Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The War You Aren't Told About Continues, And More On Blacklisting

A large military drone has crashed, closing a highway near its' base.

An accident, or yet another instance of a drone being brought down by electronic countermeasures?

Remember last year, when Iran got some of our best stealth technology by remotely downing a drone?

They've since back engineered it, and are now producing advanced drones themselves. One was shot down by the Israelis attempting to gather data on Israel's nuclear weapons sites.

I've told you about the "not a coincidence" series of disasters that has leveled chemical plants, refineries, oil and chemical pipelines, trains and heavy shipping all across America.

Does anyone still believe that a continuing string of events like these over many months are simply accidental?

Your fascists can't protect you, despite all their criminality.

America is at war, and your government won't even admit you're being attacked.

Doesn't "fit" the scenario they want to publish at this time.

I've been getting a great response on my stories relating to the blacklisting of anyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with the criminals who rule the nation. Here's a few thoughts:

Who are the folks making these "calls?" Are they part of an official policy being carried out by the administration, or simply some party-run hatchet guys doing their thing on their own?

How can you fight government intimidation of employers? How do you even get them to talk on the record about such actions? Even when they admit to illegal or abusive conduct by government, it's not like they're going to try and help out the "little people," are they?

Land of the free, indeed.

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