Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The I.R.S., the Universities, and the Coming Bitch Slap

It's long overdue...

In February, IRS press releases about coming changes due to National Healthcare and the pay structure of many universities and colleges passed by largely unnoticed by most folks, but I'm sure that they immediately caught the eye of many administrations on campuses across the country. Well, it seems that at long last the treatment and pay of adjunct faculty and lecturers is coming under federal scrutiny, and that sound you hear is the tightening of buttocks in those black leather, executive chairs nationwide.

These organisations have robbed workers and violated labor laws with impunity for far too long, and now is the perfect time to let the IRS and Federal Government know about these abuses.

Write the IRS, write your members of Congress, tell them how you've been treated and demand that these state-paid criminals be held accountable.

The litany of abuses by these folks is long and disgusting, and now's the time to demand appropriate legislation to redress these abuses, while those with the prosecutorial authority and resources are interested.

As for the criminals? Well, let's just hope this is the start of these good-ole-boys getting what they so richly deserve. It is time for a new labor movement in America, and the settling up of some long overdue debts.  A few of these administration types being hauled off to federal lockup in handcuffs and the public shaming of these institutions is a good place to start.

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