Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More from the World of the Weird that is Our Police State

Yesterday I received a phone call; coming hard on the heels of the news of the bombings in Boston, I was surprised to see a phone number for some folks I don't speak with. To say we're estranged would be putting far too nice a phrasing to the situation, so why the call, I wondered?

Well, as it turned out, it was because some federales had shown up at their door, asking questions about me.

Yes, dear reader. Despite our living 3K miles apart, and not having spoken with this guy for the better part of two years now, some federal agents decided to go poking around him, his wife, their pre-school aged daughter, and their 76 year old grandma who lives with them due to her failing health.

Why? You might ask dear reader, would the forces of Halliburton, oops! I mean the Federal Government (trademarked) Dick Cheney 2004,  be bothering someone I haven't even seen since before I returned to Hawaii last Spring?

A good question; and with the MSM like CNN all aflutter with attempting to blame angry white males for the attacks in Boston, one that should have to be answered publicly.

But it's not racism if white males are involved.

Looks like the MSM better get lucky and hope that the ever diligent law enforcers manage to dig up a Timothy McVey somewhere to blame this mess on, otherwise all that racist slander and anti-gun owner rhetoric might leave someone's network with a big problem.

One might also ask why the United States Government is physically following me around the country, entering mine and my colleagues homes, monitoring our communications, and harassing old people? They've only been doing it for three years now, at your expense.

Guess they should've been more interested in security in Boston instead.

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