Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trolling for Prism at the NSA: Reality Check from Cyberspace.

Well, it's over.

Troll NSA, the "crash Prism" of the new decade was a resounding success in that literally tens of thousands participated in flooding the mediasphere of the United States with electronic spam today at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

However, unlike its predecessor, "Crash Echelon," this time there was no lobbing of sabots into the gears of the machinery of oppression, PRISM kept right on going.

Because it's 2013 and after a dozen years of warfare glutted payrolls to build the ultimate control grid, the crooks in charge have a pretty well-nigh unstoppable network going.

As a Federal I.T. guy told me this evening, "they use supercomputers now."

Also, PRISM, unlike the earlier and fallible Echelon, uses algorithms and sampling tables far more advanced than anything previously deployed by any government, it's content analysis capacities far exceed the abilities of a mere mass pile on of keywords to overwhelm the system.

The government boys learned from the Echelon failure, and that won't be happening again.

Still, it was a grand sight to find so many Americans willing to attempt to throw a few eggs on the face of the fascists criminals who hide behind gun-toting thugs and corrupt, paid-for politicians.

Too bad it's far too late for such easy answers. Much, much more is needed to put a hook in this fish.

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