Sunday, July 7, 2013

On Opportunity, Asylum, and Other Rights Americans Don't Have.

Sometimes you just don't have anything pertinent to say, so I've not posted for awhile.

Edward Snowden, though still in legal limbo somewhere in a Russian Transit Zone (Supposedly), has been granted positive responses from at least two or three nations willing to grant the whistleblower asylum, this is a very good thing.

The facts that over twenty other nations refused him asylum out-of-hand, along with the forced downing of one nation's presidential aircraft at the behest of the United States while said head-of-state was traveling in Europe, for fear that Snowden was aboard that aircraft, not such a very good thing.

Russia appears now to be all-too-willing to join the rest of the European fascists as U.S. lapdogs--no doubt some very interesting deals have been struck.

As an American, when I see the criminals who have committed these crimes that Snowden made public removed from their positions, criminally prosecuted and punished, I'll entertain the idea that the federal government has a complaint about Edward Snowden.

While speaking of America and foreign nations, once again I find myself denied medical care in the United States, despite possessing the needed medical insurance to access it. My PMP simply tells me I need to have appointments made with certain doctors for tests or other reasons, then the needed appointments simply never occur. Why? No answer. The new government-run healthcare is already being used to deny healthcare to anyone someone in government doesn't like.

Your family is next.

While on the subject, I've already written about how a doctor from China, who administers a specialized clinic for certain types of care, had offered to help me. This past January, I had my first substantial job offer in many months--from a company in Shanghai.

I should have taken it over my family's and friends'objections. Because being blacklisted in America means you don't work.

Yet again, with the current situation in our own country, pressure can be put to ensure that if someone in the government doesn't like you, you can be discriminated against.

After all, facts and the rule of law have nothing to do with it. Dissent is not allowed. Especially dissent that reveals facts the government would rather not be disclosed.

My thesis, published three years ago now, still garners between 100 and 200 downloads a month from the library at Western Kentucky University. It has been published in the E.U., and used in college classes from the Ivy League to Europe to Beijing and Moscow.

Strange how all those well-funded, government-run, propagandists have fallen silent over the years, as crime and crime and scandal after scandal pile up against the vaunted "leadership," of our national government.

We told you so--morons.

So you see readers, in America your access to opportunity, be it education, wealth, travel, or work, can be blocked or illegally denied on the whim of some political hack government functionary. You don't possess these rights.

Your access to medical care, decent food, or housing is also by the whim of government servants, think not because YOU are hard-working and earn well? I hope you don't ever have to find out that none of what you earn or think you "own" is only "yours" be the grant of the state. Think I.R.S. scandal as the most recently public version.

The government has passed "laws" that allow them to imprison you and your family without cause or trial, indefinitely, and you think you have rights?

Snowden's case brings up asylum...are you aware that none of the nations any American could travel to directly from the United States (without bypassing other nations), allow Americans to claim asylum for ANY REASON?

You have no right to asylum as an American citizen according to the government of the United States. The Feds made deals with all our immediate neighbors--including all British Commonwealth Nations--to block any American who attempts to invoke political asylum in their countries. So unlike during Vietnam, you can't flee to Canada now; nor to Mexico, nor to Japan, nor to Australia, nor to Britain.

Which complicates asylum for Americans, as bypassing other nations to get to another one and claim asylum invalidates the claim for asylum under international laws. You are required as an asylum seeker to claim asylum in the first, safe, nation you arrive in, (as in England if you fly to the E.U.) so you will be expelled for "nation-shopping" if you continue on to say, France, and apply for asylum there.

The United States is the only country on earth that has treaties to prevent its citizens from having the ability to claim asylum in other nations. Not even North Korea can force its neighbors to return fleeing citizens.

But your "FREE" nation can and DOES.

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