Friday, July 26, 2013

Lincoln Memorial Gets a Ramadan Makeover, Eric Holder Commits More Crimes

The Lincoln Memorial has been splattered in green paint...during Ramadan...

A few years back, I had a tenant who was a paid member of the C.A.I.R.

He paid his rent annually when he received his stipend check from the organization for the year.

He had an almost compulsive habit of cleanliness (I used to feel badly for him, living in our building and district), as the 75 unit-building was a real slum.

Then, it started...

The hallway around this guy's door began to covered in a thick, green, paint.

As weeks went by, the painted areas extended the entire length of the eighty-foot hallway.

At first I thought the owners had some maintenance work going on, but then one night, as I made my rounds of the property, I found our tenant in the hall, vigorously painting away with can and brush.

You see, he informed me, green is the color of Islam; and since we shared a communal bath and toilet area on each hall, he felt compelled to both connect and ritually cleanse his living area in order to be religiously correct in his practice of Islam.

Since any maintenance I could get done on the property was a blessing, I let him paint the hallway. Also, it wasn't harming anyone and it did allow him to feel a bit better about living in the building.

So why would I suspect Islamic protesters are the culprits in D.C. this time?

Well, for one thing; the government has banned the media from showing the vandalism, you can't even see the paintjob--so what are they hiding?

If it were environmentalists or TEA Partiers, I'm sure we'd be seeing every slur and epithet the evil ones had scrawled.

If it were racists, remarking on Lincoln, the Confederacy, or the Government, I'm sure the media would have been shown every swastika, every anti-Semitic insult, every bigoted remark about African-Americans.

I doubt any protesting African-Americans, or even the most radical racial groups that represent people of  color, would commit this kind of act against a memorial to Abe Lincoln.

But I don't doubt for a minute that if it had been a white group responsible for the vandalism, that we wouldn't have seen it live and in color on media screens from coast to coast.

No, my dear readers, this was done by someone the government doesn't want you to see is responsible. Hence it appears most likely, given the time and type of incident, that this is yet another episode of the WAR THEY DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT.

Speaking of said nameless war that's being carried out right now on U.S. soil, a couple of large and dangerous wildfires are burning in the western United States right now: one of these is threatening a large, chemical manufacturing facility (where have we heard that kind of story repeatedly in the past year?), the other threatens a large residential community.

The targeting of chemical plants, oil pipelines, and heavy transports such as trains, over a period of months upon months, destroying factory after factory, disrupting or destroying energy and commerce infrastructure, cannot simply be chalked up to coincidence. The statistical probabilities are not only unlikely, but almost impossible.

There is a retaliatory guerrilla war going on in the United States. The fascists in Washington, who have committed crime atop crime against your families, can't even admit to it, lest you see how powerless their supposedly unstoppable police state really is.

Totalitarian states are inherently unstable and never survive in the long run. They usually devolve into cycles of unrest, violence, and war, and the the population suffers the consequences.

Keep placing your faith in the new, statist, wonderland.

Speaking of the new statism. AG Eric "gunrunner" Holder has proclaimed his self arbiter of elections in the state of Texas. This is despite the fact that the SCOTUS ruled recently that the feds are most definitely NOT the arbiters of such things.

Holder needs prosecuted and removed, period. This murderer, war criminal, and international terrorist, who attempted to create false crimes to subvert the constitution of the United States (that's conspiracy to commit treason, in a time of war by the way), needs to spend the rest of his life in a 8x10 in Leavenworth.

Or better yet, we could simply turn him over to Mexico, who was investigating charging and prosecuting him already as of last year.

I'm sure they know how to treat such guys....realllllyyy well.

After all, Holder's used extraordinary rendition, hasn't he?

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