Friday, July 19, 2013

New Project: "Stateless" Can an American Escape America?

We've discussed a lot of the new way of things in America over the past several months.

We've discussed manipulation, intimidation, violence, theft, and all sorts of media and governmental attacks on citizens and the law.

We discussed your loss of rights as free men and women. We've shown how private interests run our public institutions for their own benefit.

And we discussed the consequences for our future and children.

There comes a time when enough is enough.

I've survived multiple attempts to kill and assault me, literally. I've survived being poisoned and suffering organ damage. I've survived being smeared, lied about, blacklisted, and gag-ordered not to speak out. I've been threatened, investigated, harassed, broken-in on, followed, electronically tagged, and electronically recorded and monitored.

I've been slandered by national media personalities.

I've been banned from several major websites for the offense of demanding the laws of the land be applied equally to all citizens--including politicians and their good-ole-boy, buddies.

I was banned by the Huffington Post for suggesting that a court like the Hague should be set up to try American politicians who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

I was banned from WND for asking why an illegally run nomination/electoral process was somehow acceptable for a Republican candidate but not acceptable when the Democratic Party does it?

Daring to support such radical ideas as the constitution and the rule of law will get you fired from your job.

Being a real liberal, someone who believes in liberty and personal choice, and not a neo-fascist, like the current crop of Dems and GOPers, is somehow unAmerican now.

So, what to do? I turned down a job overseas recently, because my friends and supporters asked me to, but now I just don't see the logic in remaining in a nation that has wholly embraced fascism and criminality.

Your murders and thefts, your lies and sleaze, don't have my support or consent.

Unfortunately, as an American, I can't just show up on another nation's doorstep and ask for help, so I'm launching a campaign to raise the 15K dollars needed for me to leave the country and apply for political asylum.

I will put up information about the campaign as I get all the pieces together over the next few days. If I were able to raise the cash on my own, I wouldn't have asked for your help, but being prevented from earning my own living means I've no savings left to pull off the trip myself.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me and our cause over the past years.

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