Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Stateless" The Project Continues...

People have asked me why?

It's simple really, there's no reason any sane person should stay in America if they have no reason to stay.

I really don't care if the economy gets better, or if work picks up again. America has morphed into a nation I cannot support, nor defend.

The ugliest truth is, that folks in other nations now live with far less fear of government and have far better life outcomes than we do--and this is despite the lousy, banker-led economics of austerity punishing the workers for the crimes of the parasites as is currently going on in the E.U.

So why the old fashioned, snail-mail and money orders/checks for donations rather than setting up a quick, pay-pay online donation site?

Simple. Anonymity and security. I know it's a hassle to get an envelope and a stamp (you can get the postal money order and the stamped envelope, at the post office at the same time), so that's not a big deal. You see, I don't want the government having electronic access to your donations or your information at anytime. If I used an online site, I could wind up the same way Wikileaks did, with their funds blocked and their accounts stolen. Paper also leaves a trail for accounting purposes, but not the open highway of the Internet.

I'm sorry, but, no; you're donation to my cause is not tax deductible.

I never accepted donations before, not even when folks sent them to me, I simply never wanted to take money from you guys.

I, unlike a bunch of these guys, was never into this cause for money or personal aggrandizement. You'll notice which of us are living marginally, while those with nothing to risk make a very nice profit.

I could have been a part of that also, but I refused to lie, or change my speech to fit their agenda.

It's funny, because now, three-four years later, my "radical" speech isn't so "radical" anymore.

So, as it now stands, I am attempting to leave America by the end of the year or sooner. My goal is to raise approximately 15K dollars in order to cover my expenses applying for asylum and petitioning for stateless person's documents.

I will go if I reach 6,500.00 USD, though that would barely cover travel and visa expenditures, and could complicate my application for lack of funds.

I wouldn't even ask, but since I've been told to my face that I'm pretty much blacklisted from working, I don't have a means to earn the cash myself.

I'm currently hired and on faculty at three different colleges here in Honolulu, yet I haven't had a paycheck in over a year.

Other employers won't pick me up either. I was hired by a local retailer here in Honolulu but the personnel manager simply refused to schedule me to work, so I could pursue a lawsuit against the company, or I can simply admit that discrimination and criminal prejudice are the way it is in America and leave.

So I will be looking forward to your letters and hoping that those of you out there who can donate, will. The very act of shaming this administration by more and more of us leaving due to their criminality and violence, is well worth the small financial sacrifices and the far greater personal sacrifices that are being made.

Timothy Adams
c/o Offshored Dissident.Com
850 19th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

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