Friday, May 3, 2013

Are the Neo Liberals Failing?

Charles Krauthammer has a new column out opining the current "fall" of the Obama administration into full-bore, lame-duckery, but ends on the cynical note that "the screw will turn again," if, according to Charles, only because the media cycle requires it, and yet another "Obama triumph will be declared."

These past months have seen Neo-Liberalist's positions disintegrate on every front faster than a coalition of our highly principled politicians with corporate payoffs in front of them.  From public opinion to international partners, the D.C. crowd are looking more and more like the gang that couldn't shoot straight than an imposing threat to global evils.

And while that's probably quite beneficial in several ways for us now, in the long run it's probably not, so much.

Already harping about 2016, California's resident war criminal, Pelosi, was caught salivating over the idea of a Hillary Clinton run for the White House. Other commentators have been slinging the idea of an Obama, Clinton ticket (Michelle and Hillary), as a means of crushing any likely GOP or other party opposition in the next big round of national elections--I for one, don't see the mid-terms as trending for much of anything at this time, and I doubt that will change--The Democrats haven't broken the GOP's lock on the House, while the GOPers seem far too corrupt and useless to threaten the Democratic majority in the Senate.

I supported Hillary Clinton and watched as the Democratic Party machine screwed her nomination in much the same fashion as the GOP have thrown away their own best candidates for whatever flavor of the day seemed better to some back-room bosses. And now the Dems must be shaking their heads like the Karl Rove boys were on election night, wondering why they're golden-child candidate is unable to carry off the (according to their controlled media), legislation and social agenda the public most desires?

Maybe it's because they're "in the bubble" as much as those other idiots are.

Still, we have to hope the Democratic Party keeps it together for the next couple years, because we need them for a much higher purpose--the destruction and removal of the Republican Party. The Dems have been a successful foil to the Rockefeller Trash on the heels of the Bush dynastic attempt to create a Republican "Camelot," and continue to be a great sledgehammer to break these guys with, so long as they continue to ignore the American public and the laws of the state.

Back during the elections, everyone was saying: "A third party has no chance in America." and I agree, as such, we must then bring about the destruction of at least one of the current political parties, if not both, and replace them with representatives that will actually obey the law and submit to the authority of the people; something none of our current bunch seems  to know how to do.

It's amusing to see the current headlines about rampant fraud convictions in the Democratic Party's nomination of Barack Obama, meanwhile, GOPers still have not prosecuted anyone from the rigged campaign of Mitt Romney and company, so every time some GOPer pundit brings up the very real fact that the election of 2012 probably should be annulled, if we actually obeyed the law that is, please remind him that we are still waiting for Godot as far as seeing the slime from the Karl Rove crowd prosecuted and jailed.

Our lawmakers, so keen on your obedience to the state, will ignore the very real consequences of these criminal convictions and will not overturn the election of 2012, required by law or no.

Meanwhile, I don't know of anyone who refused to vote for Romney in 12, that won't still refuse to vote GOPer in 16.

Rand Paul makes no difference if he's a GOP candidate when he runs. Marco Rubio even being considered for the ballot is an insult, he is not eligible to hold executive office.

Of course, we've seen how much the GOP cares about obeying or enforcing the law. Law enforcement is only for the little people, the crimes of Washington are above the laws the rest of you must obey under threat of death or enslavement.

So Mr. Krauthammer, I wouldn't worry too much about the Democrats prospects for 2016.

They look a whole lot better than the GOP's anyday.

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