Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In the Week of Weird Continues...

So, did he or didn't he?

That question goes for all the major stories making rounds across the nation recently, as both our government and our news media sink ever deeper into well-discredited irrelevance.

Boston. Did our bomber have "religious" motives? Was he radicalized by extremists? If one were to judge from his behavior of going off to a party after the bombing and behaving like a typical college kid, not so likely. Sorry anti-Islamic pundits, like Coulter, who called for a ban on all Islamic emigration, but this case doesn't seem to fit your arguments very well.

Boston, uno mas. On the wacko liberal, fascist front, the anti-2nd amendment crowd, still trying to staunch the bleeding from their beating at the Capitol last week, are attempting to equate the Boston terror case with the attack by a lone-gunman in Newtown, Conn.

Why? Well because it gives them yet another attack on guns.

There is almost none of the social contract of America left at this point. Since you don't like the deal that permits America to exist, I suggest you move elsewhere.

Continuing in the wannabee, Nazi, despot department of folks who seem to think they have the authority to tell other free men and women what to do that they have no legal possession of: Bloomberg, that NYC mayor who'd been doing so well lately by not shooting off his mouth like a crazed member of the NSF, commented that the Constitution needs "reinterpreted."

We agree Mayor, treason spouting criminals need to be beaten with crowbars in the public square til dismembered. Their families should be declared "associates of known enemies who benefit from crimes against the people," and publicly burned.

Last time I checked, a city mayor has no authority outside of their own municipality, has no authority to engage in national legislation or interstate or international affairs, and doesn't give orders to citizens of other states; free, independent and sovereign, states, you smuck.

NYC, a place that produces almost nothing, requires vast amounts of raw materials, food, water, and energy from other communities to survive, and dumps its filth and waste on its neighbors.

BTW lovely videos this week of riots and gang fights at high schools in Manhattan are viral all over the Web, perhaps a community that has to have armed police inside their own schools for the purpose of crime control needs to shut the f88k up about telling the rest of us what to do.

Last time I checked, slavery was abolished in 1865 in America, that means you don't order me to do a damn thing. Your survival is not my concern and no, there is no "us" in U.S.A.

As these American cesspits known as "metropolitan areas" continue to implode and die around the country, expect to see a lot more demagoguery and "demands" made by these duly-elected scum, who seemed to think the rest of us are somehow obligated to prevent their demise.

I have to wonder why communities outside of NY still send resources and energy to the NYC area at all? Let those "in charge" of America's Cesspit provide for themselves; and let them pay market rates to do so, instead of undercutting our wages and standards of living to keep the lights on in Nazi City.

In Texas, the conspiracy buffs have started on the plant explosion there as well. This is a symptom, not the disease. That a factory producing explosive chemicals had an accident and exploded does not require a government-launched cruise missile to occur.

But again, it illustrates that Government, with the big "G," has no credibility, and like the boy who cried wolf too often, now faces an entire cross-section of the populace who immediately suspect any event and any report at all.

Speaking of the latter. The suspect from the recent ricin-letters attacks was released on bond (or not on bond, the media can't get its story straight), and everyone is asking if law enforcement was mislead or accidently  fingered the wrong suspect. Following this story was a report of yet another ricin-letter sent to a military base.

As I've written recently, homemade ricin is a waste of time for a mailbomb terrorist. It is difficult to produce ricin with the purity required to be lethal when involuntarily inhaled. Even when fed homemade ricin, test animals survived at about a fifty percent rate. Knowing that mail sent to government and military offices are handled off-location and routinely radiated, x-rayed, and chemically tested, any would be killer worth their salt would move on to a more likely method of dispersal. Even if such a letter got through, the attacker would have a less than 1 in 4 chance of actually killing anyone.

Watch and see if the media and government goons still don't try and spin this as yet another excuse to illegally disarm Americans, because gun control is the answer to everything.

At least when the goal is a helpless and cowed public who obeys the government's blackshirted thugs holding automatic rifles to their heads, it is.

Which brings us to our last item. This week Pravada R.U., the official media organ of the Russian government, announced that not only is President Obama a Communist, but that the Communist agenda has won in America. America is now an openly Marxist state, with a public too illiterate and ignorant to self-govern, an out-of-control police state, and a financial system run by criminal private interests for their own benefit. Our schools are a conformist joke, spoon feeding propaganda as instruction and our legal system protects the criminals of the administrative/political/financial class, and attacks private citizens without restraint.

Sounds about right to me.

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