Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ABC News Attempts Apologetic for President Obama's Fraud, Admits Claim of Foreign Birth


Well, well, well...
ABC news is running a story from 2012 about the 1991 autobiographical blurb Barack Hussein Obama published in which the President claimed birth in the country of Kenya. Once again attempting to blame a literary agent for the "false report."

It's time for some truth on the matter...

One. These autobiographical blurbs are self-authored. No "literary agent" wrote this. I've had to write them for publishers myself--the AUTHOR PROVIDES THESE CLIPS for book jackets and promotional media.

Two. These claims were repeated by then candidate and later Senator Obama on a myriad of media sites and outlets; including public interviews on NPR and other major networks. Obama his self promoted his birth in Kenya so long as it was in his political interest to do so. NPR even had the audacity to attempt to redact the multiple reports on Obama they had aired since his run for the Senate, not just to "correct erroneous reporting," but to attempt to claim NPR had never published the story in the first place. In plain English, they attempted to erase the fact that they had reported his birthplace as Kenya by physically destroying the public record of their broadcasts.

If they hadn't been caught at it, they'd probably have gotten away with it, and then continued to claim that the allegations they had actually done such reports as lies promulgated by Obama's opposition.


The original "birther" was none other than candidate Barack Obama. The President spread the fanciful tales of his manufactured, personal history in order to win public office.

President Barack Obama is a liar, period; an impeachable offense among the many he has committed.

The spin-control media circus, bought and paid for by the White House, with one of the propaganda boiler rooms located ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL MANSION in Washington D.C. no less, used hundreds of paid, media commentators, and false-front, websites financed BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WITH TAXPAYER'S MONEY, to smear, attack, discredit, and lie through their teeth for four straight years.

This administration is no better than the so-called "right" represented by the G.O.P.

If our Justice System wasn't a criminal joke, Washington D.C. would be on lockdown by the Army like Boston was a couple weeks ago--and these high and mighty government trash would be in shackles, headed for Leavenworth for life.

But defending the Constitution and upholding the law isn't "law enforcement's" business anymore, protecting criminals and the status quo who run the show is.

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