Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Government Commits Felony Crimes EVERY DAY AGAINST EVERY AMERICAN

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The Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The Government's Criminal Response:

 Warrantless ''National Security'' Electronic Surveillance .--In Katz v. United States, 151 Justice White sought to preserve for a future case the possibility that in ''national security cases'' electronic surveillance upon the authorization of the President or the Attorney General could be permissible without prior judicial approval. The Executive Branch then asserted the power to wiretap and to ''bug'' in two types of national security situations, against domestic subversion and against foreign intelligence operations, first basing its authority on a theory of ''inherent'' presidential power and then in the Supreme Court withdrawing to the argument that such surveillance was a ''reasonable'' search and seizure and therefore valid under the Fourth Amendment. Unanimously, the Court held that at least in cases of domestic subversive investigations, compliance with the warrant provisions of the Fourth Amendment was required. 152 Whether or not a search was reasonable, wrote Justice Powell for the Court, was a question which derived much of its answer from the warrant clause; except in a few narrowly circumscribed classes of situations, only those searches conducted pursuant to warrants were reasonable. The Government's duty to preserve the national security did not override the gurarantee that before government could invade the privacy of its citizens it must present to a neutral magistrate evidence sufficient to support issuance of a warrant authorizing that invasion of privacy. 153 This protection was even more needed in ''national security cases'' than in cases of ''ordinary'' crime, the Justice continued, inasmuch as the tendency of government so often is to regard opponents of its policies as a threat and hence to tread in areas protected by the First Amendment as well as by the Fourth. 154 Rejected also was the argument that courts could not appreciate the intricacies of investigations in the area of national security nor preserve the secrecy which is required. 155  
The question of the scope of the President's constitutional powers, if any, remains judicially unsettled. 156Congress has acted, however, providing for a special court to hear requests for warrants for electronic surveillance in foreign intelligence situations, and permitting the President to authorize warrantless surveillance to acquire foreign intelligence information provided that the communications to be monitored are exclusively between or among foreign powers and there is no substantial likelihood any ''United States person'' will be overheard. 157 
AS SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL GROWS HERE, we are left with an ever-more-clear picture of a government whose members believe themselves above the law, and rule by fiat. "Don't like it?" they say; we have guns and armies of thugs and prisons to place you in. THIS GOVERNMENT IS IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW UNDER WHICH IT EXISTS. 
These wannabee dictators. These criminal filth. Have now openly admitted they record/monitor / wiretap / surveillance monitor / SPY, on all Americans, ALL THE TIME. 
And now we know why these scum have passed imperial decrees stating America is a battlefield. YOU'RE THE ENEMY OF THEIR ILLEGAL, FASCIST, STATE.
Since governing authority BY LAW AND CHARTER rests SOLELY in the hands of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, NOT THE SITTING MEMBERS OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, these actions are little more than the CRIMINALS attempting to give themselves a rigged system of "justice" to cover their own CRIMES. 
EVERY, SINGLE, NAZI in Washington, along with their QUISLING, CRIMINAL, TRASH, is an enemy of the People of the United States. An armed, arrogant, murdering, lying, subversive piece of dog vomit. Their families should not be allowed to live in safety in any community inside our borders. 

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