Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Fourth Amendment is Dead and Other Comments.

The SCOTUS has declared a defendant's remaining silent can be used against them in a court of "law." They have further ruled in a way that makes the famous Miranda Warning irrelevant. Evidently, they also don't care that agencies of the government fail to follow any laws regarding search and seizure, even the milquetoast scraps of the current FISA fraud.

It is time to impeach this court and remove it.

Talking with folks, I hear alot about the various threats to our lives and safety caused by our current governmental and economic cabals, some of which are pretty gruesome to contemplate. From the failure of the petro-dollar to threats of a military police state, to food and crop failures, to environmental and destruction of public health.

This nation's "leadership" is seen as inept, corrupt, and arrogant. They are criminals with armies of gun-toting thugs protecting them and their seemingly unending litany of criminal acts. The fawning media have no stomach for news reporting, let along condemnation, the so-named alternative media
(at least a good part of it), has been astroturfed into the same kinds of prepaid, propaganda machinery as their MSM competitors.

Think not? Well, tell me why the largest, "pro-conservative" media outlet on the Internet is funded by a slew of quasi-governmental thinktanks with United States Senators and Congressmen on their payrolls, along with overseas money supplied from the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Israel?

Want to tell me why the recent I.R.S. scandal showed African-American and Jewish groups were targeted along with the T.E.A. Party?

The Israeli state sees the rise of Muslim antisemitism in Europe and the favored treatment of Islamic interests in America, and they are quite capable of realizing who the real threats to their security are.

Yet Israel finds itself again caught in the unenviable position of aiding Al Qaeda fighters in Syria for the Anglo-American, NATO imperialists, (called FUKUS by the rest of the world) France, U.K., U.S. just as they did in Afghanistan, when Israelis shipped arms to Osama Bin Laden for the CIA.

Tell me, How did that work out for you?

The one theme I continually harp on is an easy one to remember, "You are being manipulated." I know of few media outlets, either traditional or Internet, that are truly independent, and that are truly reliable. Some of them have ties to the kinds of folks I mentioned above--even if their work appears to be honest and pro-liberty--some are independent, but also highly commercial, so they also have a financial stake in keeping you, the public, as worked-up as possible. This kind of rhetoric reveals itself in the very facts that while these particular media guys always have a new threat or fear to sell you, they never seem to have any solutions.

Selling the fear and threat is easy, discussing action and planning doesn't sell the latest "emergency survival" gadgets or books on WROL.

These guys, and some of them do a really good job, have their own survival plan; to get rich enough off you it doesn't matter. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch for some of them, but some of these pseudo-liberty guys have proven to be nothing more than GOPers, bankrolled by the GOP, and used to steer those unwilling, little independent minds firmly in the Corporate-led, Rockefeller One-World direction while selling corporatist slavery as traditional American values.

The question that I continue to get is, "what do we do?"

Well, that depends on several things doesn't it?  My blanket answer is, look around, make as calm and rational an assessment as you can, and plan accordingly. Continue to talk and network with everyone, and don't rely on the Internet alone--you need real contact information from your family and friends--because the "kill switch" is most likely the first move the criminals will use if they attempt something. They won't want public communications to be working, that's not a good military strategy for them.

Other than that, a lot depends on your needs and resources. If you can afford to, then do so, but don't panic purchase, and don't let fear dictate what you do.

Don't be afraid of these guys, and don't let the alarmist media make you afraid.

They can't win, and quite frankly they know it, that's why they haven't tried to openly march on your neighborhoods yet.

The time has come, and is long past, for a frank, national, dialogue on the continuation of this government.
Those who refuse this dialogue should already know, this government is dead on arrival.

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