Sunday, July 14, 2013

WND attacks Orthodox Christians--AGAIN--While Still Lying About the 2012 Elections

World Net Daily's slide into radical religious bigotry continues unabated. At the same time, in a schizophrenic split worthy of one of actor Gary Busey's roles, they continue to publish every conceivable lie about the GOPer failures of the 2012 election cycle.

So much for being "Christian," or "Conservative." Joe Farah, WND's editor and "owner" (with funding by a hosts of Washington's political influence peddlers and foreign government interests, one can only wonder who really owns WND? Karl Rove?). Farah has recently continued his spate of attacks on Roman Catholics and the other autoencephalous, christian churches by publishing yet another set of books and videos purporting to tell the public what prognosticated predestined pre-tribulatory portents are planned for the successors of Peter.

WND's own efforts at prophecy have been less than satisfying. WND published loads of stories (and it was a real LOAD), prior to the 2012 presidential contest, claiming, among others, that Mitt Romney was divinely-appointed leader of the United States, identified BY NAME in Holy Scripture. Ever since WND went into the tank for the GOPer, anti-constitutionalists, criminals via a massive infusion of Karl Rove's advertising dollars in 2012, WND's religious publications have become far more Weekly World News than Nelson Publishing, giving much ad space and air time to religious extremism and religious quackery than to mainstream American religious causes or practice.

WND's recent spate of offerings include yet another video series by Mr. Tom Horn, part of the writing team that has brought us such recent tomes as books telling us the ancient mystics of medieval France are saying that the current Pope is the last head of the Roman church prior to the Vatican's being taken over by the anti-christ, (wait, I thought Barack Obama was the Anti-Christ, Mr. Farah) and another volume, in which the Vatican is concealing the secret that the "Christ" the churches of the world are awaiting is actually a demonic being who will appear from outer space, or what I call the "Satan in a UFO" theory.

At the same time, the purportedly Christian Farah and company publish media from such fringe groups as the New Seventh-Day Adventists and one current article by Greg Laurie asks the question: "Where is the United States in Last Days Scenario?" His conclusions: destroyed by nuclear war, diminished to insignificance by moral and spiritual decline into an apocalyptic collapse, or "raptured" out of the way.

Oh, did I mention that WND's Christianity only accepts the modern, American, reactionary dispensationalism of the early 20th century as "gospel" on the fate of humanity. The fact that none of these "doctrines" were ever taught by Jesus, nor the Apostles, nor the early Church Fathers, means little to them when they have Bigfoot Returning in a U.F.O. stories to sell; or videos of gold-plated chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea, or videos on how Christians who meet on Sunday are worshiping Satan.

You see the pattern here?

Along with the bargain-basement hucksterism passing for religious faith, World Net Daily has continued to attempt to rewrite the history of the failures of the Republican Party, now blaming the religious bigotry of Americans for Mitt Romney's loss of the presidency last year.

Wait, I thought, according to WND, that it was Americans satanically-inspired, worship of secularism that led to Mittens' defeat last fall? Now it's Americans hatred of religious minorities?

According to this week's version of why the divinely appointed Maximus Romnius failed to gain the oval office and save America, it was the GOP base's hatred of the cult of Mormonism that led them to reject Mittens, and not the GOPers own criminality or corruption of the election itself.

According to political hack writer Jerome Corsi--whose new tome is being huckstered onto the WND faithful with "articles" (ads), that touch on its' subject matter every few days--last week it was the Obama campaigns mastery of media and their illicit alliances with the news industry that led to Romney's defeat. This week, it's the religious bigotry and xenophobia of the GOPer base, too bigoted to save their own country.

At least according to the writers at WND. Next week, I'm sure it will be something else, maybe they can link up the anti-christ influences and find a magical Torah scroll that tells of the satanic struggle between the GOPer faithful and the forces of Satanic World Domination that prophecies the thousand-year reich of Karl Rove, that will bring universal peace under the drone-bombing empire of the First Church of the Corporate Bank, or some such lofty, ancient work of druid mushroom eaters pulled from a bog in upper New York state where it was hidden during the Viking incursions into North America.

The faith of WND is hard to discover, unless it's the faith of money and political favoritism.

WND has never told the simple truths about their GOPer backers, nor their funding by and cooperation with Israeli government sources. WND has passed off an Israeli agent as an Iranian dissident, passed off easily proven falsified stories to drum up support for military incursions and wars in the Middle East, and covered-up the treason and crimes of the GOP in the nomination and election campaigns of Mitt Romney, all while boisterously calling out their Democratic opponents for the same failings.

Mitt Romney did not will the nomination of the Republican party by lawful means in 2012. He lost Iowa, he lost several other contests, yet for months the GOP falsely reported winners, withheld votes, changed results or threw out the ones they didn't like. Rigged debates, rigged access to the media, and pulled delegates from the floor whose support they didn't get.

The GOP committed treason and fraud on a massive scale in 2012. That's why they lost, Mr. Farah, and not a damn reason more.

All the lies you publish won't change that, but they do undermine any efforts WND has made in the past to uncover the truth about corruption and vice in American government.

Lying--according the Bible--is the sign of a false prophet.

Nothing more needs be said.

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