Monday, June 3, 2013

The American Government: Anti-Semitic?

In all the flustering about, the apologists for the administration in Washington have decided to flippantly disregard the abuses of the DOJ and the Internal Revenue Service as mere partisan rhetoric creating mountains out of the proverbial molehills. After all, they say, it was only a few, white, conservative groups that were the targets of these illegal molestations and de nadie mas.

Except it wasn't just a few TEA Party or Libertarian activists that were targeted. Prominently placed among the others were several African-American and Jewish organizations.

One has to ask why the myriad of African-American and Jewish interests groups and civil rights defenders haven't managed to show up on these outrages?

I can't imagine any of the regular media pundits who crusade against racist offenses elsewhere being absent when a organ of the quasi-federal state (actually a private series of banks and enforcement firms), commit offense after offense, seeking to disenfranchise and intimidate or financially ruin Blacks and Jews.

For you see, that's exactly what occurred here.

I've seen neither A.I.P.A.C. nor the WSJ, nor any prominent African-American spokesperson step up to pummel these cretins for their crimes.

Alas, a few crusading legal eagles from the ACLU have jumped onboard in an attempt to help some of the victims, but why haven't the shiny, well-paid and funded, protectors of these folks interests come forward?

Maybe they're afraid to. The I.R.S. has an unlimited treasury and all the rigged courts it needs. Don't like my aspersions? Maybe you can tell me where the Constitution permits a extra-governmental court system ruled by the edict of "guilty until proven innocent."

Every I.R.S. action is a criminal act in violation of the charter for this government. It's extra-constitutional court system, created because,"we can't have violators getting away," is an organized suspension of your legal rights, run by the Federal Reserve, the private banking interests you pay your taxes to.

That's right little citizens, you don't pay the government taxes, nor the treasury, you pay the privately-owned, unregulated and unsupervised, Federal Reserve Banks your tax monies. Get over it.

And in those privately-run court rooms, you're presumed guilty and the burden of proof of innocence is on you. Meanwhile, these non-legal courts can steal your property, confiscate your earnings, jail you in the Federal penal system, or otherwise do whatever the hell they want.

And folks wonder why someone would get so upset over abuses by this agency?

President Barack Obama has done nothing to those who have openly and viciously committed racially-based hate crimes against whites (the NBPP case with our favorite felon, AG Holder is a prime example), and now has shown his administration's open hatred for Jewish interests as well, but that's not all, because this administration has also engaged in targeting African-Americans who dare to disagree with it. Hey, it looks as if the long promised and never delivered racial equality of government under Obama has almost been achieved.

They'll abuse, threaten, and put a gun to the head of anyone...anyone, and little Federal Government supporter? That includes you and yours.

Just because you're "okay" now because your not on "the wrong side" doesn't mean you won't be next time.

It's time for criminal prosecutions and the dismantling of the current tax and currency system.

You know, obeying the law for a change.

When I discovered Israeli-Government links, promoting and funding World Net Daily and several other think-tanks and media outfits, covering huge swaths of the Internet media industry, I wasn't surprised when the U.S. government quietly admitted that Jewish groups were targets of hostile federal actions. Make no mistake about it, Israeli interests are being targeted as anti-the-current-administration.

Perhaps it's time for A.I.P.A.C., and the Jewish Obama supporters during both elections, to make their presence felt in the oval office about these matters.

Before the next round of abuses becomes a problem.

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