Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sarah Palin Admits to GOP Cover-Up of President Obama's False Biography

Your weren't "forbidden" Mrs. Palin, you chose to lie instead of speaking out, and you reaped great benefit and wealth from your lies. I, on the other hand, suffered attack after attack, including discrimination, physical assaults, loss of home, loss of wealth, police abuse and harassment, two assassination attempts, smear campaigns by administration paid media and MSM outlets, loss of property, severe damage to my career and livelihood to the point of penury. I suffer organ damage that might well kill me from an attempt to poison me while I was at WKU in 2011, my car was bombed, not to mention electronically and physically monitored by federal agents, I paid out of my pocket for property damage caused by federal police who took a crowbar to my car on night to retrieve an electronic transmitter from my vehicle, leaving my car ripped open and sitting in my friend's family driveway. I paid for the damage to my vehicle's electronic control systems caused by the feds installing such device on my car's electrical system that led to us finding it in the first place. I've lost thousands of dollars in property and cash directly because of abuse, intimidation, and crime from this administration and President Obama's supporters, no one paid me a dime or gave me a freebie media gig. I am broke, in debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, and homeless and permanently injured for telling the facts behind President Obama's manufactured hagiography: what did YOU GET FOR COMMITTING TREASON?

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