Saturday, April 13, 2013

WND's religious heresies and Neocon agendas continue unabated.

It's sad.

In an age when religious faith and traditions are so often attacked and ridiculed, you would think that those who advocate for religious communities would attempt to answer their critics in popular media with an apologetics grounded in the best traditions of thought and rhetoric.

Then, there's WND.

WND's Neocon political agenda requires that world events and American militarism be conscripted to fit the message of the day; including their strange, nominally evangelical, religious proclamations. This leads to such all-time winners as "Mitt Romney's Name Discovered in Hebraic Biblical Code," or "A New Jewish Temple to be Built in Jerusalem before Christ's Return." It was heresies like these that helped Barack Obama to his solid victory over the GOP in last years' national contests.

Just for the record, the Bible states that anyone who prophesies in God's name, and that event doesn't come to pass (Romney's Election), is a FALSE PROPHET and a LIAR.

WND's editor Mr. Farah, uses the ole' "it's not ME, it's the guy who wrote the article" defense, ignoring the very real facts that it was WND's desire to push that political agenda that led to said articles being approved and published in the first place. Promoting heresy and false doctrines (like numerology), is still apostasy, Mr. Farah, and demonstrates mightily how much contempt you have for real Christians and the Christian faith.

We could spend  an entire series on the Hal Lindsey styled, apocalyptic, fantasies that pass muster as eschatology at the WND church of the murdering war criminals, but it is sufficient for our purposes to merely point out that the "end-times doctrine" promoted at WND has no basis in any Christian religious texts, has no basis in historical accounts of church leaders, nor their beliefs, and did not exist until the latter half of the 19th century. The contemporary versions of these apocalypse teachings have been massively altered from their originally promulgated forms in the 1870s. In fact, these teachings (Lindsey being a great example), have been rapidly and constantly altered since the 1970s and 80s. When Lindsey wrote an entire series of books, and built a huge ministry in both print and media, only to have to admit in later years that his doctrines [quote]  "Seemed so correct at the time." At least Hal had the decency to remain honest, something WND's leadership has repeatedly and shamelessly proven otherwise.

Continuing this tradition, WND is currently promoting supposed video of gold-plated, Egyptian chariot wheels on the bottom of the Red Sea (proof of the Israelite account in Exodus!), and a series of videos telling us that the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is not the site of Solomon's, or Zerubbabel's, nor Herod's Temples, but that yet another Jewish Temple MUST be built "to the north" of the current Muslim site, before Christ can triumphantly return. A doctrine which flies directly in the face of the teachings of both Jesus, and the Apostles and Christian leaders through the centuries, and one that has no biblical basis.

In keeping with this modernist, heretical doctrine, WND equates the modern, Israeli state with the ancient Jewish tribes descended from Abraham in the levant, a notion that genetic research has easily dispelled, for according to such doctrine, intermarriage or assimilation with non-Jews renders one's descendants ritually unclean and leads to their excommunication. This discrepancy bothers the Neocons at WND not one whit, so instead of dealing with the realities of supporting Israel and the geo-political mess of the Middle East, WND inserts a big-ole-dose of magical thinking, and expects God to honor their desired doctrines.

Wonder why this has never worked out then? Maybe because the Moody Bible Institute's classic dispensationalism is not gospel nor divine writ, no matter how many bibles they printed from the 1920s to the 1950s with inserts describing the then current versions of their doctrines (which, by the way, have again since been altered).

Didn't know God's divine proclamations needed updating to remain plausible. Hal Lindsey claimed the Soviet Union would attack Israel, too bad for him the USSR no longer exists.

Despite all of WND's supposed love for and defense of the faith, they hold, like so many radical evangelicals, a place of open hatred for the actual founding churches of the Christian faith and their peoples. No Orthodox, Coptic, Assyrian, Chaldean, or Roman Catholicism, you know, the autoencephalus churches (founded by Apostolic ministry), have any place in the gimmickry of their marketplace Christianity.

Case in point, WND recently promoted yet again another series of "prophecies" (guess they missed that teaching on witchcraft), claiming that the FINAL POPE has now been installed in Rome, and that the Roman Church is the "whore of Babylon" the apostate church of the anti-Christ. In keeping with their doctrine of orthodoxy as satanic counterfeit, WND now promotes the following:

PETRUS ROMANUS, PROJECT L.U.C.I.F.E.R., AND THE VATICAN'S ASTONISHING PLAN                                                                                           FOR THE ARRIVAL OF AN ALIEN SAVIOR.

By Chris Putnam and Thomas Horn.

According to the promotional information, the Vatican is secretly waiting for the little green men in flying saucers to appear, so they can release the big secret (or satanic deception), upon us that these beings from outer space (or actually demonic entities returning to earth), will be heralded as the returning messiah. Which will either be good, or bad, depending on which take you have on the whole event.

And they wonder why they aren't taken seriously about real-world events?

Just so you know, Mr. Farah, these kinds of publications are both offensive and disgusting. I would place crap like this right alongside "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion."

But then, you never cared about standards did you?

Perhaps you can enlighten us one day on where in scripture you find license for the decade-long murderous rampages we designate the War on Terror? Or how you can rail against civil abuses and crimes of state against Americans at home and ignore them abroad? Or how you can scream for the nuclear destruction of "enemy states" while ignoring the rights of states to their borders, resources, and rights of defense?

But as your "Christianity" demonstrates, you have no problem with hypocrisy.

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