Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feds Commit More Crimes, States Can't Or Won't Enforce Laws

The Feds "War on Drugs" continues with a series of armed police raids on pot dealers.

Let me correct that: On LEGAL Marijuana Dispensaries.

Guess the 10th amendment no longer exists.

Guess the state legislatures and governors want their federal handouts more than they want to uphold the law.

States where federal agencies commit these crimes should issue warrants, arrest, and prosecute these criminals with the same vigor they go after their own citizenry when the break the law.

And if these wannabee Nazis resist, do what you do to anyone else, shoot em.

Any Governor possessing a pair would have ordered the federal government's trash out of his or her state by now.

But our state governments seem as inept and corrupt as Washington, and equally unable to either obey the rule of law or protect the people.

For example, there's a big bru-ha-ha going on over the release of a convicted sexual predator this friday in one of our east coast states.

The guy evidently handcuffed and raped an autistic, 13 years-old boy, but the state in question lacks legislation that would allow them to confine the offender after his release from prison.

The man is stated to still be a real threat to the community.

Here's an've got 24 hours, pass the damn law.

Or perhaps simply involuntarily commit this man, who is indeed seriously mentally disordered, to an appropriate treatment facility, where he cannot threaten innocent people anymore.

There are times when the forcible use of government authority is warranted for the public good. The first example we discussed today is a criminal misuse of that power; the second would be both appropriate and well considered.

The latter would be completely and reasonably defended, the former cannot be.

Time for the governors of these two states to stand up for the rule of law and act accordingly.

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