Monday, May 13, 2013

Is That Gasoline I Smell?

Today Dr. Gosnell, the nightmare "abortionist" was found guilty of first-degree murder. Let's hope justice follows. As for the pro-choice bunch, well, you had your chances.

Don't worry, I'm sure the media spin is already well-funded and underway.

President Obama cried when questioned about Benghazi. Guess he's been spending too much time hanging out playing golf with RINO traitor Boehner, that girly virus must be contagious. Not that the GOP is any less slimey than the other side of the aisle. None of this could have occurred without their support.

Let's see: Hilary Clinton lied, but supposedly not under oath, guess she had her fingers crossed. The IRS has attacked Americans for criticizing the government, the Government has illegally wiretapped the Associated Press and who knows who else, four people from Benghazi are still dead, Eric Holder still ran guns illegally into Mexico, and President Barack Obama has murdered both foreigners in nations we are not at war with and at least one American citizen without due process, maintaining he has a right to kill with impunity, and private banks and financial firms debts were paid by the American taxpayers.

Screw the impeachments and move to the firing squads.

Oh, and our president claimed the GOP was causing folks to lose faith in government.

There's only one party, Mr. President, no one but the most ignorant would still buy that two-party crap.

Want to know how people lose faith in government today?

By reporting the truth and stuff like that.

Where's law enforcement? Why are these perps from these government agencies running free? Why are these crimes not being prosecuted? Where's the law?

Oh wait, we have a class of people in this nation that operate outside and above the laws the rest of us are threatened with death over.

Guess class warfare's an idea whose time has come.

Could something good actually come from all this? Could we actually see the implosion and immolation of this sewer they call Capitol Hill?

I know this, God has a sense of humor.

And it's a vicious one.

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