Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can Any Neo-Liberal Answer This Question?

"Nothing these so-called liberals support today, is anything a liberal should ever stand for."

So Liberal/Progressive/Modernist/New American/Universalist/ Global Citizen, as a traditional Humanist/Liberal, you know, the kind of guys you call names now--perhaps you can answer me this question:

Why do you support the spread of Islam in the West? And how do you defend that against your stated beliefs about tolerance, acceptance, diversity, and the rights of minority populations of all kinds and the rights of women and children?

Recently, a well-known group of talking media heads admitted that the reason they never criticize Islam is that they are cowards. They fear getting killed for raising objections to the often discriminatory and violent (and in the Western nations, often ILLEGAL), practices of extremist groups who do these things in the guise of following their group's  particular brand of Islam.

Yet these folks have no fear of attacking Christians, Jews, or any other groups who fail to meet their arbitrary standards of what constitutes the "politically correct" doctrine of this wannabee ruling subculture.

These Neo-Liberals claim to stand for the rights and freedoms of women, but they ignore unacceptable and even illegal cultural practices by fringe groups of Muslims instead of demanding they obey the same laws as all other people in our nations.

These Neo-Liberals claim to stand for the rights of Gays and the entire LGBT community, but do nothing while gays are beaten, persecuted, and jailed by extremists Muslim communities both here and abroad. Go on the Internet and look up "gay men executed with lawn mowers," and if you can find the footage, you'll see a group of men accused of homosexuality being buried up to their necks and having a lawnmower run over them as public execution in Saudi Arabia. That's right, not some Al Qaeda run backwater, our own, regional ally and major trading partner.

Come on so-named "Liberals" can't even raise enough spleen to criticize that?

What's become very apparent in recent months is that the Neo-Liberal stands for very little at all, other than an intrusive, coercive, armed, and bullying centralized government. The fact that this is illegal in America also bothers not the Neo-Liberal one little bit, because the Neo-Liberal believes all this accrued power will give their side the dictatorial abilities they desire to benefit themselves and screw anyone they don't like.

Stupid, little, Neo-Liberal; have you forgotten that no one group remains dominant in a nation's political discourse forever? The illegal powers you grant to an ever-more criminal central government now will not remain forever in your favor. I never thought I would see liberals giving some un-elected and unaccountable civil servant the blanket authority to enter homes with armed military squads of goons carrying automatic weapons, without warrant or probable cause, or see a so-named Liberal advocating the destruction of the Bill of Rights, to the point that free speech was a joke, something you "committed" in a cage set aside and surrounded by armed thugs, lest the politicians be offended. I never thought I'd see so-named liberals turning Wall Street criminals into the nation's largest group of welfare recipients, giving away trillions of dollars of the people's money while workers go broke and students are economically crushed.

I never thought I'd see so-named liberals adopt lying and smears as acceptable means to the ends of political one-upmanship, or their media lapdogging its' way for the scraps of propaganda doled out by the criminals in our public offices.

I never thought I'd see so-named liberals advocate for murder, torture, death squads, invasions and illegal wars, along with food as weapon and starvation as tactics that have literally killed hundreds of thousands. These are the hallmarks of the Stalinists and the Maoists and the Fascists of two generations ago, or some backwater, banana-republic dictator, not the advocates of human rights and dignity.

Lastly, I'd never thought I'd see so-named liberals advocating for two sets of laws in America, and a justice system that protects the criminals and punishes the poorest and least of our society, especially targeting African Americans, impoverished Whites, and immigrant communities with policing tactics taken from the war on terror, and implemented on foreign battlefields.

Todays "liberals" resemble nothing more than petty fascists. These Neo-Liberals, are almost indistinguishable from the Neo-Conservatives making up the so-called "right," in that they both support the same crimes against our people, our property, our freedoms, and human dignity, and BOTH support the same sets of double standards we began this column with.

Neo-Liberals are racist in practice, cowards in speaking out or taking action against some of the worst crimes against human dignity, and the bought and paid-for lackeys of big business masquerading as government.

Do you really think you'll get what you want that way? Your children, should they live, will curse your memory.

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