Monday, June 3, 2013

Follow up Note from Yesterday, or, God Still Has a Great Sense of Humor.

Wading through email today, I found another one of those mass mailings from the White House that I get every week, the title of the fundraising solicitation? FAITH.

If Government is what you place faith in, you're more deluded than some fetish-worshiper who carved the hearts out of living critters to ensure the sun would rise the next day.

Anything that Humans attempt to replace God with is nothing more than the grossest idolatry. If your faith lies with a bunch of murdering, lying, thieving criminals in some wannabee imperial capitol, then you deserve your' fate when the results of that religious practice comes' round.

Why don't you do a quick search on "the faith of the Third Reich" and see your futures.

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