Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Trillion-Dollar Man, on Crime and Punishment

Recent articles following the Boston bombing spree has labeled the Department of Homeland Security and the rest of the post-911 criminal, security-state a complete and unmitigated failure. This civil rights busting fiasco--with its' attendant wars for security ( a permanent state of war), has continued to devour both the economic and political resources of the United States for over a decade now, without once preventing any serious act of violence against the people.

That's because it's not about protecting the people.

The whole police-state, centralized threat of murder that every person in America and our offshore battlefield populations now live under, openly disregards the rule of law and instead exists to actively protect and prevent the punishment of a cadre of criminals who operate above the law and with guns pointed to the heads of every American.

The crooks are running the show, folks.

This unending and nation-killing expenditure is not to protect you and yours; it's to protect them and theirs, and always has been. The trillions of dollars it will take to fill the black hole that is our national treasury cannot, and will never be, paid. Having used worthless dollars, printed out of the air, to acquire a hosts of real property, resources, and hardware, the governing pseudo-aristocracy now readies to bankrupt what's left of the nation, and use their goon squads to ensure your compliance with their "law and order."

Of course, LAW has nothing to do with their idea of "order." Those armed thugs standing guard over the Federal Reserve are to ensure that law and order never get anywhere close to either end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Debt is only useful for the big guys when it can be used to disenfranchise, rob, and enslave the little guys. The big guys not only don't pay debts (biggest welfare recipients in history), but they use the rigged system of governance to ensure you are forced, quite literally at gunpoint and under threat of death or gulag, to endure a system of "responsibility" none of them ever face.

Meanwhile on all sides of the political and social spectrum, winning continues to be far more important than truthfulness, and the losers are the continually manipulated and misinformed public at large.

This past week, to paraphrase the article, Pravada called Americans too stupid and misinformed to govern themselves, international laughingstocks, and they're probably far more correct than not.

Comedian Bill Maher took to the mediasphere, saying that he's concerned America was becoming a police state.

Some other media talking heads revealed that they and their Hollywood and NYC media buddies refuse to report of real Islamic violence, racism, and intolerance, all the while attacking Christianity and other faiths for offenses real or imagined, because [quote] we're afraid of getting blown up [quote].

It may well be time for Christians and other Americans to take up active defense of their families, homes, and communities as vigorously as the Muslims do.  Quite frankly, what has dialogue, civility, and compromise ever gotten us from these trash?

Dueling is no longer legal, if it were I doubt these craven, cowardly, insulting, yammerers would ever open their snide mouths again; less someone put a blade or bullet through it.

It seems Maher and others are finally getting the idea that Washington's big guns ain't gonna let their quisling butts sit back while the rest of the slaves are put on the trains. Well guess what Bill, you and your friends can take comfort in the fact that the only reason your family's not in the camps right now is that over 100 million of us stupid yokels are in fact armed to the teeth.

It must hurt to realize your buddy Obama would march you into a gas chamber just like all those "ignorant hillbillies" you're so much more evolved than.

Like any other quisling, after the revolution is over, you're fate is exactly that. As literature from the old, communist takeover of Poland put it: "You betrayed your own people, why should we trust you?"

There is no US in U.S.A. Bill, and no apologies either.

Citizen Ivan Ivanovich, please step forward....

Penn Teller, of Libertarian, Atheistic, and Performing fame, lashed out at President Obama for continuing to criminalize Americans, particularly young, black, male, Americans, while openly admitting to having committed multiple felony drug violations in his own personal life.

Isn't someone who admits to committing a felony a felon? Oh, I see, it's only a crime if you're CAUGHT.

So crime has nothing to do with character, behavior, or actions; only a legalistic definition issued by the state.

This gets back to the continuing segregation in America, between those whose crimes are punished, and those whose openly committed criminal acts are given free pass.

On this one failure alone, could be argued the dissolution of the American state. A nation which has two sets of laws, one for the wealthy and privileged, and one for the rest of the citizenry, is unfit to survive; It is a criminal state that lacks both credibility and legitimacy.

There is no US in U.S.A.

As the well-known SCOTUS ruling put it; separate but equal is not equal. If the law does not apply to all citizens equally, there is no law.

A rigged justice system, along with similarly manipulative systems of production, finance, and governance, is a system that can demand absolutely no loyalty at all. Those at the top who benefit from its continuation, will eventually find themselves being brought to account at the point of the spear.

No one will cry any tears for them either.

Speaking of unpunished felons and protected criminals, convicted and indicted in two separate courts, former President Bush Jr. and former Vice President Cheney were seen in daylight recently, as the Bush memorial library was opened in Texas.

Why does America, a country that hunts down foreign rulers in conflicts we have no business in for war crimes, and ships them off to the "justice" at the Hague, have these two war criminals, along with many others, like former Nazi collaborator George Soros, a man who murdered Jews in WWII, running free about the country, if we're so all fired up and concerned about "law and order?"

Congress is unlikely to ever take up war crimes against an American politician, as they might be found culpable themselves, (here's a big hint: THEY'RE JUST AS GUILTY).

So the question I'll leave you with this time is: If anyone caught doing what Barack Obama has admitted to doing would be banned from holding public office in America, why hasn't he been impeached and removed for his own, admitted, criminal conduct?

Is it the conduct that makes one unfit to wield public rights and privileges, or is it merely luck of the draw?

And also I think that Carthage should be destroyed.

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