Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Big and Little Booms

In Florida, there was another series of explosions at a gas and chemical facility.

How many in a row does it take before someone actually starts reporting the facts?

Either we have active sabotage, or we have the worst industrial competency since the Soviet's foreign adventuring in the 1950s.

The War They Won't Tell You About continues apace...

Speaking of the War That Shall Not Be Named, Bradley Manning has been found guilty of some 19 or 20 counts, with the most serious charges of aiding the enemies of the United States being dropped against him.

Mr. Manning faces 136 years in penitentiary.

The message is clear, if you "out" illegal activities by the government, you will be punished for it.

Meanwhile, those who committed said crimes are still wandering about free and easy.

I recall that while some of the lowest-ranking enlisted personnel were jailed from Abu Gharib, those in charge of the illegal murders, tortures, and abuses, wound up promoted.

As I've mentioned before, asking those who commit crimes against you to police themselves is a fool's errand.

Manning has sacrificed his own life for the greater good, but it appears unlikely any of the guilty parties will ever be held to account for their criminal actions.

I suggest that for everyday Manning spends in jail, one of these thugs has to be prosecuted.

It will never happen.

The war in Syria continues to improve--for the Syrians--for the American alliance not so much.

While President Obama and his FUKUS collaborators might yet pull this one out (they did in Libya, after all), it's looking yet again like another failure for the New World Fascists.

If the overthrow of Syria fails, we might see America and European criminals forced into dropping their incessant saber-rattling and demands for war with Iran.

Until the next round of neo-colonization takes place in Africa next year.

Russia has moved a flotilla of 16 warships, along with continuing to provide advanced weapons systems, into Syria, reaffirming the Putin governments' role in stabilizing the region and driving out foreign and radical Islamic threats.

Meanwhile, in the U.S.A., workers at a variety of fast-food restaurants went on a one-day strike for higher wages and better working conditions.

No one noticed...

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