Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NSA! NSA! Or Cheering Our Way to the Boneyard.

It turns out at least one, secure, search-engine company has told the Prism/NSA goons to shove it. Startpage.Com, a company out of the Netherlands, is, so far, immune to the thugs of Washington and the company says it will come out with a secure Email and other network offerings in the near future. Looks like we'll all be leaving Microsoft and Google behind very soon.

In an article on the website, The Daily Caller, which has been up on the net all week, the headline screams: Immigration Bill Will Kill the GOP!

One can only hope. The death of at least one of the two (snicker) major parties is the only hope for a party that represents the interests of the American People ever gets a say again. If we can kill one, we can eventually kill the lot of these rats.

Edward Snowden, speaking of things that so far are out of the government's reach, has found support from thousands of well wishers and industry and government types, around the world. Perhaps most surprisingly, from many bloggers and Internet users in the PRC. He appears to be headed to Iceland to apply for asylum. He probably should've tried Cuba. They might drone him in Reykjavik.

And speaking of the Peoples' Republic of China, the Chinese Premier and the President went off to pal around in the sun this past week. I can't help but wonder how one must bite their tongue when discussing issues with a murdering, lying, authoritarian ruler of a police state, but I'm sure the Chinese Premier was very diplomatic with Mr. Obama. The conversation probably went something like this:

"Look Barack, baby, this is the soft visit. If we don't get the vig on that ten trillion you owe, I've got to cut something off and mail it back to your wife and kids."

"Look." "If I my organization had the authority you have, this wouldn't be such a problem. Like George Junior said awhile back, a dictatorship would be a lot easier, so long as I'm the dictator.  Give me until after the next terrorist attack, I'll close the banks, shut down this damned Internet, and declare martial law, don't worry, we'll get you your money. I'll have much greater flexibility then."

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