Saturday, July 27, 2013

What "They" Does, and Doesn't, Do...

We've discussed several incidents of abuse, violence, lying, and omission over the past months, so just what is the point to all this?

Well, let's review:

The Four Statements
1. I am a free person, my body is not property of the state.
2. I am a free person, my labor is not the property of the state.
3. I am a free person, my personal possessions are not the property of the state.
4. I am a free person, government without my consent is illegal, and my consent is not a mere given; it may be withheld at any time, for any reason I see fit.

This is the law of the land in America. Other nations have their own systems and laws to which they conform. This is not an indictment of others, I haven't seen our own system doing much worth emulating of late.

It seems those who have managed to achieve positions of authority in America are emulating a far different political model than the one our law requires.

So, having seen the bloodshed and abuses so freely exercised by this wannabee aristocracy, perhaps it's time to ask what our leaders should be doing.

The first job of political authority is to protect the people from itself.
The next is to protect the people from predation by each other.
The third is to protect the people from threats outside the community, state, or nation.

The problem with our current government is that they have taken the strawman of threats from outside the nation and used this to exploit and make a prey out of the people. The government has no problem killing innocent Americans in their own homes and beds, they do it every week.

Just read the news, what little real news you manage to get filtered down to you, and it's all right there in black and white, and plenty of red all over.

We have no checks and balances: unless you count the checks cut to politicians and law enforcement to "balance" the playing field so that the criminals never get punished, nor do the people ever see justice.

We have no accountability: everytime I hear some official berating someone about their misbehavior (usually in a court room for some personal offense), I have to laugh because this pompous blowhard is either too afraid or too corrupt to indict and prosecute the filth that has infested our government's administrations.

There are no laws preventing the prosecution of government officials for serious crimes, so why aren't they?

The government, having failed to protect the people from itself, now also works hand in hand to allow certain people free reign, giving wealthy, private, interests and corporations direct access to public wealth and private property, while freeing them from any of the responsibility or liability they should be accountable for.

Meanwhile, checks are cut to ensure this privileged arrangement continues, to our private representatives, these entities never pay taxes back to the societies they exploit and damage. The taxpayers pick up the tabs for all the costs these companies illegally transfer off onto the people, and the politicians sign the legislation to make it so.

They sign it, the companies themselves write the stuff in advance, or sometimes not, if they need retroactive legislation to prevent their prosecution after the crimes have already been discovered, the government trash go right along for the ride.

It's in their best interests after all, never mind what the nation's best interests are.

Lastly, at least all this corruption, murder, and vice, gets us a heaping-load of the final responsibility, right? We must be the safest, militarily strongest nation on earth by now, surely?

Well, as I've pointed out in past columns, numerous acts of guerrilla violence continues to plague not only our overseas battlefields, but the homeland itself.

This is the WAR THEY WON'T TELL YOU ABOUT, not because it doesn't exist, but because, like so many bloody, murderous, thieving, crimes they commit, they can't allow you to ever know about them. You see, the truth is not for you, little citizen. You are too stupid, frightened, and incapable of governing yourselves to ever be allowed the truth.

My colleague from the PRC told me of a saying they have in communist political indoctrination, "Truth is the Property of the Strong."

To place it in more easily understood, Orwellian-speak: "Sometimes they are four fingers, sometimes five, and sometimes none at all."

Does anyone still remember the GOP mantra of the Bush II administration? "We create our own reality."

The government is still quite busily building its' own reality, and they own it.

Because they have enough firepower to force you to agree with it. That's the unstated part of the paradigm.

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