirement facility known as Leavenworth Prison. 

Hopefully, one day, we'll see McCain and company in the dock at the Hague, staring at the short end of a noose with the rest of the Nazis. 

Further enlightening us on the state of the American Police State, reports are out confirming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has falsified physical evidence in hundreds of criminal cases, linking accused to crimes even though the physical evidence was unable to do so. To quote "The Week" : "such matches could not be used as positive identification, but FBI [expert] witnesses on the stand continued to testify that hair analysis amounted to nearly conclusive proof." 

21,700 criminal cases must now be examined, with 27 death penalty cases and an additional 93 criminal cases suspected of being rigged convictions so far.

And they've just started. 

The United States Military Justice System has been called out for manufacturing false documentation and faked reporting of events in courts martial. Evidently an unknown number of American service personnel have been found guilty by convenience. In that it was convenient to manufacture false evidence and create a record of events that would fit the narrative of their guilt by their chains of commands. 

In other court-related events, Mr. Adam Kokesh, a veteran and avowed pro-liberty activist, has made his first appearance in Federal Court, charged with carrying and loading a shotgun while in Liberty Plaza in Washington D.C. 

Mr. Kokesh's defense is that the Constitution, being the supreme law of the land, cannot be invalidated by government ordinance which would violate the charter by which the state exists. 

Mr. Kokesh also faces additional charges on possession of psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana charges. 

While Mr. Kokesh has certainly been an outspoken advocate for constitutional rights, I don't think that one should attempt to uphold the rights of gun ownership and self-defense, while simultaneously using and possessing drugs which can make such ownership and exercise dangerous to both his self and others. 

Still we hope for the best for Mr. Kokesh, understanding that his attempts to limit government intrusion into our lives and homes is beneficial for all Americans, and that governmental power must remain limited by the barriers placed upon its exercise by law. 

The once-great city of Detroit, Michigan is proceeding with bankruptcy under the guidance of a city management team, while opposing social and political camps each point fingers of blame at the other. 
Some have even tried to blame the former residents of the Motor City for not "sticking it out." Detroit's population has shrunk to approximately 700K residents, a loss of over 1.1 million persons, to blame these folks for leaving an area that cannot provide work, safety, nor services is laughable, were it not so disgusting. 

Americans are free people. They have the right to vote with their feet when a government becomes so outrageous, corrupt, and useless as to destroy entire communities. 

Evidently these politicians and other "civic leaders" needed reminding that slavery is illegal in the modern world. The people are not here to feed you.

And your crimes have real consequences.

And speaking of the right of free people to vote with their feet. "Stateless" Update: I am approaching the first 1,000 dollars of my goal! At this rate I hope to leave the country by the first of the year. 

My immediate goal is $6,000.00 (USD). Ideally I hope to raise the entire 15K dollars I would need to live for a year while going through the legal process of being a stateless person overseas. 

I have never accepted any of the donations given to me in the past. I never wanted to ask anyone for cash, but I am unable to earn the money to leave, and so I am forced to request your help. 

I wish to thank all those who are supporting my goal of leaving the United States and applying for political asylum.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

For the rest of you. Won't you join in and donate a few bucks? I'm doing this the old-fashioned way, non-electronic, all paper--helps keep the government out of it--especially after what happened with electronic donations to Wikileaks and others. 

You can get a money order and a stamped envelope right at the counter of the post office. Please address all mail and/or donations regarding the Stateless Project to:

Timothy Adams
c/o Offshored American Dissident
850 19th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

(note: any unused funds will be returned to donors)

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