Monday, July 8, 2013

Gay Marriage, HuffPo Doesn't Pay, and JT's Girls Gone Wild Sex Videos on YouTube

There's a lot to talk about lately, so let's get started:

Gay Marriage: The DOMA decision at the SCOTUS recently was hyped by the media everywhere as a redefinition of marriage and a big win for advancing gay rights. In fact it is neither.

The DOMA decision upholds the very real fact that marriage is a state issue. DOMA being partially struck down means that the Federal Government has no business defining or regulating marriage. BTW, my own position on civil marriages in America is this, whether gay or straight; they are not marriage, and yes, the government may regulate them because they are not marriage. The rise of "licensed" marriage and divorce courts came first around the year 1815 in America, in response to the rise of the Shakers and similar religious sects, that were splitting up families and requiring celibacy of married couples. The state legislatures began passing legislation allowing for women to divorce men who joined the Shaker cult. After the Civil War, marriage licensing was created by the states to enforce miscegenation laws that prevented interracial marriages between whites and non-whites.

Groups like the Southern Baptist pushed these laws at the time and effectively removed the governance of marriage from the churches as a sacramental contract, to the government and a legal, civil, one.

Several peers of mine were celebrating last week, remarking that, as gays, they had been excluded for decades from marriage equality and now they were looking forwards to being equals with other Americans.

Nothing wrong with that, just that what is commonly called marriage in America is not marriage, but a contractual agreement with the state. Marriage is a sacramental union within the bounds of the church, synagogue, or mosque, and the state has nothing to do with it. As for the Feds regulation of marriage being struck down, this will continue the debate on a state by state basis, with some states agreeing to allow gays to participate in civil marriage unions, just like other folks do, and some states remaining opposed.

Why all the hoopla then? Because the media propaganda must send the correct message and not the reality.

I'm sure many gay couples quickly became aware of the scam, but didn't want to rock the boat on the advancement of the message in the media that would undermine opposition to gays civil unions in the upcoming statehouse battles. Besides most Americans would only hear the soundbites declaring victory and believe them to be true.

In my thesis this is called the F.B.A.L. ("F"ing Big Ass Lie)--and it's a short read that's well worth your perusal to understand how the propaganda media works.

Speaking of all things relating to sex and media. Justin Timberlake's recent music videos have certainly pushed the boundaries of music media in the United States to levels of nudity and sexual content not seen before in American entertainment media. Overseas media have always been far more explicit and erotic in content than our fare.

YouTube, which bans nudity and explicit sex (but strangely permits violent content from Islamist and others), has allowed the R-rated videos to play anyhow. Huffington Post, which invented the sideboob media category, has railed about it for a few days garnering sympathy from no one as far as we can tell.

Speaking of HuffPo, how many people have they not paid for their labors over the years to make the owners rich? Didn't know labor laws could simply be ignored as long as you're the right company. Sweatshop media tycoons didn't sell HuffPo for pocketchange, yet the workers got nothing for their labor, art, or product.

How convenient.

Remember the wars? Can you tell me how many we're in yet?

Here's a short list from memory, probably not extant:

Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan not counting the string of covert operations and proxy wars still continuing in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Mexico, and Central and South America.


That's the war taking place right here on American soil, and it's been devastating the nation for a year or more now.

From sabotaged oil pipelines to mysteriously, repeatedly, exploding chemical factories, to "wildfires" claimed by Al Qaeda affiliates, to railroad derailments and other "accidents" and "incidents," the government has kept a tight lid on the most vicious series of sabotage and retaliatory attacks in our history.

In case you've forgotten, dear reader, we have been officially at war for almost a dozen years now, so why the hush-up? Simple, they don't want you realizing all the DHS Nazism not only can't keep you safe, it isn't keeping you safe.

Know why? Because it's not meant to protect you, it's meant to allow the government to run rampant right over you.

We'll talk about the new blacklisting and discrimination against political opponents and public critics and how the new Stalinists work their magic in our next post.

Also, WND, or World Net Daily is at it again, attacking Orthodox Christians and putting out yet another lying, steaming pile disguised as a book about why the GOPers lost last election. The GOP, unable to tell the truth, is truly a dinosaur on its way to extinction.

And it can't come fast enough.

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