Tuesday, April 16, 2013

While we're waiting on Boston...

The multiple bombings at the Boston Marathon have reportedly killed up to a dozen people and wounded between 100 and 150 others. The attack evidently included up to four other devices which were disarmed, and an attack on a public library. Reports have arrests being made in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and talk of Saudi nationals being involved.

All we can say for now is that we don't know who is responsible, and the public may never find out. Be assured, the government will only give you whatever narrative they want you to accept. CNN jumped out and attempted to tie "right wingers" and the current illegal attempts to violate the 2nd amendment to the crimes before the bleeding have even stopped. Guess you can make wild accusations about whites in America, imagine the consequences if they had attempted to blame the NBPP or some other, non-white group.

CNN, apology will not be accepted.

This week, an old column about me, written by Dr. Jerome Corsi, appeared on the internet news portal Daily Kenn, and simultaneously, this caused the column to reappear atop the most popular list at WND.
Just so everyone knows, I am banned from WND and have no affiliation with the site, nor its writers. WND banned me last year, when I refused to support Mitt Romney's GOPer campaign, and called for a criminal investigation into the multiple crimes surrounding the GOP caucuses and nomination race.

Voter fraud, election fraud, vote dumping, illegal procedures, failure to report voting, false media reporting, media bias and rigged debates, false reporting of state wins to non-winning candidates and much more. The GOP nomination of Mitt Romney was treason against the people of the United States. It was a blatantly criminal process, with multiple civil and criminal violations of both state and federal law, and electoral procedure and process.

No one cried when the Karl Rovians and the Rockefeller Nazis lost. These filth should be in the dock today, facing life in prison and confiscation of their property, instead of trying to regain spots on FoxNews.

For whatever reason my name has been brought up by these trash, I couldn't tell you. Just be on notice I am not affiliated with these creeps, I do not endorse these trash, and I am still calling for the criminal prosecution of all of the GOP filth.

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