Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our "Global Police" Conspicuously Absent.

One month ago today, the Israeli government used a nuclear weapon outside of Damascus, Syria. A war crime unprecedented in modern history.

To date there has been no action by international bodies to call this crime to account. Compounding this villainy, Turkey, a shirt-tailed relation of NATO, has been caught delivering Sarin-nerve-agent to terrorists fighting the recognized government of President Assad, their neighbor.

Multiple chemical agent attacks have occurred in recent months in Syria, which the U.S. and British governments were quick to attempt to blame on the Assad regime, especially calling for military intervention by NATO forces as Syria had supposedly "crossed the line."

Then, as it turns out, it was the murdering liars at NATO that were the culprits.

No one there has been arrested, tried, or punished for these acts of terrorism using weapons of mass destruction either.

So, as we watch governments here and throughout the "free" (puke) West commit horror after outrage, as we watch the supposed enforcers of global law commit crime after crime, one is left to ask only one more question: "What do you think is an appropriate retaliation for such crimes?"

I guarantee you, millions of people throughout the Middle and Far East, are figuring that one, right now.

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