Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Typical American Foibles in the News: OMG We Must Look Like Idiots Abroad.

Recent items in the national newsfeed:

A Journalism Professor at Marshall University in West Virginia got his self into hot water after posting a rant on the Internet calling for the murder of NRA Members and such things. He made it even more off the wall by commenting on how the Federal Government would use F22's and tanks to quell armed Americans who resist predation by a criminal government.

My guess is he's now learning how great a place for nuanced dialogue and commentary the Internet and American Education can be right now. As for attacking gun owners and NRA folks, he probably should have remembered he lives and works in West Virginia. Oh, he also said WVA folks needed to graduate more college students--calling the state's populace "a disgrace."

In other news, a thirty-something father whose children have been removed from his custody after he named his children after the Nazi leadership of the Third Reich and The Aryan Nations (yes, he did name one of his children Adolf Hitler), was back in court for a hearing to determine his visitation with his kids....

He showed up wearing a German-styled, grey and black Nazi uniform from WWII. In family court....

No matter what you think about his politics and beliefs, let's examine his conduct. One, it's really, really stupid to wear the uniform of a Nazi German officer when you're actually some guy from New Jersey, in America, in 2013. When I first saw the headline I thought the man might be protesting typical anti-father bias in the family court system, but such was definitely NOT the case here.

Just a thought, it makes no sense to wear the uniform of an army you never belonged to. I suppose, his being an American National Socialist makes him feel entitled to such a stunt--well, actually it's not only outrageously offensive to everyone here in America for you sir, to wear the uniform of an American enemy into a courtroom while petitioning said folks for relief, but it's even more offensive to the German people across the pond.

You know sir, those folks whose historical figures from the great war you claim to admire. You are not a German, you have never served in the Wehrmacht (and you would be about 90 years old now if you had). Unless you're doing an historical reenactment or shooting an Indiana Jones movie, wearing a German Nazi uniform is just plain ignorant.

I don't have to tell you the court didn't look too kindly on him. The man said he was a dad, and wanted the court to let him be one to his children.

Well sir, a father would have had the considerations of his children above his own petty temper tantrums. A father might even consider if bringing up his children in a home were hatred and violence were considered virtuous was a good thing or not.

Where's Jerry Springer when you need him?

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