Monday, July 15, 2013

How the New Black Listing Works: and An Open Letter To Rush Limbaugh.

I need to keep my word, and so here is a depiction of how the new blacklisting works in America.

You have a right to organize and/or protest for your rights:

As citizens seeking to direct or seeking redress from government.

As workers seeking equal treatment or redress of offense.

As individuals seeking your rights to your body, labor, property, or freedoms.

Here's what happens in contemporary America:

If you organize for your interests against the entrenched interests of government, you will be targeted by government agencies like F.A.S.A., the I.R.S., the Dept. of Homeland Security, or other arms of government, and some clerical worker with a grudge against your opinions, race, or beliefs, can attack you with impunity. Even better, as a matter of stated policy, the bosses of these faceless and unaccountable government drones will use your tax monies to deliberately deny you your rights as citizens, destroy your ability to earn a living, deny you equal treatment under the law, harass you, your family, your peers, or coworkers; deny you the rights of free travel, free enterprise, association, speech, or worship or worse.

This is all deemed well and good by the compliant national media; who believe that their privileged access and fiduciary benefits must remain sacrosanct. After all, some talking teleprompter idiot knows far better than you, what's best for the rest of America.

Workers seeking equal treatment or redress will always be denied out of hand unless they somehow bring legal action against their opponents. Even if you succeed, expect to be fired and/or blacklisted by your employer at some point in the future as retaliation. Some workers have privileged status that seems to allow them immunity against some of these actions, but if you're not one of those, expect to discover that "some" workers have legal rights and others don't.

For those of you asking, no, the laws don't matter.

If as an individual, you seek to exercise your rights without illegal government interference ( a right doesn't require the permission of another, it is an exercise of personal sovereignty), you can expect jail, or harassment, or threats, or violence (especially the latter in today's police state), by a bunch of armed thugs who murder, assault, and threaten with state-protected impunity.

Meanwhile, good luck trying to work or travel or speak out; as no potential employer will take you, your right to travel will be limited or suspended by mysterious governmental decree, and your communications will be monitored and disrupted.

Let's not forget that government-paid agents will actively attack you in all forms of media, with lies and slander being par for the course.

And since these folks are protected by their employers (your government's hirelings), normal legal proceedings will rarely be successful.

So, in America, you have the right to free speech, if the government says so. You have the right to work, but only if you mindlessly chant the appropriate slogans and take what scraps your given by the private, ruling class. You have the right to travel, unless some government hack decides it might cause someone "important" a problem. You have the right to own property, unless some international corporation or banker needs it.

This is how one gets hired repeatedly, yet never works.

This is how one protests repeatedly, but the private agenda of capital never ceases.

This is how laws define what is acceptable conduct, but are never enforced on a certain class of persons.

This is how dissent is criminalized, and crimes are considered right conduct.


Mr. Limbaugh, Greetings!

Having followed your career in national media since the early 1990s, I must first congratulate you on your talent and success. Few men have been so innovative in creating a media genre and persona as you have.

That being said, I have a bone to pick with you, one that I've attempted to bring up several times now since 1996, when you committed said offense.

You sir, have lied and welshed on your word.

Back during the heyday (for your public popularity), of the Bush era, you sir, made a challenge to the American public. You sir, said that if anyone truly hated living under the American system and was willing to do so, you would pay their way to leave America and travel to the Republic of Cuba.

When I loudly and vocally took you up on your challenge sir, you simply went silent and refused to acknowledge your obligation.

Over the years, whenever I have brought this failing up to your personnel, you have continued to stonewall and ignore me.

You, Mr. Limbaugh, are a liar.

For almost eighteen years now, you have ignored and avoided your obligation. Now sir, I am placing my complaint publicly, so that your refusal and prevarication can be seen openly by all.

Considering the course of events in recent American history since, I am still quite willing to leave America, go and apply for asylum in the Republic of Cuba, and so I still demand you put up the small, but not inconsiderable costs of my asylum request.

Having researched the matter thoroughly, I will require travel expenses from my home to Mexico City, transiting from there to Havana. I will also require the funds to sustain myself for a calendar year in Havana, this cost is rated by the Cuban government at 1,000 USD a month, for a total of 12, 000 USD.

The entire costs of this venture is no more than 15K dollars, and since this would still be a rather large amount to ask you to part with at no benefit to yourself (business being business and all), I suggest a mutually beneficial work agreement that would permit you to recoup many times your expenditure in the course of the time I would spend in the nation of Cuba applying for asylum.

First, let me assure you that by current standards of international law and treaty, I do indeed qualify to apply for political asylum, whether in Cuba or some other nation.

Second, I propose that I would report regularly for your media outlet, how the people of Cuba live with far less government abuse and coercion under the current system in  Cuba, than they do under the Obama administration of the United States.

This will not be difficult to accomplish. Of particular interest to your audience would be the humbling facts that Cubans now face far fewer obstacles to personal travel, private enterprise, and education or healthcare, than do their American contemporaries. As for rights under the laws of both nations, I believe it would be sobering to most Americans to discover they have no more rights, or even less rights than their Cuban contemporaries do in these matters. This is a direct result of the current and previous American administrations actions, as well as the reformist trends taking place in Cuba.

Since your opposition to the Obama administration's policies are well known, these kinds of comparisons can only aid your message.

So Mr. Limbaugh, I will end my missal, and hope that you will at last honor your word by responding in a timely manner. Good day Sir.

Sincerely Yours,

Timothy Lee Adams

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