Sunday, June 16, 2013

Edward Snowden: An Offshored Exclusive, An Insider's View of "The Box" (NSA)

Why does the United States Government want Edward Snowden so badly? Why are freedom advocates from Hong Kong to South America lining up to support him? Does he really have information so damaging to the government's operations?

Speaking with sources at the company Snowden worked for here on Oahu, I've discovered the following: First off, Mr. Snowden most definitely did NOT copy files out onto a thumb drive and smuggle them out of his offices. The Lenovo produced laptops issued to workers there don't have U.S.B ports, so it's not a matter of someone failing to disable or otherwise block his access, they physically can't be downloaded from.

So, how did he get the files? Offshored's source revealed to me that Mr. Snowden still has his secured-network laptop in his possession. These laptops are connected to a government/contractor access-only network and have a National Security license on them that prevents any record from this computer being demanded through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The joke going round as swarms of federal cops have been crawling through the company offices is: "Hey ___, the next time we send you over to Asia on a weapons sale, stop off in HK and pick up our laptop."

The current administration's love of blanket secrecy and end-runs around the public's right to know is in full view here.

I was also informed that nothing in Mr. Snowden's possession is particularly sensitive data, so again, why is the government screaming for this guy's blood?

Well, I imagine that letting the American people know that we're in the business of selling military hardware to pariah governments like Myanmar or that Thailand has a very active insurgency brewing is not really palatable to the secrecy guys. The fact that American intelligence "hacks" the communications of the People's Republic of China and Germany should surprise no one, we were intercepting their phone calls and data back when I was involved with Comsec and the Army Signal Corps back in the early 1980s.

So what is it about Mr. Snowden that has the black-bag gang so upset? Well, as one of my sources put it, it's because Edward Snowden was a 28-29 year-old tech expert, who had made six-figures every year of his life after college working for the State's arms and security apparatus, who had a beautiful girlfriend and a  house in one of the newer developments on the Leeward side of Oahu, Hawaii (not exactly a gated community like Blackpoint but in Hawaii, nowhere near cheap), who has turned his back on that system and is now revealing the embarrassing details of where trillions of your tax dollars go, and who gets them.

In other words, Mr. Snowden was one of the Security State's best and brightest, one of the new State Oppression System's golden boys whose lavishly-funded, American dream lifestyle was supposed to buy his silence and loyalty to the corruption and crime of Washington and the Corporate Kleptocracy. These guys hate being embarrassed as badly as they hate actually having their secret profiteering and illegal operations exposed, maybe more so. Meanwhile, just this week, yet another employee from the same company has been hired and transferred to the NSA's spying program, so the "mission" continues unabated.

According to employees at the company, Mr. Snowden was evidently planning his exodus and exposure of the American Corporate/National Police State status quo long before the ten-months he was employed here on Oahu. I'm not sure what all Edward Snowden has or will reveal in the coming weeks and months, but I can guarantee you this...

The criminal trash in Washington will do whatever it takes to silence him.

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