Sunday, June 23, 2013

Obama Can Do No Right and Other Comments On The American Way

The Daily Kos has run an article for the last couple of days in which former Obama campaign worker calls Obama "a fraud."  The peeved former financial supporter and campaign volunteer also mentions such administration crimes as drone wars, spying, and a string of overseas adventuring by the Neo-Liberal Left.
Strange how a few years can change things. The crowd at the DK couldn't defend Obama from those exact same kinds of charges violently enough in 2010, when I brought them up.

Poor babies.

A doctor from a respected specialized medical hospital contacted me by email today, she asked that I send along my most recent medical test results so that she could recommend treatment that should allow me to manage the organ damage that was discovered this past winter. The result of someone poisoning me with a heavy metal type substance--probably mercury.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to my own medical test results--here in America, I don't even get the answers I need from my PCP about my symptoms or how to maintain my health--they were too busy turning me down when I requested a referral to see a specialist that might actually be able to help me. I'm supposed to sit around and wait until I suffer actual organ failure and have to live with medical support or a transplant rather than prevent the problems to begin with.

According to the doctor who contacted me, treatments at my stage of organ damage can ensure a normal life. Too bad the doctor is in the People's Republic of China, where I could actually get medical care that mattered, and where I would have access and copies of my own medical records to make health care decisions based on what would be the best outcome for MY NEEDS.

Only in America of 2013, would a doctor from the PRC be volunteering to aid someone free of charge with a condition that is not only easily treatable, but wouldn't be life threatening if I had access to real medical care to begin with.

I recall that all those wonderful politicians in D.C. get red-carpet healthcare without any limitations; all at taxpayer's expense, for life.

Jonathan Snowden is currently transiting through Russia, or not, perhaps on his way to Venezuela or Cuba (Hey! I suggested Cuba previously as a better asylum nation than Iceland), not to denigrate the folks in Iceland, a wonderful and sensible nation if recent events show anything, but the United States would probably have little trouble murdering Mr. Snowden in Iceland--not that the people or government there would permit it, but since when does the United States obey laws, respect other nation's sovereignty, or restrain its' murdering thugs?

Only a nation openly hostile and separate from the FUKUS Axis of Empire and their banker-run blackshirts is any kind of safe haven for a critic of the murderers known as the government of the United States.

The WSJ reported that Mr. Snowden has several laptops in his possession containing the files detailing America's most recent slew of crimes around the nation and the globe, (something I had learned in my earlier discussions with a few of Snowden's co-workers here on Oahu), and he is said to be traveling with the number two member of Wikileaks.

Go get them, tiger.

Speaking of American crimes around the globe, a group of lawyers are suing the government of South Africa for failing to enforce international war crimes law by not arresting and transporting President Barack Obama to the Hague to face charges for the murders of hundreds of innocents in his push button war campaigns.
Seems once again, that the laws are only meant for the "little people." FUKUS members are somehow exempt, I guess some animals really are more equal than others.

In other "more equal than others" news, reports in the media are discussing how the FISA Court and agencies like the NSA operate under a second set of laws that "aren't on the books."

Last time I checked ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS are subject to ONE SET OF LAWS, and accountable for their actions when they commit criminal acts that violate those laws, PERIOD.

If there are two sets of laws, then there is NO law.

Let's see how that works out for ya.

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