Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obama-White house scraps-Jewish-heritage-month

Well, well, well.

I seem to remember how any and all critics of  President B.H.Obama were most viciously smeared in the year leading up to his election, and in the years following. I remember specifically, that charges of neo-Nazism, fascism, racism and others, were hurled at anyone who dared to question his miserable personal history, his fanciful ghost-written autobiography, or the Democratic Party's official accounts of his life and persona. People were smeared, fired, blackballed, harassed, threatened, assaulted, robbed, and otherwise abused by various Obama supporters. They also suffered various police and state investigations, arson, bombings, and state-funded and organized media campaigns, some of the most ideologically fascist and criminally libelous, coming from organized Jewish and Israeli-sources.

How's that working out for you?

As the left finds out, more and more everyday; President Obama isn't a liberal, nor a progressive. Obama is just another in a long-line of corporate, globalist, fascists, a group that intends to replace democratic governance in the western world with nothing less than a corrupt, money-run, fascist state. In practice, this capital-run, rigged system of finance, government, and production, is virtually indistinguishable from its Nazi predecessor of seventy years ago. Semantics (and Semitics), aside, the end results for groups who thought they were part of this "progressive" movement, are now realizing they were the brownshirt thugs, useful for the moment when the party needed their muscle, and now being discarded as power is being rapidly consolidated into the hands of the few at the top.

From ecologists, to liberal progressives, to former political and religious allies, this sabotage by the man they thought "THEY" put into power has been repeatedly made evident of late, by the slew of comments in the media. Whether its African-American leaders dumbfounded at the sellout of Detroit  Atlanta, or Birmingham, or Conservationists and Farmers, who continue to be handed over to the corporate juggernaut of monopolized food production in the United States, or groups like Jews and Palestinians, all are coming to the very clear realization, that Barack Obama has only one group's interest at heart, and the peoples of the United States, Europe, or the Levant, ain't included.

Meanwhile, the progressive movement in America, both Jewish and Gentile, has spent the last several years doing nothing more than attacking white Americans at every turn. It didn't matter that none of us were ever involved in the many historical offenses against non-whites, nor Blacks, nor Jews. We were white, that meant as a race and culture,despite England and America being the forces that defeated slavery in the west, despite the fact that western countries destroyed Nazism at an unprecedented cost of lives and treasure, despite the fact that western countries created and implemented the modern worlds' standards for equality and redress among all peoples in its borders--surpassing the accomplishments of any other culture on earth, EVER. We were somehow culpable for these crimes and were to be marginalized and punished for them.

If we questioned the current party's  line or intentions, we were racists to be destroyed and nothing more.

And as the current German hate-speech law so aptly phrases it: "Truth is no defense."

So, the only real allies Jews have had for the last century have been reduced to objects of abuse and political impotence.

How's that working out for you?

There is no demographic more supportive of Israel or Jewry than middle-class, white, America. They support two of the largest political action committees in the nation: AIPAC and CUFI. They overwhelmingly support Israel in military intervention and defense. They overwhelmingly defend Jews against slander and violence. They overwhelmingly support the expansion of Jewish territory and security in the Middle-East.

So why did the progressive--and especially the Jewish-progressive, left decide to throw in with Obama? Obama was an unknown, not just in political stature, but in person. His manufactured and well-polished public persona may have looked good on the sixty-second soundbite, but  had nothing of substance. Nevertheless, under the mantra (and mantras are great for hypnosis), of CHANGE!, the American and European Jewish interests threw themselves into supporting him, counting, as most Americans did too, that at least some of his promises would come to fruition.

Six years later, an all but complete bust.

So now with his agenda firmly in place, and his opposition deliberately dismantled; we the people can at last see what Obama looks like behind his many masks, and surprise! It's not the 666 of the anti-christ tattooed over his forehead, by the Monsanto advertisement splashed across his suit jacket in 8" high, green, neon that gives him away.

If Dr. M.L. King said we should judge folks by the content of their character, well, Obama's character, as well as those of his fellows, is now in full public view.

As for those loyalists who expended so much effort and violence to prop up this monstrosity in Washington? Don't worry, the night of the long knives is upon you. It will be quick.

What? You thought you'd be rewarded for your struggles? Too bad you weren't struggling for those causes you felt so dear for, you were merely advancing the corporate takeover all along.

Prepare for your downsizing.

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