Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How Boston's "Police State" (NOT) Got It Right, Proven Again Today.

According to media reports three more people have been arrested for taking evidence from the home of the Boston Bombers and other charges.

A few media sites are still screaming about the police cordon Boston authorities implemented, though by and large the subject is a moot point now.

Let's take a quick look at another recent series of attacks, the ex-LAPD officer who went on a killing spree not that long ago and see why Boston acted the way they did.

There was no "lockdown" in L.A.. And that apparently changed the outcome of the manhunt not at all. However, not having a curfew imposed did result in both innocent people being shot by police, as in the case of the two ladies delivering newspapers in a pickup truck of similar make and model to the assailants vehicle, and it allowed the killer to flee to a nearby resort/wilderness area, where he remained at large and an armed threat for several more days.

Lastly, it ended in the death of the perpetrator, who died, gunshot, in a burning cabin. And for you conspiracy guys out there, the authorities did not set the place on fire, ordinary rifle fire passing through wooden, frame-wall, construction, will ignite a home quite effectively by friction alone.

So, in L.A., innocents shot by mistake (gee, even trained cops are human when the fights on), gunman successfully flees area, and perp is killed instead of being apprehended, while manhunt drags on for multiple days, costing untold millions of dollars and resources.

In Boston, the perps are quickly met with police at every location (this led to the shooting of one officer and the murder of another, but in this case, the police were directly confronting the threat, giving them no quarter), and lacking the ability to escape, the criminals were forced into facing authorities head-on, which resulted in one's death and the other's being seriously wounded. Unable to fight, and with a house to house search on, unable to go to ground, the remaining bomber crawled into a boat parked in a guy's backyard, and most likely would have died there if he hadn't been captured, ALIVE. Now, despite his grim future, he receives better healthcare than most of us get, and at least it appears HE WILL HAVE A FUTURE.

Meanwhile, no civilians were accidentally shot by authorities, few citizens were exposed to the dangers of meeting these guys out on the lam somewhere, and the authorities had enough manpower out there to allow them to capture the guy ALIVE.

There's a story goes like this...police have a barricade situation and bring in a huge amount of manpower and equipment, surrounding the home. One of the suspect's neighbors ask an officer: "You guys need all this just to kill one guy?"

"No," the officer replies, "we need all this NOT to kill one guy."

Boston Authorities, well aware  of what had just happened in Los Angeles with innocent folks being shot, and with the consequences of allowing a manhunt to go mobile and drag on for days, made the right call.

It wasn't pretty, it wasn't "nice," but it was a sound decision.

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